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The Best Air Mattress for Truck Beds (TOP MODELS REVIEWED)

The Best Air Mattress for Truck Beds (TOP MODELS REVIEWED)

Are you puzzled at how people that go off-grid often sleep? Truck floors are too hard, cold, uncomfortable, and technical for a restful sleep after a long drive. These made truck adventurers embrace air mattresses for their truck beds as the solution to quality sleep on the go.

The best air mattress for truck beds has adaptive firmness and an ample thickness of about ten to twelve inches. It is also durable, easy to inflate and store, and has high-performing PVC with temperature control.

People camping must have endured the trial phase of using their standard memory foam mattresses on truck beds. The truth is that doing so compromises the durability of your mattress and provides below-average sleep quality.

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Things To Consider When Buying An Air Mattress For Truck Beds

Look out for the following aspects when selecting the best air mattress for truck beds;

Size Of The Truck Bed And Air Mattress

Have the proper dimensions of your truck bed before deciding on an air mattress to avoid having a useless purchase. Using a measuring tape, measure your truck bed size to find the length. Then, find the width by measuring the distance between the sidewalls and wheel wells.

Now that you know the exact dimensions of your truck bed, it is time to find the ideal air mattress. These often come in three sizes; Queen, Full, and Full XL.

Queen-size air mattresses for truck beds are the largest, similar to home mattresses. Such is ideal for large trucks like Unimog.

Contrarily, Full-size air mattresses measure fifty-four by seventy-four inches and fit most trucks or SUVs. These include Jeeps, pickups, and work trucks. Full XL air mattresses, however, are longer than Full size and measure fifty-four by eighty inches. These are ideal for longer truck beds or tall sleepers.


You want to ensure that the air mattress offers comfort similar to your home luxury mattress. However, it is unrealistic to expect your air mattress to be as supportive as latex, memory foam, or hybrid mattress. Still, having a thick air mattress of about ten to twelve inches helps.

It is uncommon to have cheaper models where air mattresses are about eight inches thick. In such cases, bring along your mattress topper for added comfort.

Still, if your budget allows, get an air mattress for truck beds with the most air chambers. Such a model promotes even weight distribution, ample support, and reduced motion transfer, leading to restful sleep.

Mode And Ease Of Inflation

You do not want to be stuck with a truck bed air mattress that is too technical to inflate. Besides failing to get the desired level of firmness and comfort, its noise could disrupt the sleep of neighboring truckers.

We advise avoiding air mattresses with traditional mechanical foot pumps and choosing those with a 12V pump. Besides, you could save yourself the hassle by buying battery-powered pumps with rechargeable batteries.

For even better convenience, get an air mattress pump with a long cord to inflate your mattress right at the truck bed. It will save you the effort of inflating it elsewhere and carrying it to the truck bed afterward.

The Comfort Of The Materials

Quality sleep requires one to sleep on a comfortable surface. It is even more critical when waking up to a long drive since it promotes alertness, zeal, and eagerness.

Most truck bed air mattresses use PVC, which is not the most comfortable sleeping surface. However, counter the plasticky feel by covering it with a fitting bed sheet. Still, we recommend getting brushed cotton sheets for improved comfort during spontaneous trips.

We have reviewed several air mattresses for truck beds to present the best ones for camping or impromptu off-grid sleep. Here are our best ones;

Rightline Gear Truck Bed Air Mattress

The Rightline Gear truck bed air mattress is affordable for truck beds from five feet long. It costs between $79.95 and $182.85 and has a 4.2-star rating on Amazon from 894 global ratings. Here are features that make it the best air mattress for truck beds;


The best thing about the Rightline Gear truck bed air mattress is that it fits all full-size trucks. These include the short bed of 5.5 inches, the standard of 6.5 inches, and the long bed of eight inches. Such makes it convenient for buyers uncertain about the length of their trucks or those that often interchange trucks.

Due to its versatility, the Rightline Gear truck bed air mattress fits more than fifty models of trucks. These include SUVs and most small trucks.

Portable And Easy To Use

This air mattress is easy to deflate and store since you can fold it and fit it into the carry bag. Such makes it convenient to transport and store, especially when you are back on the road.

It also comes with a user manual ideal for people who need guidance on operating the air pump.

Saves Space

The Rightline Gear truck bed air mattress measures 80" long by 51" wide by 7" high. It has enough space for two adult sleepers, making it ideal for couple travelers or co-sleepers. However, it does not occupy the whole truck and will not cover the wheel wells. Such leaves space for storage and ease of movement.

Instant Inflation

This truck bed air mattress uses a 12-volt DC air pump to inflate it. Inflation is instantaneous, making it convenient, reliable, and time-saving.


The Rightline Gear truck bed air mattress uses PVC and does not wear out or tear easily. Such provides a higher value for money since you get multiple from it.

Even with the various advantages, the Rightline Gear truck bed air mattress has shortcomings. For instance, the company admits to using Di-isononyl Phthalate DINP, which causes cancer. Such poses a safety threat to its users.

Pittman Outdoors AirBedz Lite PPI PV202C

The Pittman Outdoors Airbedz Lite PPI PV202C measures 76" by 63" by 12 ". It costs $180.33 and has a 4.4-star rating from over two thousand nine hundred global ratings. Here are reasons why the Airbedz Lite is the best air mattress for truck beds;

Supportive And Comfortable

The body of the air mattress is made of high-quality PVC that contains air coils. These are ideal for adjustable firmness and even weight distribution, making them convenient for sleepers with back problems. It is also comfortable and buoyant and promotes restful sleep after an adventurous day.

Temperature Control

The Pittman Outdoors Airbedz Lite PPI PV202C uses premium PVC with moisture-wicking technology and temperature control. Such is ideal for hot sleepers, night sweaters, or sleepers sensitive to plasticky surfaces.

Portable And Convenient Air Pump

This truck bed air mattress has a portable DC air pump with a sixteen-foot cord for easy inflation. It allows you to fill it up remotely, making it convenient.


The Pittman Outdoors Airbedz Lite PPI PV202C is resistant to tears and breakage, thanks to its quality construction. It gives high value for money since they can enjoy several trips off-grid without worrying over possible damage.

One major setback of the Airbedz Lite is that it only fits big truck beds between six and eight feet long. Such excludes smaller truck beds of about five inches and below common in SUVs and small trucks.

Napier Sportz Mid-Size Air Mattress

The Napier Sportz Mid-Size Air Mattress has a custom size of 75" by 47" by 5". It has a 4-star rating from thirty-three global reviews and has incredible features. Here is why the Napier Sportz Mid-Size Air Mattress is one of the best air mattresses for truck beds;

Custom Size

This truck bed air mattress comes in a custom size. It is bigger than a twin-size but tinier than a double, making it ideal for most trucks and SUVs.

Soft And Comfortable

The Napier Sportz Mid-Size Air Mattress has a soft flocked top that prevents the sliding off of your sleeping bag. Such promotes a comfortable and restful sleep, resulting in excellent sleep quality.

Ideal For Overweight Users

Our favorite thing about the Napier Sportz Midsize Air Mattress is that it is ideal for overweight users. Most truck bed air mattresses are not overweight-user-friendly and often tear or rupture fast. However, this one weighs eight and a half pounds, yet it accommodates sleepers of over four hundred and fifty pounds.

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Eco-Friendly And Easy To Use

This air mattress has a built-in easy-to-use smart pump that does not require an electric pump. Besides, this helps you save on electricity and conserve the environment. Its large side pump also promotes fast deflation.

One major setback is that it is ideal for truck beds of about 6.5 feet long. Such puts smaller trucks at a disadvantage.


Truck bed air mattresses have revolutionized spontaneous trips, including camping and on-the-go travels. Yet, the best air mattresses for truck beds are comfortable, supportive, durable, portable, and easy to inflate. We advise you to consider truck size, thickness, eco-friendliness, and type of material for suitable air mattress purchases.