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How Big Is An Alaskan King Mattress In Size? (FIND OUT HERE)

How Big Is An Alaskan King Mattress In Size? (FIND OUT HERE)

Co-sleeping comes with several perks, including improvement of heart rate and bonding. However, getting quality sleep amidst motion transfer and unintended physical touch when sleeping on a small mattress can be challenging. So, which mattress should you get?

An Alaskan king-size mattress is the most extensive bed option on the market. It measures 9 feet by 9 feet or 108 by 108 inches. It offers enough room to accommodate your family, including your little ones and fur friends.

If you have been shopping for a big mattress, the Alaskan king-size mattress must have popped up quite often. Its ability to house co-sleepers while allowing each their personal space has to be one of its selling points. Besides, you do not know when you will get sleep-in visitors.

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Reasons To Get An Alaskan King Mattress

The Alaskan king mattress is named after Alaska- the biggest state in the United States of America. Here are the benefits of sleeping on this extensive mattress;

More Space

If you find the traditional mattress too small, shift to this square mattress measuring 274cm by 274cm. The Alaskan king mattress is ideal if you are looking for more space for each co-sleeper.

The Alaskan king mattress works best for parents co-sleeping with their babies and pets. Bid goodbye to sleeping in turns and 'careful' sleeping since this mattress fits up to four adults. Such allows you enough room to toss and turn without worrying about rolling over your baby or pet.

It is also perfect for couples who value personal space. People sensitive to motion transfer often register restlessness. Such reduces their chances of being well rested during sleep, hence poor quality sleep. However, the Alaskan king mattress has more space and little motion transfer, hence quality rest.

Comfortable Sleeping Ground For The Whole Family

The Alaskan king mattress offers ultra-comfort, hence one of the reasons you will find them in luxurious hotels. It accommodates your entire family while allowing each space to be comfortable. Besides, you could use it for different purposes like playing board games and watching movies from bed.

It can be frustrating having to fold your legs during your sleep. It would remind you how small the mattress is every time you stretch or kick your leg. However, the Alaskan king mattress is ideal for tall sleepers over 6.5 feet tall. Such allows them enough legroom during sleep, hence more comfort and better sleep.

Besides, the Alaska king mattress is soft and offers all sleepers contouring support and pressure relief. Its minimal motion transfer and little noise transfer award sleepers the freedom to enter the bed and leave at preferred times. Such causes minimal inconveniences, hence the perfect chill spot.

Bond With Your Pets During Sleep

Some pets are very nagging and love sharing a bed with the owner. However, sharing a standard mattress with your pet is impossible since there is no space for them. Still, some pets often abandon their separate sleeping surfaces and sneak into bed at night, inconveniencing you.

Luckily, the Alaskan king mattress is tall and wide enough to accommodate you and your fur babies. You barely even realize that you are sharing a bed with them. Hence, it is convenient for sleepers that dislike feeling their pets during sleep as there is enough personal space.

Aesthetic Value

The Alaskan king mattress exudes luxury, sophistication, and leisure, adding edginess and structure to the room. It looks like something you would see in a lifestyle magazine, in a room with sliding glass doors. It oozes aesthetic value, functionality, and timelessness.

Differences Between Alaskan King, Texas King, And Wyoming King Mattresses

Your first time shopping for an oversized mattress opens you up to many king-size mattresses in the market. These include the Alaskan king-size mattress, the Texas king-size mattress, and the Wyoming king mattress. Others are the infamous California king mattress (also known as the Western king mattress) and the Eastern king mattress. So, how do you tell the difference?

The Alaskan king mattress measures 108 by 108 inches, whereas the Wyoming king mattress measures eighty-four by eighty-four inches. However, the Texas king measures eighty inches wide and ninety-eight inches long. The California king measures seventy-two inches wide by eighty-four inches wide, whereas the Eastern king measures seventy-six inches wide by eighty inches long.

Judging from the above, The Alaskan king and the Wyoming king are both square mattresses. However, the Wyoming king mattress is smaller, and each side is twenty-four inches smaller. Also, the Alaskan King mattress is thirty-six inches wider and twenty-four inches longer than the California king mattress.

The Texas king mattress is narrower but taller by fourteen inches than the Wyoming king mattress. It is also the same width but eighteen inches longer than the Eastern king mattress.

Things To Consider When Buying The Alaskan King-Size Mattress

Before you go ahead and buy this extensive mattress, conduct a suitability check to get the best from your investment. Here are things you need to keep in mind when purchasing the Alaskan king-size mattress;

Sleeping Needs

The extensive Alaskan king mattress can be an essential or irrelevant feature depending on your sleeping needs. Sleepers that share their bed with children and pets get more value from it than one average-height sleeper. There are other realistic king mattresses like the Texas king mattress for a tall single sleeper.

Size Of Your Room

The Alaskan king mattress is the largest on the market and measures a whopping nine feet by nine feet. Hence, the bedroom must be at least sixteen by sixteen inches to accommodate it without cramping the space.

Go ahead and buy the mattress if there is enough room for it in your house, rental, or business. However, go for smaller or narrower mattresses like the Wyoming king or the Texas king mattress for limited spaces.

The Quality And Size Of The Bed Frame

Since the Alaskan king is the largest mattress, upgrading your standard mattress requires a suitable bed frame too. Trying to force the Alaska king mattress on a smaller bed frame destroys your new, valuable mattress. We advise getting and installing the bed frame in advance.

Also, ensure that you get a proper bed frame to promote the longevity and quality of the mattress.

Type Of The Mattress

Consider picking a mattress depending on your sleeping style. For instance, side sleepers need softer mattresses than back sleepers. Others include the type of material, breathability, pressure relief, level of support, and hypoallergenic nature.

For instance, cotton mattresses are ideal for sensitive sleepers as they are hypoallergenic. Also, hybrid foam mattresses are best for sleepers with back problems or conditions requiring pressure relief features.

Cost Of The Mattress

The Alaskan king mattress is more expensive than the standard king mattress. It can be rare to find and costs between $1,500 and $3,000.

Once you buy the Alaskan king mattress and the bed frame, you must purchase other suitable accessories like bed sheets, pillows, duvets, and duvet covers. However, the rarity of the Alaskan king mattress makes it challenging to find a supplier that sells these.

We, therefore, recommend researching companies that sell bed sheets and duvets suitable for the Alaska mattress. Otherwise, you will have to sleep on a naked mattress or make do with patches of bed sheets. We advise asking companies that sell Alaskan king mattresses if they stock these accessories or where to find them.

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Is The Alaskan King Mattress Worth It?

The Alaskan king mattress is a worthy investment for co-sleepers who share their bed with children and pets. It is also ideal for couples or co-sleepers that love their personal spaces and have no disturbance. Besides, the king mattress exudes luxury, comfort, aesthetic value, and functionality, hence ideal for both home and hotel spaces.

However, it would be unrealistic for sleepers with limited sleeping needs and space to get it.


The Alaskan king mattress is the largest mattress on the market today. It offers various benefits, including comfortable sharing of the bed with your nagging children and pets. However, we do not recommend it for people with limited spaces.