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All You Need To Know About Amazon Baby Registry: Completion Discount, Welcome Box, Diaper Discount

All You Need To Know About Amazon Baby Registry: Completion Discount, Welcome Box, Diaper Discount

I love Amazon. I buy everything online now. And I always prefer buying from Amazon and not other stores because my favorite online retailer does everything to make me spent as much as I can easily.

HOWEVER, anything related to Baby Registry is so complicated. The rules are not transparent. It says one thing on the page but does something different.

I don't know why, but Amazon doesn't seem to care about young moms – the category of people willing to spend thousands of dollars on everything starting from diapers end finishing at car seats.

So, I enlisted my old friend Google for help, and it also failed me for the first time.

If you search for instructions on how to get Amazon Baby Registry 15% discount, the chances are high that you will only find very basic information that repeats vague Amazon non-helpful help pages.

And I understand why it is so. The only person who can provide useful information on these topics is someone who's delivering the baby in the near future and someone who's ordering baby items right now, at this very moment.

Or someone who's making purchases on behalf of a new mom.

And I am such a person. My friend asked me to help with Amazon Baby Registry stuff for two reasons: I have a Prime account, and I am good with computers (I am a blogger, after all, am I?)

So, here I will explain what you need to do step by step to save on baby items.

Opening Baby Registry Account

First things first – you need to have an Amazon Prime account. Yes, you indeed get some discounts even if you don't have Prime membership. But, first, discounts are limited (10% instead of 15%).

Second, Prime comes with a lot of other perks. My favorite is an unlimited FREE two-day shipping with no minimum order size.

Before having Prime, I would often buy something that I didn't actually need just to make sure that the total order is greater than $35 in order to get free shipping.

Now, I don't care about such things. Even if a thing costs a dollar, I just order it. Prime also offers Prime Video with a lot of free videos to watch, but frankly, the selection of videos is not prime (pun intended).

Anyway, first subscribe to Prime membership. If you want, you can use my affiliate link, or go directly to Amazon and figure out yourself where the link is.

If you decide to use my affiliate link, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you because, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

The next step is to create the Baby Registry account.

The process of creating a Baby Registry account is pretty straightforward. Following things you want to make sure you entered correctly:

  • Expected arrival date
  • Baby Shower Date
  • Your Address

Then you have to decide whether you want the registry Public, Shared or Private. It's up to you what to choose.

My friend did not want to make her registry public, but she wanted to let others contribute if they wanted. So she went with Shared. With Shared Registry, she sent the link to her friends, so only those people could see her registry.

Once you created the baby registry list, you need to be able to access it. Unfortunately, it's easier to say than do.

If you are on a computer or a laptop, the easiest way to get there is from the Accounts & Lists menu. Find Baby Registry under Your Lists.

If you are shopping from a mobile device, then click on a hamburger icon, which looks like three parallel lines. Then scroll down to "See All Programs and Features" and then find what you need – all items are sorted alphabetically.

Best Time to Create Baby Registry

The best time to create a baby registry on Amazon is an end of the second or beginning of the third trimester. There are many things that you need to purchase, and you will be spending hours comparing one stroller to another. You also need to give enough time for friends and family to choose gifts from your registry.

How to Choose Items for Baby Registry

One of the neat Amazon Baby Registry tips is to browse the "Get Inspired" section.

If you are absolutely overwhelmed (I totally understood), then checking top registered items can help you to see what others are buying. So you know if you forget something, or what others choose in specific niches.

Welcome Box

Amazon Welcome Box
Amazon Welcome Box

Waiting for a baby is a very exciting time. Most people around become very helpful and attentive to you. Amazon is not an exception, either.

Once you created a baby registry account, you can qualify for a free Welcome Box, which comes with $35 worth of goods.

I believe the contents of the Welcome box vary in different parts of the country and may be different for baby boys and girls. My friend selected "It's a surprise".

Here is a list of things in Amazon Welcome Box:

  • Amazing Baby Muslin Swaddle
  • Diaper bag from Pampers
  • Amazon Basic bodysuit
  • Philips Avent 4oz Natual bottle
  • Munchkin disposable diaper pail
  • 10 Seventh Generation baby wipes
  • Pampers wipes
  • 1 fl oz Aveeno Baby Lotion
  • 1.8 fl oz Baby Dove Tip to toe wash
  • Two samples of Dreft detergent
  • Sample breast pads

How to get it

In order to get Amazon Welcome Box for free, you need to satisfy three conditions:

  1. You either must have active Prime membership or Join Prime (link)
  2. Mark all items in Registry Checklist as complete
  3. Order at least one item worth at least $10

Amazon doesn't explain the first condition properly because their goal is to make you spend as much as possible. Sections in Registry Checklist get automatically checked when you add items to the Baby Registry.

For instance, if you add a car seat to the Baby Registry, then the "Car Seats" will be automatically checked. But, in reality, you can mark items without adding them to your list.

So, go over the list, add items that you really need, and then check off all boxes.

After that, pick an item you added to the Baby Registry, which you absolutely need and which costs more than $10 and order it.

Once these two conditions met, you will see the Claim Now button under Welcome Box.

Why is my Amazon Baby Welcome Box $35?

When adding a Welcome Box to the cart, it should show $0 payment, but sometimes you can see a $35 fee due. There could be three reasons for this issue:

  • One, you didn't satisfy all three conditions above.
  • Second, you just created the Baby Registry. Amazon Welcome Box is available after 14 days after the registry was created.
  • Third, a glitch in Amazon. In this case, remove the Welcome Box from the cart and add it back again by clicking on the Claim Now button.
Mark complete all items in Amazon Registry Checklist to get welcome box

Amazon Completion Discount

Most moms subscribe to Baby Registry to get a 15% discount. While it doesn't sound much when you are spending hundreds of dollars, the savings will add up.

For instance, you get $300 on a $2000 (max) bill. And believe me, you can quickly get to that amount after shopping online for several weeks.

How to claim

In order to claim a 15% Amazon Completion Discount, you must follow these steps in exact order, or items will be added to the cart without any discount.

  1. Go to Baby Registry and click on Redeem Now. Note that Redeem Now button will be available only 60 days before your expected arrival date. Until then, the discount is not available.
  2. Now click on all items you want to add to the cart one by one.

Note that not all items are eligible for discounts. Eligible items will have the "Completion Discount Eligible" link under the item description.

It does not mean that you can't add non-eligible items to the cart. It only means you are not getting discounts on those items. So, I suggest ordering those items separately to make sure you maximized the savings.

Items Eligible for Completion Discount

What to do Amazon Completion Discount not working

After adding all items to the cart, check if the discount was applied. You should see one or more "Completion Discount" lines in the checkout for the amount equal to 15% of cart subtotal (before taxes).

If the discount was not applied, follow these steps to fix the problem:

  1. Remove all items from the cart
  2. Go back to Baby Registry
  3. Click on Redeem Now button on the Completion Discount circle. You should see the headline "Redeem your 15% completion discount".
Hit Redeem Now to get Completion Discount
Hit Redeem Now to get Completion Discount
Redeem your 15% completion discount
You should see this message when it's ok to add items

Now add all items back again. Under the "Add to Cart" button, you will see a message "Item added to cart from this page will save" and savings amount.


If done correctly, in the checkout, you will see your discounts:

Cart with completion discounts

Can you use Amazon Completion Discount more than once

The Amazon Completion Discount can be used on up to two orders of $2000.00 USD combined value. Make sure to follow the above-mentioned steps again if the discount is not working.

Don't forget to click on the Redeem Now button on the Completion Discount and only then add items to the checkout.

Diapers Discount

The last sweet deal from Amazon is a Diaper Discount which gives you 20% off eligible diaper purchases in your baby's first year.

So, if the delivery date March 1st, then you can use it from March 1st of this year till March 1st next year. You can save even more (up to 40%) with Subscribe and Save option.

How to claim

There is one condition for Amazon Diaper Discount – you must purchase more than $500 goods from the Baby Registry.

Once the threshold is met, the discount will be unlocked.

Returned items will decrease the $500 threshold (and you may lose the discount), and new purchases count as qualifying purchases.

The discount will expire either when you hit $300 in diaper spending or after 12 months after the baby arrival date (whichever comes first).

Diaper Discount


That's it. Amazon made getting a discount process unnecessarily complicated. But I hope I was able to answer most of your questions.

The last thing to know is what to do when you are stuck.

Go to Baby Registry, scroll all the way down, and you will see "Want help with a Baby Registry? Contact customer service".

If you click on the link they will present two options: chat and call.

Usually, I prefer chats, but if you want to get the problem resolved, you can either request them to call you or call directly at Amazon Toll-free number: 1-888-280-4331.

Good luck!