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Are Microfiber Bed Sheets Good? (COMPLETE GUIDE)

Are Microfiber Bed Sheets Good? (COMPLETE GUIDE)

Are you wondering what the fuss is on microfiber bed sheets? Well, it can be challenging to find functional yet affordable bed sheets that address your sleep needs and preferences. However, microfiber bed sheets seem to give cotton bed sheets a run.

Microfiber bed sheets provide softer, silkier, and skin-friendlier sleeping surfaces at affordable prices. They are also easy to clean and are stain, wrinkle, and allergen-resistant. However, most are not breathable.

It would be best for you to know the pros and cons of microfiber bed sheets before settling on them. This will let you know if they will serve your needs and conditions.

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Benefits Of Microfiber Bed Sheets

Here are reasons why microfiber bed sheets continue to be popular on the sleep market;

Silky-Soft Comfort

Microfiber bedsheets are famous for their silky-soft feel that offers ultra-comfort during rest or sleep. Such softness improves your ability to fall asleep faster and for longer.

In addition, microfiber bed sheets have a thread measure of under one denier, making them lightweight. Such is ideal for sleepers that prefer sleeping on lightweight bed sheets for plushness and comfort.

Difficult To Tangle At Night

Unlike cotton and woolen bed sheets, microfiber sheets do not get tangled or huddled as you toss and turn. It is ideal for sleepers who move a lot during sleep.


It is common for floating substances like dust particles, pollen, or pet dander to collect on your sheets without you spotting them. Sadly, inhaling these in your sleep could trigger allergies like coughing, sneezing, teary eyes, sniffling, and sinuses.

However, microfiber bed sheets are tightly woven, disallowing allergens like dust from collecting. Such resistance to irritants makes them ideal for sleepers sensitive to dust, pollen, or pet dander.


Unlike cotton, microfiber bed sheets are wrinkle-resistant. You can toss and even fold them, but they will remain wrinkle-free.

Stain Resistant

Microfiber bed sheets are tightly woven, making it hard for moisture to permeate. This moisture resistance prevents staining by discouraging it from settling into the fabric. Therefore, it settles on the top, which is easier to clean and eliminates the stain.

However, this only works if you clean the stain fast. Letting the stain settle for longer will make removing it more difficult than in other fabrics. This feature makes microfiber sheets ideal for people enjoying meals, snacks, or drinks from bed.

Easy To Clean

Microfiber bed sheets are lightweight, making them easier to clean than cotton, silk, or woolen bed sheets. You could choose to toss them in the washing machine or hand-wash them. Besides, microfiber bed sheets do not hold on to moisture like wool, flannel, or some cotton ones.

However, avoid using fabric softeners while cleaning microfiber bed sheets since they lower their softness.

Aesthetic Value

Most microfiber bed sheets come in various colors with a broader range than most cotton bed sheets. Such makes it easier to find ones in colors that match your space, serving your aesthetic needs. Besides, them being wrinkle-free makes your bedroom look clean and neat throughout.


Most high-quality microfiber bed sheets have tight weaving and hence are durable. Besides, microfiber sheets hold dyes or colors better than cotton, making them retain color for longer. Microfiber bed sheets with tighter weaving also sustain multiple washes without thinning or the threads beginning to run.

It is also tricky for microfiber bed sheets that have been singed to pill. It is because the singeing process eliminates the fuzz and stops them from forming in the future.

Cozy During Winter

Microfiber bed sheets trap bodily heat, making them ideal for cooler times like winter. Such much-needed warmth can promote comfort and rest, improving your sleep quality during such times.


The best thing about microfiber bed sheets is getting bedsheets that meet your needs and preferences at an affordable price. Microfiber bed sheets are relatively cheaper than cotton, wool, or silk bed sheets, with some costing as low as $15. Besides, various companies offer them at different price points depending on the thread count, quality, and availability.

Cons Of Microfiber Bed Sheets

Even though microfiber bed sheets have numerous benefits, some aspects make them less preferred. Here are the cons of microfiber bed sheets;

Not Breathable

The nylon or polyester in most microfiber bed sheets prevents air from passing through the fabric. Besides, they wick moisture but keep you warm, making them disadvantageous to night seaters and hot sleepers. Hence, their unappealing moisture-wicking technology and cooling cost its breathability capacity.

We also do not recommend microfiber sheets to people in hot areas. Sleeping on them will only lead to hotter nights, less comfort, restlessness, and poor sleep quality.

Some Are Not Durable

Some microfiber bed sheets are made from poor-quality threads and loose weaving, making them of poorer quality. It makes them thin and tear easily, hence having a low value for money. Microfiber bed sheets also fade color quickly and lose their crispness faster than cotton or silk.

Environmentally Unfriendly

Unlike organic cotton, Microfiber bed sheets are synthetic. Its production uses petroleum waste products and emits fumes into the environment, leading to environmental pollution. In addition, the manufacturing process consumes twice as much energy as cotton production.

Microfiber bedsheets are also non-biodegradable since they use non-environmentally friendly items like petroleum waste. Every time you wash your microfiber sheet, tiny microfibers end up in water bodies and chock water life.

Could Cause Skin Irritation

Sleepers sensitive to synthetic could experience skin irritation after sleeping on microfiber bed sheets.

May Require Maintenance

Microfiber bed sheets are not as easy to maintain as they seem. First, manufacturers advise reading the label to determine if they are machine-washable. You must also wash it separately from other fabrics to prevent linting.

Manufacturers also recommend using mild detergent and gentle washing to prevent destroying your microfiber sheet. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners since the latter can make it lose its absorption and moisture-wicking properties.


Microfiber bed sheets made from polyester are more flammable than cotton bed sheets. Using them can heighten the chance of accidental fires, becoming a safety hazard.

Microfiber vs. Cotton Sheets

Microfiber and cotton sheets both are reliable and excellent options. However, microfiber bed sheets are silkier, softer, and have a better wrinkle resistance than cotton. They are also easy to clean, dry, and maintain since you can remove stains easily if addressed promptly. In addition, microfiber sheets are more affordable and come in a broader range than cotton sheets.

However, cotton sheets are natural, hence environmentally friendlier than microfiber. They are also more breathable than microfiber, whose heat retention can disadvantage night sweaters and hot sleepers. Cotton is also less flammable than microfiber.

Even though both are soft, microfiber bed sheets lose softness faster. It results in them having lower durability and hence a lower value for money.

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Are Microfiber Sheets Good for Skin?

Since microfiber sheets are synthetic, they could irritate sleepers with sensitive skin. Typical examples are those with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. Natural sleeping surfaces like cotton are ideal for such people.

Are Microfiber Sheets Cooling?

No. Even though microfiber sheets absorb moisture, they retain heat and could sometimes lead to overheating. Such can heighten your sweating and lead to uncomfortable sleeping grounds. Besides, your sweaty body coming into contact with the microfiber sheet feels clingy and tacky, leading to discomfort and restlessness.

Should You Buy Microfiber Bed Sheets?

Microfiber sheets offer various benefits only found in expensive rivals like cotton and silk at a fraction of their costs. However, weigh the pros and cons to arrive at an informed decision.


Microfiber bed sheets provide silky softness, comfort, low maintenance, and stain and wrinkle resistance at affordable rates. However, check for skin sensitivity, breathability, and durability before investing in them.