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What Is A Backrest Pillow? [When And Why You Need One?]

What Is A Backrest Pillow? [When And Why You Need One?]

If you have never tried a quality backrest pillow, you are missing out! This is a unique pillow type and a wonderful addition to your bedroom or home. There is so much you can learn about these pillows before buying them for the first time.

A backrest pillow is a contoured type of pillow typically thick and structured to provide the support you need when sitting in bed. It is also referred to as a sitting bed pillow. You need this pillow when working or reading in bed. The pillow will give you support and comfort to prevent aches. 

A backrest pillow is a great way to relax in your bed while getting work done or reading. You will be delighted to know the various models and designs of these pillows on the market. This article discusses the basics and models of backrest pillows.

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What Is A Backrest Pillow?

It is a thick, structured, and contoured pillow for support when sitting in bed. It is also known as a husband or sitting pillow. In addition, a backrest pillow is usually filled with polyester or foam filler inserts. Some backrest pillows come with arms like chairs for extra support and comfort. Note that the pillow is not meant for sleeping but to support your back and neck while sitting in bed.

What Is The Best Backrest Pillow With Arms?

Backrest pillows with arms are quite popular models because of their added advantages, like comfort. Below are two of the best models in this category.

The Nestl Reading Backrest Pillow

This reading or backrest pillow is built to support and cradle your entire body. It is a perfect choice for users that require ultimate relaxation. The Nestl Reading Pillow with arms is larger than most backrest pillows, and you can count on it for full support and comfort. Expect soft, high-density memory foam inserts and a soft luxurious cover from this pillow.

Keen Edge Home Backrest Pillow

The pillow features soft plush polyester fillings for comfort and an expandable design for increased support. This backrest pillow with arms molds your body for extra support and is easy to carry and handle. It also features small pockets that hold the remote or phone when relaxing in bed. Importantly, the pillow is machine washable and easy to maintain because of its removable soft velour cover.

What Is A UGG Backrest Pillow?

UGG is one of the leading pillow brands in the United States, producing luxury pillows for homes. The company designs and produces high-quality and luxurious backrest pillows. Here are two of the best backrest pillow models of UGG.

The UGG Down Backrest Pillow

This is a luxury backrest pillow made with down inserts. This medium-density down pillow features a unique design that offers ample support and comfort. It is large and contours your body, guaranteeing premium comfort.

The UGG Clifton Backrest Pillow

This luxury pillow is designed with premium materials that stand out from its counterparts. It is commonly used in spas because of its luxurious nature. However, you can bring spa-like comfort to your home with this product.

When Do You Need A Backrest Pillow?

A backrest pillow has a unique design, which means you cannot use it as a standard pillow. Many instances will warrant using specifically a backrest pillow. Below are some of them;

Reading Or Working In Bed

Finding a comfortable position to relax in bed when trying to read a book or work from your laptop can be hard. Remember that your bed is not designed for sitting or working but for sleeping and resting; this is where backrest pillows come in. These pillows allow you to find an easy and comfortable way to read or work in bed.

Relaxing In Bed

Your bed is not just for sleeping. For instance, you can relax in bed and watch a movie, especially in cold weather. Another way to relax is to play a game with your loved ones. A backrest pillow allows you to do this and much more as comfortably as possible.

Relieving Neck And Back Pain

You also need a backrest pillow if you suffer from neck and back pain. Most often, neck and back pain develops from poor posture or using the wrong pillow. A backrest pillow will relieve these pains by providing you with support and comfort. Most backrest pillows feature armrests that allow you to maintain the right posture when working or relaxing in bed.

Recovering From Health Issues

Another instance when you may need a backrest pillow is when you are recovering from a health issue, like surgery. Doctors often recommend hours of quality rest time in bed for quick recovery. However, staying in bed for so long can be extremely uncomfortable. A backrest pillow will allow you to change positions, sit up, and enjoy your recovery journey.

When Traveling

Many people complain of back aches and discomforts when traveling for long hours because of sitting in one position. An excellent backrest pillow will give you excellent support and comfort during long trips. Sitting for long hours will not strain your spine or back when using a backrest pillow.


New or nursing parents also benefit from backrest pillows. Nursing mothers get up almost every one or two hours to feed and soothe their babies, which involves sitting on the bed for quite some time. A backrest pillow allows mothers to bond with and care for their kids without hurting themselves.

Why Buy A Backrest Pillow For Bed? The Benefits

A backrest pillow is a highly beneficial addition to your household. You can use the pillow in bed, while traveling, or sitting in the living room. Read on to know some top benefits you will enjoy from these pillows.

Provides Lower Back And Neck Support

One of the benefits of backrest pillows is that they provide support for your lower back and neck. This way, you can avoid back and neck pains when resting, reading, or watching in bed. They also reduce strain on your spine.

Your spine is the part of your body that suffers the most when your back and neck are not properly supported. For instance, poor posture causes your spine to strain, leading to long-term spine-related pain and health issues. A backrest pillow prevents this by providing ample support for your spine.

Molds According To Your Needs

The best backrest pillows have a contouring or molding effect. That means they will mold depending on the support your back needs. With this element, it means the pillows will not lose their shape easily or quickly. Don't be afraid to use your bed as you wish with a backrest pillow; you can use your bed as a working station, relaxing or reading spot, a nursing station for your baby, and a place to watch movies.

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How To Wash A Backrest Pillow

Washing backrest pillows is easy because most have removable and machine-washable covers. But don't just clean blindly. The following cleaning guide tips for backrest pillows will come in handy.

  • Read the care instructions from the manufacturer.
  • Remove the cover and wash it separately.
  • Clean the rest of the pillow depending on the material. For instance, down inserts require spot cleaning.
  • Avoid bleach and strong detergents.
  • Dry the pillow in low temperatures or outside.


A backrest pillow is that unique pillow you place on your back while sitting, reading, or working in bed. You can also use them as comfort pillows for traveling. The market features many backrest pillow models you can explore. Consider the options in this article and enjoy the experience!