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10 Best Bamboo Pillows For Side Sleepers

10 Best Bamboo Pillows For Side Sleepers

Bamboo may seem an interesting material to choose in making a pillow. In fact, the bamboo plant can be used to make rayon, which is a material derived from the plant per se in making a soft, comfortable pillow for you.

Other amazing features of a bamboo pillow, aside from that it is trendy and soft is its breathability and ease of cleaning.

Most bamboo pillows are hypoallergenic, dust/mite free, and mildew resistant, which means it will guarantee you a non-irritating product.

This will be beneficial to your health and make the quality of your sleep better since you are not breathing in allergens and you are not having direct contact with harmful pathogens.

Besides, having known for its excellent breathability, especially when combined with shredded memory foam or other fillers promotes better airflow than traditional memory foam pillows.

Most bamboo pillows offer a temperature neutral sleep surface for your head and neck, making them ideal for side sleepers.

Top Picks


Xtreme Comforts Adjustable Bamboo Pillow - King Size Pillows for Pregnancy, Back & Neck Support w/ Adjustable Cover

Xtreme Comforts Bamboo
Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Brand Xtreme Comforts
Fill Material Memory Foam
Color White


Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo

Ultra-Luxury Bamboo

Brand Snuggle-Pedic
Fill Material Memory Foam
Color White

Top 10 Best Bamboo Pillow for Side Sleepers

Xtreme Comforts Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Xtreme Comforts Adjustable Bamboo Pillow - King Size Pillows for Pregnancy, Back & Neck Support w/ Adjustable Cover

If you are looking for a bamboo pillow with fillings that won't break the bank, this memory foam pillow that comes with a 100% bamboo pillow is a solid option.

The pillow is made from 100% bamboo construction with an affordable tag, making it excellent value for the money. Most bamboo pillows don't contain very much bamboo, but the cover is made from bamboo.

And the rest of the pillow is made from synthetic memory foam.

Sleepers who seek natural materials will appreciate a bamboo pillow that is made from bamboo inside and out.

That is where this Xtreme Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow stands out.

The pillow is made from an entirely bamboo viscose cover as well as the bamboo viscose fiber filling. The pillow also comes with a strong degree of airflow and breathability.

Hot sleepers will appreciate the pillow's cool sleep surface.

It also features a double zipper design, wherein the outer cover is zippered and removable for easy machine washing. However, the inner cover also features a zipper.

This allows you to adjust the thickness of the pillow by removing the fill. Sleepers with different sleeping styles will be able to achieve a healthy sleeping posture with this kind of pillow.

These pillows come in four different sizes (Standard, Queen, King, and Body) and offer a money-back guarantee return policy.

What I Liked:

  • Suitable for hot sleepers because of its natural breathability
  • Made from high-quality, Certipur-US certified foam
  • Washable for ease of cleaning

What I Didn't Like:

  • No issues found. THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Pillow

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Pillow

Proudly made in the U.S. and is available in three sizes (Standard, Queen, King), the Snuggle-Pedic bamboo pillow features a thick, durable cover made from bamboo viscose that is stuffed with shredded memory foam fill.

Unlike other bamboo pillows combined with shredded memory foam, the Snuggle-Pedic's pillow is super-fine.

It gives the pillow a plush and comfy feel that is similar to down feather, but unlike down, memory foam that will hold its loft for a longer period.

The Snuggle-Pedic's cover uses a bamboo viscose weave that is heavyweight yet still soft. It comes with micro-vented stitching that gives extra cover for breathability despite the thickness of the fabric.

The foam's filling is manufactured in the U.S. and the company's memory foam is CertiPur-U.S.-certified, low VOC (volatile organic compounds) Biogreen foam.

This means that the Snuggle-Pedic is manufactured without using several harmful chemicals and gives off a less-off gassing odor. In addition, the pillow is also adjustable according to your preference.

While the cover is not zippered, it has a fair amount of stretch, making it easy to rearrange the filling from the outside.

In fact, it allows the sleepers to adjust the firmness and shape of the pillow to suit their needs no matter what sleeping position they like. On top of that, the entire pillow can be machine washed and dried for ease of cleaning.

Lastly, the pillow comes with a 120-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty to ensure quality to buyers. However, keep in mind that the manufacturer only warrants purchases from authorized sellers.

What I Liked:

  • Can accommodate every type of sleeper
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Comes with a 20-year warranty

What I Didn't Like:

  • The pillow may be firm for some sleepers

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Sweetnight Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

Sweetnight Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

The Sweetnight Bamboo Pillow is an adjustable bamboo pillow that is made from a combination of natural materials and a unique temperature-regulating fill.

The cover is made from a breathable, hypoallergenic bamboo-derived rayon, which surrounds the adjustable core of the shredded memory foam.

On the other hand, the memory foam is made with activated bamboo and charcoal, preventing unpleasant odors, thus enhancing its cooling capability.

The filling is held in place in the protective inner chamber with a zippered cover. The fill is largely shredded with memory foam, which is made from activated bamboo and charcoal.

Shredded memory foam is more breathable than a solid memory foam core while charcoal and bamboo are suited for nighttime sweating and excess moisture.

It also comes with a small blend of comfort polyfoam fill mixed for additional cushioning.

The pillow's loft starts rather high at about seven inches, with a relatively dense medium-firm feel to it.

Sleepers can easily open the pillow's inner fill chamber so that they can add or remove fill to adjust the pillow's loft and firmness as needed.

The pillow is available in standard, queen, and king sizes. The Sweetnight bamboo pillow is backed by a 100-night sleep trial, as well as a 3-year warranty period.

What I Liked:

  • Suitable for hot sleepers
  • Sleepers looking for an adjustable pillow
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty period

What I Didn't Like:

  • No temperature-regulation features

Plixio 2-Pack Memory Foam Bamboo Pillows

Plixio 2-Pack Memory Foam Bamboo Pillows

If you share your bed with a partner or if you simply want to have an extra pillow, you will surely love Plixio's memory foam pillows, which come in two-pack.

This two-pack bamboo pillow is relatively cheaper while you get quality pillows that are durable and affordable.

The bamboo pillows are imported and are proudly made of bamboo and polyester, which are two common raw materials that you know and trust.

The casing of the bamboo pillow is also made of bamboo to ensure that it is soft and hypoallergenic, making it suitable for all types of sleepers.

The pillows can be washed, as well as the bamboo pillow covers. Each pillow is made from 60% polyester and 40% viscose bamboo.

These shredded memory foam bamboo pillows are great for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers.

The pliable memory foam conforms to the shape of your head and body to keep the spinal column in your neck and back, aligning them properly.

The pillows are queen size and are marketed as being good to alleviate common sleeping ailments, especially snoring, because it will help you to stop.

The shredded memory foam holds up better than a bar of memory foam since it is more resilient, which can keep its shape over time.

What I Liked:

  • Comes with 2-pack pillows
  • Available in queen size
  • Made from breathable bamboo cover

What I Didn't Like:

  • Available only in queen size
  • Might be a little hard for some sleepers

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Zen Bamboo Ultra Plush Gel Pillow

Zen Bamboo Ultra Plush Gel Pillow

With Zen Bamboo's gel pillow, it will guarantee you that it is designed to be cool and stay cool throughout the night, making it suitable for hot sleepers.

To make this possible, it is made with a gel to keep its users cool and yet supported as well. The pillow is naturally hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant so you don't have to worry about pathogens or irritants driving you crazy.

They make them a suitable choice for those suffering from asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues. The bamboo cover is not only soft but appears to be breathable as well.

They are also resistant to fading and stains, so you'll never get to worry about removing them. Plus, the pillows are machine washable and will always feel and look new.

Aside from this, its high-quality gel fiber can keep its shape without bunching or distorting, no matter how long you use them.

The extra loft design provides support needs that are related to stress, neck pain, and other body aches.

On the other hand, if you are not satisfied with the pillows, you can return them within thirty days. Just contact their customer support team for assistance.

What I Liked:

  • Made from ultra-plush gel foam
  • Stain-resistant and is washable
  • The cover is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant suitable for people with asthma and other respiratory concerns.

What I Didn't Like:

  • No issues at all. This is my favorite bamboo pillow

Sleepsia Bamboo Pillow

Sleepsia Bamboo Pillow

The Sleepsia Bamboo Pillow features five inches of memory foam fill, which can be removed and adjusted to match any sleeper's comfort preferences.

It is one of the few bamboo pillows that are available and can be adjusted to test the full range of the firmness scale from firm to soft. It is also advisable at an affordable price point, making it an excellent value for the money.

The Sleepsia Bamboo pillow is made from a bamboo-based fabric cover with the use of multi-layered fabric construction.

Hence, this pillow offers a soft, breathable sleep surface wherein the cover is also zippered and can be removed for easy machine washing. The interior of the pillow contains a blend of shredded memory foam and polyester fiberfill.

Compared to other memory foam-based pillows that are hard, the Sleepsia Bamboo Pillow molds to your body that offers excellent head and neck support.

The pillow's sufficient fill provides a base amount of five inches of dense, loft, creating a very firm sleeping surface.

Equipped with an inner zipper to access the fill, sleepers can remove as much of the pillow's fill they like in customizing the pillow's firmness level.

This Sleepsia Bamboo Pillow is the best bamboo lumbar pillow, thanks to its incredible out-of-the-box firm support. Lastly, it is available in three sizes (Standard, Queen, and King) and if you wish to return the pillow, it has a 30-day refund policy.

What I Liked:

  • Designed with an adjustable fill
  • Ideal for all sleeping positions
  • Good value for the money

What I Didn't Like:

  • Some users report it as overly firm

Qutool Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillows

Qutool Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillows

This company has a good reputation for creating products, which do not fall short when it comes to that.

These pillows are available in either standard, queen, or king-size if you want a slightly larger pillow.

On the other hand, the pillow cover is naturally hypoallergenic to keep them up throughout the night or cause them to snore.

Unlike the traditional support pillows, Qutool sleeping pillows feature a zippered inner and outer cover, wherein you can add or remove foam filling to find the perfect comfort level and enjoy a more customized experience.

It is suitable for side, back, stomach, and pregnant sleepers.

The materials used in the pillow are premium shredded foam pillows that are infused with temperature regulating cooling gel particles to alleviate excessive heat build-up, so no heat is captured during the night.

The high airflow also helps the moisture out for a healthier sleeping atmosphere. The skin-friendly comes with 60% polyester and 40% bamboo fiber rayon.

For people struggling with allergies, this is the best fabric available.

The pillow comes with a 90-night risk-free trial and a five-year warranty in case you are not satisfied with it. It also comes with a beautiful handle bag, a perfect gift for different occasions.

What I Liked:

  • It is machine washable
  • Very comfortable and hypoallergenic
  • Comes with a 90-night risk-free trial and a five-year warranty

Sleep Whale Bamboo with Gel Filling

Sleep Whale Bamboo with Gel Filling

Sleep whale has produced a fully adjustable pillow that allows you to change the fill to firm up the pillow or soften it based on your preference.

Regardless if you sleep in your stomach, back, or side you will find this pillow very comfortable for your sleeping habits. The pillow is completely hypoallergenic to keep away pathogens and allergens.

It is also dust-mite resistant so even while your room collects dust, you do not have to worry about it sticking to your pillow.

Besides, the cover of this pillow is not only machine washable but also safe to put in the dryer so you don't have to worry about keeping it clean. Not all covers are safe to toss in the dryer as they can add bumps, making it lumpy.

On top of that, the Sleep Whale Bamboo Gel Fiber Pillows are ideal for all sleeping positions, as they are soft and contours to the shape you need whether you are a back, side, or stomach sleeper.

Side sleepers in particular will surely love this pillow as it helps in aligning the spine and alleviating the pressure points along the neck, shoulders, and back.

They are stylish, luxurious, and comfortable. The pillow comes with a money-back guarantee if you find that there are defects or issues in it.

What I Liked:

  • Machine washable and are dryer safe
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Fully adjustable

What I Didn't Like:

  • Not cold enough

LANGRIA Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

LANGRIA Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

When a pillow comes with its own packaging for travel, you know you are going to sleep like a boss.

The LANGRIA is suitable for all sleeping positions due to its self-adjusting filling capability. It also features breathable fabric so you can stay cool throughout the night.

Similar to other well-known brands of pillows, the LANGRIA's memory foam shredding can be added or removed for the ultimate sleep experience.

This pillow is also perfect for all sleeping positions, be it side, back, and stomach sleepers. It comes with a 35% bamboo and 65% polyester cover that is breathable.

The outer bamboo cover is also breathable and machine washable. The memory foam filling is CertPUR-US certified for its quality. Another great advantage of this LANGRIA is it comes with a 100% cotton pouch.

It is included so you can keep the extra shredded filling that you will not be using and saving for later use.

What I Liked:

  • CertPUR-US Certified
  • Adjustable and hypoallergenic
  • Comes with a carrying case for travel purposes

What I Didn't Like:

  • Since it is filled with memory foam shreddings, it sometimes clumps together

Clara Clark Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Clara Clark Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

This bamboo pillow has the best-looking outer design. It features luxurious memory foam that is designed to enhance your posture and keep your body perfectly aligned. It makes good for any sleeping position, be it side, back, or stomach lying position.

The quality is comparable to any more expensive pillows, which you can adjust the filling to meet your individual needs.

Many people who have bought this were impressed by the quality for such an affordable price. One thing worthy to note is when you get this pillow it requires aggressive fluffing before use and you need to do it regularly.

Also, like other brands, you will notice that an odor immediately fades away when you remove it from the packaging, so there's no need to worry.

What I Liked:

  • Comes with a bamboo-zippered cover
  • Adjustable and hypoallergenic
  • Ideal for any sleeping positions

What I Didn't Like:

  • A bit thick and firm

How To Choose A Bamboo Pillow


Most bamboo pillows are not actually made from bamboo. Instead, the cover is just made from bamboo woven into fabric and the filling is usually the type of shredded memory foam.

However, new trends in the market include the use of gel and aloe vera. Whenever you find aloe vera mixed with bamboo in the cover will give you an amazingly soft pillow.

Also, some experts support that a cover infused with aloe can give extra nutrients and promote faster cell generation, giving skin a fresh and youthful glow.

On the other hand, manufacturers who use a blend of shredded gel memory foam can provide a unique experience for sleepers who seek a soft and cushy feel that has enough support.


The quality of bamboo pillows can vary greatly, depending on the brand.

Several models on the market are known for being lumpy, hard, and flat, so make sure to check in-depth reviews to find that are soft, comfortable, and luxurious.

The reason that some of the poor quality designs complain about hardness or lumpiness is because of the poor quality foam inside the pillow.

This happens when the inside fillings are not equal and are not made from top-notch materials. Over time, lesser quality pillows can lose their bounce and become flat.


Bamboo pillows or almost any type of pillow usually come in three sizes: standard, queen, and king.

The size you will buy will correspond with the size of your bed. Some brands will not specify as standard, queen, or king and they will use more of one-size to fit all approach.

The biggest difference between sizes will appear in the width of the pillows that can vary from around 2 to 3 inches. Of course, the larger the size, the more it will cost.

Most of the large size can vary from 26 to 30 inches wide. They are heavier than the regular pillows, which can weigh anywhere from 3.5 to 5 pounds.


A good quality bamboo pillow can last for years, especially if it is handled properly. Ideally, a high-quality product will retain its shape and comfort within the warranty period.

One thing that will help these pillows last longer than the standard memory foam pillow is shredded, which can be adjusted and fluffed.

The warranty period can vary greatly by brand. Some manufacturers do not have an indicated warranty. The average guarantee is around 5 to 6 years, though some brands offer a 20-year warranty.

Washable cover

The covers of these pillows should not just be breathable and soft but also machine washable as well.

You lay your head and face against the pillow each night, therefore, there is a tendency that it will become dirty and you are going to wash it often.


A pillow is a small investment not only of your money but investing in a good quality sleep for overall well-being and health. It should be the one that lasts through constant use even though you sleep on it all over the year.


Loft refers to how tall the pillow sits. Side sleepers prefer pillows with higher lofts while stomach sleepers favor low loft pillows. On the other hand, back sleepers often look for a medium loft.

Well, most bamboo sleepers are equipped to provide an adjustable loft, where there is an interior zippered cover that allows you to access the interior fill.

The fill can be removed or added to make a customized loft that is comfortable and fits all types of sleepers.


The level of support depends on the exact type of fill the pillow contains. Bamboo pillows memory foam interior tend to provide ample support.

As the foam molds and follows the shape of the sleeper's head and neck promoting proper signal alignment.

On the other hand, bamboo pillows made from bamboo fiberfill can also offer suitable support for cushions and care for the head and neck.

Firmness Level

This is an indicator of how soft the pillow will feel.

The ideal firmness is mostly subjective. Some sleepers will prefer a more soft plush pillow while others may enjoy the pillow with the lesser firm.

Bamboo pillows are made from shredded memory foam, making it easier for you to adjust the level of firmness by manipulating the shape of the pillow in creating a customized firmness level that will suit your comfort, style, and preferences.


Bamboo pillows follow the standard rectangular sizing for pillows sold in North America. This includes the standard, queen, and king size.

Some brands may come with specialty sizing in the form of a square or body-style pillow options. Unfortunately, these pillow shapes will be harder to find.


Bamboo pillows usually cost around $50 to $150, depending on the quality and materials. While this may seem a higher end of the price range for a new pillow, it is relatively easy to find sales, promotions, and deals to lower the final price tag.

Temperature regulation

Pillows may feel hot, cool, or neutral.

The degree of temperature regulation for an individual pillow will depend on the cover and filling materials. Hot sleepers will typically prefer cooling pillows to keep them comfortable at night.

Bamboo fabric is known for its excellent breathability, especially when combined with shredded memory foam or bamboo fiberfill to promote greater airflow than traditional ones.

Well, most bamboo pillows will provide temperature neutral sleep for your head and neck.

Pros And Cons Of Bamboo Pillows

Bamboo pillows are naturally breathable and are designed to be adjustable. However, some bamboo pillows are mixed with a memory foam-based fill, which has some benefits and downsides.

Here are the pros and cons of bamboo pillows:


  • Bamboo pillows are adjustable, which makes them comfortable for a wide range of sleeping positions. Other pillows come with an interior zipper to allow sleepers to customize the feel of their pillow. You can reduce or add some fill to adjust or manipulate the loft and shape of the pillow in providing a softer and firmer surface for your head and neck.
  • Bamboo fabric has many naturally desirable qualities. It is highly breathable as well as hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial.
  • Compared to other sources of textiles, bamboo is fast-growing and does not require much use of fertilizers and pesticides. It may help save nature and is eco-friendly.
  • When combined with memory foam fill and bamboo fiber, bamboo pillows are very quiet and can generate almost zero noise when you turn and toss them. Some filling materials such as buckwheat is a very good alternative to bamboo pillows. However, it can create a rustling sound whenever you change position, which can be disruptive.


  • Although bamboo cultivation is eco-friendly, the same cannot be said for the manufacturing processes that it used in producing bamboo fabrics. It may use harmful chemicals that can impact the environment as well as the health of the workers.
  • Bamboo pillows are made from memory foam filling, which is susceptible to off-gassing odors compared to pillows that are made with more natural filling.

Types Of Bamboo Fabrics Available For Pillows


Rayon is derived from bamboo, which is one of the most common forms of bamboo-based fabrics. It is also called bamboo viscose.

Bamboo rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric that is made by chemically processing the raw bamboo to get the plant's fibers in making textiles.

Rayon is affordable and is very soft, which makes it a good fabric in making pillows.


Lyocell bamboo has many similar properties to a bamboo-derived rayon. While the process used in creating lyocell is similar to the one that is used for rayon, it uses a more eco-friendly process.

If you are worried about the environmental impact of rayon bamboo but looking for an affordable bamboo pillow option, lyocell bamboo is a good alternative.


Bamboo linen is considered one of the most eco-friendly options in terms of bamboo fabrics. It is because it requires very few chemicals and minimal processing.

However, bamboo linen can appear coarse and may not be the best for next-to-face comfort. Keep in mind that the higher the thread count the softer.

Besides, bamboo linen is durable, but also pricey. This is due to the process that involves more manual labor. A pillow that uses bamboo linen will be more likely on the highest end of the price range for a bamboo pillow.

Final Thoughts

While you are hitting your bed at night, you may consider that your pillow plays an important role in how well you can and do throughout the evening.

If you are looking for a more natural, breathable pillow, consider Xtreme Comforts Hypoallergenic Pillow. I have it, and I love it!

Another very good alternative is Snuggle-Pedic Original Ultra-Luxury (USA Made).

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