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The Best Bamboo Pillows that Support a Great Night's Sleep

The Best Bamboo Pillows that Support a Great Night's Sleep

If you are an eco-savvy sleeper, you know that bamboo pillows rank high for cooling, moisture-wicking, and hypoallergenic features. Still, not all bamboo pillows have great features that support a great night's sleep.

The best bamboo pillows that support a great night's sleep are soft, comfortable, moldable, breathable, cooling, and hypoallergenic. They are also CertiPUR-US Certified to check for quality and their level of eco-friendliness.

We have sampled a variety of bamboo pillows while checking sleepers' reviews, prices, their eco-friendliness, and more. Here are the best bamboo pillows that will have you sleeping like a baby;

pillows bamboo bedPuffy Pillow

With over 4.5-star ratings from 493 verified sleepers, Puffy pillow is our best bamboo pillow pick for support. It comes in two sizes; standard and king, each costing $102. Here are reasons why we recommend this bamboo pillow;

Adjustable Comfort

The Puffy Pillow contains premium CertiPUR-certified memory foam, which has undergone tests to make it ideal for all sleepers. The superior memory foam aligns your head and shoulders leading to spinal alignment and pressure point relief.

It also comes with an inner sleeve that you can unzip. Such allows you to add or remove some memory foam for customizable comfort and support. The Puffy Pillow then provides ample support, pain relief, and comfort, leading to quality sleep.

If you are unsure whether the pillow will offer you the proper support, the company provides 101 sleep-trial nights. Such is enough period for you to make an informed decision about the pillow's quality.

CertiPUR-US Certified

The Puffy Pillow undergoes tests to ensure that it is free from harmful components like mercury, formaldehyde, and lead. In addition, the tests provide that it contains quality fills and not imitations or leftovers.


It contains a unique blend of bamboo rayon and polyester, making it hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. This way, sleepers prone to allergic reactions can have a sound sleep.

Breathable and Cooling Cover

The pillow cover is made with a special luxurious blend of bamboo rayon, promoting cooling and breathability. Such is ideal for hot sleepers and night sweaters, leading to comfortable and quality sleep at night.

Washable Cover

Feel free to unzip the cover and machine-wash it when it gets dirty or dusty. Washing it prevents the accumulation of dirt and dust that could trigger skin infections or other allergic reactions to sleepers. You get a clean and fresh surface to lay your head on during sleep.

Here is what a verified client had to say about it;

"Oh, Puffy Pillow! Where have you been for the last ten years of my sleep? I have literally been searching for years for a comfortable pillow, and FINALLY, after a long search, I have my perfect comfortable pillow! Highly recommend this pillow," wrote Patricia M. Collins on the website.

Royal Therapy Bamboo Pillow

If you experience neck stiffness and soreness upon waking up, the Royal Therapy Bamboo Pillow is for you. It has a 4.4-star rating on Amazon and over 6,593 verified global reviews. Here is why we recommend this bamboo pillow for a great night;

Ultra Comfort and Pressure Point Relief

The Royal Therapy Bamboo Pillow contains memory foam fill that cradles your neck and head, leading to comfortable support. It is also moldable, relieving pressure, leading to joint pain and ache relief.

We recommend this pillow to stomach and side sleepers who love low-loft pillows.

Spinal Alignment

Also, since the pillow is contoured, the space between the pillow and the mattress promotes spinal alignment. It relaxes your muscles and reduces tossing and turning during sleep. Such leads to ample support and comfortable, restful nights.

Cooling and Breathable Cover

The bamboo cover is constructed with a heat-dissipating technology, providing cooling during sleep. It eliminates the thermal build-up, leading to cool and comfortable sleeping grounds. Such is ideal for hot sleepers or those sleepers in hot areas.

In addition, the bamboo cover is breathable, hence allowing maximum air circulation during sleep. Such leads to a restful sleep.


The Royal Therapy Bamboo Pillow is constructed with unique technology to allow it to revert to its form after use. It molds to fit your neck and head, leading to pain and pressure point relief. Taking its original shape during cooling allows it to maintain its firmness and form unlike traditional pillows.

The Royal Therapy Bamboo Pillow costs $33.99. Here is what a verified client had to say about the pillow;

"GREAT PRODUCT! Best sleep I've had in years of trying to find the right pillow. In addition, this pillow has been very therapeutic as I have arthritis in my deck and some disc degeneration. I was elated to wake with less stiffness and more flexibility in my neck. I plan to buy more to replace all of our other 'pillows' bought at high-end stores and with the typical popular market brand names- but this pillow has been the best investment by far. Thanks," wrote Maksym Shchurko.

Clara Clark Bamboo Pillow

At a starting price of $31.99, the Clara Clark Bamboo Pillow is a budget bamboo pillow that supports a great night. It has a 4.3-star rating and 2,880 verified reviews on Amazon. We recommend it as the best bamboo pillow due to the following features;

Ultra-comfortable and Super-soft

This pillow contains shredded memory foam, which is plush and comfortable. It also supports your head, neck, and shoulder, promoting relaxed sleep periods. Such allows for a soft feel on your skin and offers pressure point relief.

Ergonomic Design

The Clara Clark Bamboo Pillow has an ergonomic design to support the natural curving of one's body. It aligns the head, neck, shoulders, and spine, preventing migraines, back pain, neck pain, and snoring. In addition, its design enhances one's posture, leading to ample support and restful nights.

Breathable and Cooling

The Clara Clark Bamboo Pillow has a bamboo zippered cover with innovative airflow technology for breathability. It allows maximum air circulation, leading to restful sleep.

Thanks to the bamboo pillow cover that wicks away moisture while cooling, the pillow cover also has a heat-dissipating technology. Such is ideal for hot sleepers and night sweaters as it offers them a clean and dry cleaning surface.

bamboo bedroom bedEasy to Clean

In addition, the bamboo pillow cover is easy to clean as it is machine washable. Such allows you to sleep on a clean and fresh surface, leading to restful sleep.

The pillow measures nineteen by twenty-nine inches. The queen size costs $31.99, whereas the king size goes for $36.99. Here is what a verified client said about it;

"Old granddaughter loved them; she said, 'mom, you need to get these pillows. They are amazing!' So I went ahead and ordered them. Last night was the first night we slept on them, and they are fantastic. I am a side or back sleeper, as is my husband, and for the first time in months, I woke up this morning with no neck or shoulder pain. They are extremely comfy, and the case they are in is very soft. I am crazy about these pillows. If anyone out there is a side or back sleeper, I highly recommend getting these pillows. I will be ordering more for our granddaughter's room when she comes to stay. If I could give them more than five stars, I would. Thank you, Clara Clark," wrote Donna.


When shopping for the best bamboo pillows, note that not all of them are eco-friendly. Some are mechanically processed and could contain harmful and knock-off components. The best bamboo pillows that support a great night should also offer spinal alignment while remaining comfortable and durable.

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