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Best Color Light For Sleep: [DIFFERENCES EXPLAINED]

Best Color Light For Sleep: [DIFFERENCES EXPLAINED]

Are you trying to wind down and sleep, but the environment is not conducive? The best you can do is to have the best color light in your space to help make your environment more inviting and relaxing. So, what's the best color light for sleeping?

The best color light for sleep is red; it makes you feel intimate and cozy. That way, you are likely to feel sleepier. The best color should not make the brain sensitive to wavelength and should not disrupt the sleep cycle. They should also not have the blue shade that comes from the sun.

With the many light color options on the market, it might be challenging to get the right one. However, if you choose the wrong color light, you will have interrupted sleep, making you feel tired when you wake up. This article will discuss the best color light for rest and sleep.

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What Color Light Helps You Sleep?

Before learning more on the best color to use in your sleep, understand the quality of light first. Light has three main qualities: brightness, hue, and saturation. Each of these has a different impact on the quality of sleep you get. Read on to understand these qualities better.


Brightness refers to the amount of light a light source produces. Note that the brighter the light, the more impact it has on your emotions and the ability to sleep. So, when choosing a light color for your sleep, ensure it is not so bright.


The hue of color light refers to the shade of the light. The natural shade will impact your emotion and sleepiness differently than artificial light. Take the time to choose a light color whose hue will not affect your sleeping pattern.


The saturation of light color refers to how intense it is. The lower the color, the more it affects your emotions. The best color light for sleep is less saturated.

What Is the Best Color Night Light for a Sleeping Baby?

If you have a baby, the chances are that you go up to their nursery during the night to feed and check out on them. To do this, you will need light. The bright overhead light will disrupt the baby's sleep. So, which color light can you use that will not alter your baby's sleep?

Red Light

Red light is the best since it promotes a night of restful sleep. The reason is that the red light does not suppress melatonin production. Melatonin is vital since it helps to time the cardiac rhythm and regulates the day and night cycle. With this option, you will not have to worry about waking up your child when you check up on them.

Amber Light

If you need bright light for your nursery, then consider using amber. Even very bright amber light will not substantially impact melatonin production. This light acts as virtual darkness, making it a suitable light for the nursery and will not awaken the baby.

What is the Best Color Light for Sleeping Adults?

Just like babies, adults also need rest to be active and rejuvenated when they wake up. You must get the best color light for your bedroom. The wrong light color will keep you awake most of the night, resulting in a bad mood. Here are the light colors to go with.

Red Light

Red is the most relaxing color for sleep, even for adults. As we have mentioned earlier, it is the best color light because it increases melatonin production, boosting the quality and the length of sleep. In addition, you will be more relaxed when you use the red light, increasing your endurance level. It is no wonder that red light therapy is available for people struggling to fall asleep.

When should you use a red light?

Red lights are suitable in the bedrooms and the bathrooms. They are excellent as lamps and night lights. This light is sufficient for you to read and see and offers a deep sunset orange glow.

Amber Light

The color amber looks like a darker shade of yellow. This shade positively impacts your circadian rhythms, which helps you feel sleepy. The light will offer you a calmer effect making your sleep more relaxed. That will allow you to sleep to satisfaction.

When should you use amber light?

Amber light design blocks out any blue light; thus, this is a color you should use in general-purpose bulbs. These color bulbs will offer you ample brightness and color while avoiding harmful blue lights.

Best Color Light For Sleep: FAQs

There is more you should know about the colors for sleeping. Let us answer the most commonly asked questions you need to know.

What is the Best LED Color for Sleep?

The best-LED color for sleep needs to have a yellow hue. The yellow light that isn't shouting helps relax your brain and muscles. Since the light color can achieve this, making it the perfect LED color for sleep. In addition, this color light helps create a more relaxing effect for the eyes.

Does Red Light Help You Sleep?

The red light is recommended when sleeping and ensures that you are well-rested. Here are reasons red light helps to promote sleep.

Natural production of melatonin

Red light helps the body to produce more melatonin compared to any other type of light, improving your sleep. You can be assured that you will not feel tired when you wake up.

Reduces sleep inertia

Another benefit of using red light is that it will help you be more alert and ready to start the day since it helps reduce sleep inertia. Yet, you do not have to use it for a long time; exposure to this light for 15-30 minutes is sufficient time. In addition, with this exposure, you will feel more restful when you wake up.

More muscle relaxation

Besides making you sleepy, red light also helps to relax your muscles. Since you will feel an overall calmness in your body, you can be sure of getting better and quality sleep.

What Colors Should You Avoid at Night?

Note that most colors have the same effect; however, blue light is great during the day and unsuitable at night. When used at night, this light interferes with the circadian rhythm, making it difficult for you to fall and stay asleep.

Green is another color light to watch keenly. It suppresses the secretion of melatonin, and you will have difficulty falling and staying asleep. Since you will not get adequate sleep, you will likely feel fatigued during the day, negatively impacting your productivity.

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What is the Most Relaxing Light Color for Sleep?

The light color red is the most relaxing color and will help promote proper sleep. The color helps you relax your brain and your body. It improves the circadian rhythm. In addition, this light is not glaring, so it will help you see better at night. Blue light is also an excellent option for setting the mood and relaxing.


Most people assume that lights are not necessary when it comes to improving sleep quality. That is not the case; some lights, such as red lights, will help you relax and allow easy sleeping. When choosing the right lights, get those that emit the red light wavelength other than bulbs that have a red tint. That is the best way to enjoy the benefits.

Ready to deal with the sleep problem you have and ensure you are well relaxed? Buy the best color light for sleeping today!

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