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The Best Contour Pillows for Your Aches and Pains (REVIEWED)

The Best Contour Pillows for Your Aches and Pains (REVIEWED)

Are you tired of sleeping on pillows that fail to contour your head, neck area, and shoulders properly? While pillows are an excellent investment in your sleep quality, avoid ones that cause neck and joint pains.

The best contour pillows for your aches and pains have adaptive features, enabling them to conform to your pressure points. For instance, contouring memory foam pillows offer comfort, support, spinal alignment, and pain relief.

While memory foam pillows are among our best picks for contouring features, not all make the cut. We have reviewed various contouring pillows, looking at durability, comfort, support, allergic reactions, and temperature control. We recommend the following as the best contour pillows for your aches and pains;

pillow contour memory foamSaatva Latex Pillow

With a 4.8-star rating and over forty thousand global reviews, the Saatva latex pillow is our best recommendation. The pillow comes in a queen-size, measuring twenty-eight inches by eighteen inches, and a king-size, measuring thirty-four inches by eighteen. It has a 45-day free return policy, a one-year warranty, and free shipping.

Here are features that make it the best contour pillow for your aches and pains;

Responsive Head and Neck Support

Its core contains shredded durable natural latex and down-like micro-denier fiber, giving it the responsive feature. It contours your head, neck, shoulder, and back, offering orthopedic support to those experiencing chronic joint and back pains.

In addition, the pillow is lofty and ultra-soft, hence offering comfort and pressure point relief throughout the night. Also, its gusseted sides allow it to maintain its shape throughout the night. As a result, you have a pain-free and restful sleep.

Breathable Pillow Cover

This pillow has an organic sateen cover that is soft and more breathable than synthetic foam, improving air circulation. It also wicks away heat and moisture, leading to a cool sleeping ground. Its breathability makes it ideal for sleepers who sweat during sleep or experience body heating, hence quality sleep.


The Saatva latex pillow has shredded natural latex in its core which undergoes tests to ensure that it is hypoallergenic. It undergoes a strict washing process to eliminate all allergens for a stress-free night. It is also resistant to mildew and dust mite, making it skin-safe.

The Saatva latex pillow goes for $165 for the queen size and $185 for the king size. Here is what a verified client said about the Saatva latex pillow on the website;

"The most comfy, cushy pillow but with tons of neck and head support for side sleepers like me. I haven't slept this well in ages! It's not heavy and bulky like some memory foam options out there," wrote Hannah.

The TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow

The TEMPUR-Cloud pillow is an ultra-contouring pillow that stands among our best recommendations for your aches and pains. Its dimensions are twenty-four inches by fifteen and three-quarters inches by five inches. With a 4.5-star rating and 5,408 global reviews, here are reasons why it should be on your radar;

Adaptive support

This pillow contains extra-soft and supportive memory foam that is easy to compress to your liking. It offers excellent contouring to your head, neck, and shoulder for a pain-free and comfortable night. As a result, both back and stomach sleepers achieve pain relief during sleep.

Convenient for Travel

You can compress the TEMPUR-Cloud pillow easily, making it convenient for travel. This way, you get ultra-contouring on the go. The good thing is that it goes back to its original shape and size once you unroll it.

Removable and washable cover

The pillow comes in a hundred percent polyester knot cover that you can remove and machine-wash to clean. Luckily, it maintains its quality even after multiple washes, allowing you to sleep on a fresh surface for years.

In addition, the cover is hypoallergenic, making it ideal for people that suffer allergic reactions.

Here is what a verified client had to say about it;

"I was shocked at how incredible this block pillow is- perfect height for neck support and not squishy or hot and has not lost any shape in months of use. Will never go back and love this material so much that won't try others," wrote one client.

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Contour Pillow

With a 4.1-star rating and over 7,400 global ratings on Amazon, the Sleep Innovations memory foam contour pillow is supreme. It costs $29.99 for the travel size, $46.99 for the king-size, and $19.99 for the travel size. Here are features that make it one of the best contour pillows for your aches and pains;

Contouring design

The Sleep Innovations memory foam contour pillow has its design meant to adapt to your neck, head and shoulders during sleep. It offers excellent support, pressure point relief, and gentle alignment. It makes it ideal for back and side sleepers.

Cervical support

This pillow maintains its shape, hence offering unwavering support during sleep. In addition, you can pick between the lower or higher contouring according to your preferred level of neck support.


This pillow offers a variety of options, including a cooling gel memory foam pillow and a huggable memory foam pillow. For instance, the former dissipates heat, making it suitable for hot sleepers or those that sweat at night. A curved pillow is ideal for those sleepers seeking therapeutic support during sleep, leading to pain relief.

Removable and washable cover

The Sleep Innovations memory foam contour pillow comes with a skin-friendly cover that is removable and washable. In addition, it maintains its quality and soft feel even after multiple washes. Such allows you to sleep on fresh surfaces for several years.


This pillow undergoes tests to keep it free from allergens. It is also CertiPUR-US certified, meaning that every sleeper gets premium quality pillows, leading to quality sleep.

Here is what a verified client had to say about it on Amazon;

"Yes, it's hard to get used to for the first few nights; but it conforms to your head and softens as it warms. It seems hard at first, but then when your head sinks into it after a few minutes, you don't even notice anymore. And you know what? No more neck pain! And I sleep better! And I no longer roll onto my back! And now I couldn't sleep without it! I even bought my grandmother one," wrote Richard.

Winjoy Contour Memory Foam Pillow

The Winjoy contour memory foam pillow is among the most affordable contour pillows with enormous orthopedic benefits. It costs $39 and has a 4.0-star rating from 1,048 global reviews. Here is why we recommend this pillow;

Ergonomic Design

The Winjoy contouring memory foam pillow contains premium foam fill used to achieve its ergonomic design. It provides ample support to your head, neck, shoulder, and back while offering spinal alignment. You get muscle relaxation, reduced shoulder stiffness, and lower head, neck, and back pain relief.

orthopedic pillow womanBreathable pillow cover

This pillow comes with a breathable and skin-friendly cover, offering a cool environment that allows air circulation. It is ideal for sleepers who sweat and experience body heating during sleep, hence comfortable nights.


This pillow is ideal for all sleepers; stomach, side, and back sleepers. It conforms to your shape, filling and pampering all the crevices for a restful and comfortable night's sleep.

Here is what a verified client had to say about it;

"It looks a lot better than the regular pillow. The contour really helps my neck every morning. It did not generate heat, which is great. I was going to use it in the guest room, but I am moving it to my master bedroom now. I am looking to purchase another pillow to match this current one. My wife said so, lol," wrote Sc4mW4tch3r.

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When shopping for the best contour pillows for your aches and pains, look for materials that offer support, pain relief, and comfort. These materials include memory foam, latex, and gel-infused pillows.

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