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The Best Down Alternative Pillows [TOP PILLOWS REVIEWED]

The Best Down Alternative Pillows [TOP PILLOWS REVIEWED]

A pillow guarantees a good sleeping posture, ensuring that you are comfortable all through the right. But you will need to buy the best pillow to achieve that and much more. One of the popular and most preferred options you will find in the market is the alternative down pillows.

There are many down alternative pillows with differences based on breathability, price, and comfort level. The top models include Parachute, Casper, Nest, Boll and Branch, Tuft and Needle, and Smith down alternative pillows. The pillows' uniqueness makes them stand out.

If you are shopping for a pillow that will make your sleep more rejuvenating, the alternative down pillows are your safe bet. But when it comes to pillow selection, a slight mistake will have you frustrated. This article will discuss the best down alternative pillows and everything relevant to help you learn and buy the best model.

rare pillow woman spaWhat Is An Alternative Down Pillow?

Down alternative pillows are synthetic forms of the traditional down pillows. They are made from polyester microfiber, which simulates the soft and comfy feeling of these down pillows.

Unlike the down pillows, the down alternative option does not use animal-sourced materials. That makes it an ideal choice for people allergic to natural fabric and looking for a pillow with a lush loft.

What Are the Best Down Alternative Pillows? 6 Top Models

Many companies make alternative down pillows of varying specifications, making the selection of the right pillow overwhelming, especially for first-time buyers. Here's the good news: if you are looking for the best options in the market, you have come to the right place.

This review of the best down alternative pillows and their features will give you a chance to know the top pillow models, making it easy to choose the best.

Parachute Down Alternative Pillow

If you are searching for a down alternative pillow made of high-quality products, then this is the pillow to use. The pillow comes in different sizes and densities, giving you a chance to get the support you need. More so, this pillow is durable as it comes with a three-year warranty.

The pillow also has hypoallergenic microfiber designed to mimic the warmth and the fluffiness that you will get when you buy a down pillow. It is easy to clean; all you need is to use a washing machine.

Casper Down Alternative Pillow

Another great option, especially if looking for a cooling down alternative pillow, is the Casper down alternative original pillows. This pillow brand uses clump-resistant microfiber, which resembles that of down pillows. With quality and tender softness, you will love the experience.

The pillow is sturdy since its inner layer is firm and supportive. It is also comfortable, thanks to the outer layer, which is soft and cushioning. The cover used in designing this pillow is breathable, soft, and easy to remove and clean.

Nest Down Alternative Pillow

A common challenge with side sleepers is finding a suitable pillow for sleeping and relaxing. However, the Nest down alternative pillow has proven to be among the best options for side sleepers. The pillow is soft, easy to adjust, and breathable. You can be certain that it will keep you comfortable all night long.

Nest pillows are also easy to care for and maintain. Whenever the outer cover stains, wash it manually or with a washing machine following the right instructions. It does not matter the size of the pillow; Nest Down pillows assure you maximum support and comfort.

Boll and Branch Down Alternative Pillow

Boll and Branch pillows are known for high-end down alternative pillows made from 100% organic cotton shell stuffed with the brand's signature. The pillow is allergy-friendly, and its design mimics the down pillows; some people will not even realize it.

It is also easy to wash and maintain despite a 30-night sleep trial. A unique aspect of this brand is that it makes pillow models of different sizes and firmness levels. With that, it is easy to settle on a pillow with preferred firmness levels.

Tuft And Needle Down Alternative Pillow

The pillow has quality and chemical-free materials. In fact, Tuff and Needle use 100% polyester with cotton materials for their pillows to offer a cloud-like feeling to those who use it. They are also a great option for people with allergies and back and side sleepers who need extra support.

This pillow comes in a standard and king-size option. That means everybody, whether young or old, can enjoy the pillow's benefits. With cool water and mild detergent, you can machine wash the pillow effectively.

Smith Down Alternative Pillow

Nothing compares to sleeping on a pillow that makes you comfortable; that is what you will get when you invest in the Smith down alternative pillows. These pillows come with a luxurious microfiber cover that is durable and sleek in design.

The pillow is also machine wash friendly and safe for all sleepers. If you are looking for a breathable pillow that will give you the support you need all night, the Smith down alternative pillow will not let you down.

Why Do You Need The Down Alternative Pillows? The Benefits

Since there are numerous pillow options in the market, you might be wondering why you should consider buying the down alternative pillows. Here are the benefits you are bound to get.


It does not matter the pillow model you buy. You can be assured that it is soft if it is a down alternative pillow. This is one of the greatest features of the down alternative pillows.


Most brands that design and manufacture the down alternative pillows have great priority on the quality of materials used. That explains why some of these pillows can serve you for up to 10 years. It all depends on the pillow model and the quality you choose.


If you are allergic to animal products, the best decision you can make is to settle on the down alternative pillows. They are hypoallergenic, so you will not have to worry about your allergies acting up with this pillow.

Down Vs. Down Alternative Pillow: The Comparison

Down and down alternative pillows can serve you based on your needs and your budget, among other considerations. Here is a look at the difference between the two types of pillows.

  • Cost: The down alternative is cheaper than the down pillows.
  • Weight: Down alternative pillows are heavier than the down pillows.
  • Products: Down alternative pillows use synthetic materials while Down uses natural products.
  • Care: It is easier to take care of the Down alternative than the Down pillows.
  • Breathability: The down alternative pillows are not as breathable as the down option.

bedroom bed two pillowDown Alternative Pillow Inserts: What They Are And How To Choose The Best

Down alternative inserts are the products or materials used to make the down alternative pillows. Here are pointers to use when choosing the inserts to get on your pillow.

  • Choose a pillow option with inserts that will serve you for a long time.
  • Get inserts that are breathable so that they promote cooling when the temperature rises.
  • The best inserts should be firm to hold the pillow for maximum support.
  • The best down alternative pillows should be hypoallergenic to prevent your allergies from acting up.

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Invest in the best down alternative pillows for great experience and durability. A close look at the pillows listed on our top models list makes it easy to choose what you want. These pillows have a feather-like feel, guarantee softness, and are quite fluffy. More so, they are affordable and comfortable to use.

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