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Best Memory Foam Pillows That Support Good Sleep [REVIEWED]

Best Memory Foam Pillows That Support Good Sleep [REVIEWED]

An average person spends six to eight hours lying on a pillow. Yet, finding the best pillow among the numerous options available is not easy. If you are looking for the best foam pillow that is firm and offers healthy support to your head and neck, look no further.

The best memory foam pillows are relaxed, comfortable, support your sleeping style, and adjustable. Layla, Tempur-Pedic, Marlow, Casper, Ecosa, Allswell, Blue Wave, and Leesa memory foam pillows fall in this category. These pillow models vary in height, cooling, firmness, durability, and fabrics.

The best foam pillow ought to suit your needs and style. That means you must know what you need before shopping for a foam pillow. In this article, we will discuss the top eight best memory foam pillow models to consider.

two pillow bedWhat Are The Best Memory Foam Pillows? 8 Top Models Reviewed

Choosing the right foam pillow can be hectic, but this article will discuss some of the best models you should consider. Read on to find a pillow model from a brand that suits your taste and preference.

Layla Memory Foam Pillow

If your priority when shopping for a pillow is neck support, then consider getting Layla foam pillows. LYLA has a reputation for making supportive pillows that are not hard when you lay on them. They use shredded memory foam, silk fiber, and kapok during pillow manufacturing.

This pillow is also adjustable to suit your sleeping style and comfort level. Most of the reviews about Layla foam pillows state that it offers the best overall neck support. But it is essential to note that the pillow is not washable.

Tempur-Pedic Memory Foam Pillow

Are you a side sleeper who needs a cool pillow on both sides? Getting the Tempur-Pedic pillow is a good idea. This is a gel-infused memory foam pillow that helps to disperse heat. When you invest in this pillow, you will not have to worry about overheating.

These pillows also offer excellent pressure relief as they contours the head and the neck by maintaining the natural body curves and lessening pressure in the ear for the side sleepers. You will also love the quality materials that offer you the best service for a long time without any complications.

Marlow Memory Foam Pillow

Marlow designs pillows that hit differently. From the time you set your head on their pillow till you wake up, you will enjoy the comfort of the highest level. Besides, these pillows are bacteria-free; known to keep away germs.

The other trait that makes Marlow foam pillow a must-have is its support. Besides, you can adjust the foam to suit your style without worrying about messing up. If you want a pillow that will offer you the best support, consider this model.

Casper Memory Foam Pillow

Casper is known for pillows that enable the air to flow through them without overheating. Even on those warm nights, you can be confident you will keep cool all night with this pillow. More so, the pillow and the cover used to make the pillow are sturdy, attracting no wear.

Casper foam pillows are suitable for all types of sleepers; those who have used the pillow have appreciated the fact that with this pillow, they do not feel sore, tired, or hurt when they wake up.

Ecosa Memory Foam Pillow

If you experience back and neck pain, you need to invest in a pillow that helps manage your challenges. With Ecosa, you will get the neck and back support you need, which will help you achieve optimal support and pressure relief.

Ecosa pillows have a memory foam that contours evenly, giving you ample cushioning. The pillows also come with two extra inserts that you can place underneath to help increase the loft. They are also suitable for those who require travel pillows because of their lightweight.

Allswell Memory Foam Pillow

Nothing is as disappointing as buying a pillow that loses shape over time. When this happens, you will not get the support you need. But with the Allswell foam pillow, there's nothing like your pillow losing its shape.

Allwell pillows allow for cooling and breathability. The cover used to make the pillow is machine washable. It is a good option for those on a budget since this is an affordable pillow, yet it will offer tremendous support and comfort.

Blue Wave Memory Foam Pillow

Finding the best pillow is among the biggest challenges for stomach sleepers. If you are looking for an adjustable and breathable pillow for side sleeping, the Blue Wave is the best pillow. This pillow offers you great support, limiting the possibility of your body aching.

The pillow is also adjustable, making it easy to set the size that suits you. It comes with a removable and machine washable cover that is easy to clean.

Leesa Memory Foam Pillow

Imagine sleeping on a pillow that will not require you to fluff regularly. That is what you will get when you invest in the Leesa foam pillow. It is an excellent product for anyone who needs varying neck support levels. In addition, it is sturdy and durable.

Lessa pillows use numerous ventilation holes that are ideal for wicking the moisture away. That tells you there's no overheating when you sleep during the day or night.

Why Should You Use The Best Memory Foam Pillows? The Benefits

Memory foam pillows have numerous abilities that make them the best pillows. If you are unsure if this is the pillow for you, read on to learn of the benefits of buying memory foam pillows.

Offers Pressure Relief

Memory foam pillows will offer you the support you need while softening to the response of heat and pressure. These pillows will take the shape of your body, and that helps prevent pressure from building up.

Offers Support

The memory foam pillows will support your head and your upper spine. That will help offer healthy neck support and spinal alignment. As a result, you will not experience strains in your neck and back.


The memory foam pillows are resistant to dust, mites, and bacteria. This makes them an excellent option for people who suffer from allergies.

What Is The Best Memory Foam Pillow? Qualities To Look At

You need the best quality memory foam pillow to enjoy the above benefits. Make sure your pillow can do the following.

  • It should be cooling
  • It should be adjustable
  • It should be comfortable
  • It should suit your sleeping style
  • It should be firm
  • It should be contoured

From the list above, Tempur-Pedic memory foam pillows come on top of all other models. The pillow offers a cooling gel layer that is adjustable, durable, and beautiful. The other pillow that comes close is the Ecosa memory foam pillow, which is a suitable pillow for people who want a pillow that will help in reducing soreness.

happy woman sleepingWhat Is The Best Gel Memory Foam Pillow?

Gel memory foam pillows are the type of pillows made using memory foam that has gel particle beads. The gel in these pillows is usually spread evenly through the foam.

The gel memory foam offers support for your neck and spinal alignment and also breathability, which helps to enhance cooling. If you are searching for a reliable gel memory foam, consider Tempur-Pedic foam pillows.

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If you get the best memory foam pillow, it will offer you a refreshing sleeping experience regardless of your sleep position. However, you need to take your time when buying a memory foam pillow to choose something that will serve your needs. Use the list mentioned above to help you with the selection to get value for your money.

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