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What Is The Best Mattress For A Futon? [TOP MODELS REVIEWED]

What Is The Best Mattress For A Futon? [TOP MODELS REVIEWED]

Having a mattress with limited functionality, portability, and ease of maintenance can be pointless. While most associate it with college life convenience, a futon is among the most underestimated furniture.

The best mattress for a futon provides space-saving solutions, portability, and functionality while staying affordable. A futon mattress is also durable, comfortable, supportive, and easy to clean.

However, before settling on a futon, one must consider your reasons for one. We analyzed factors like space, price point, type of materials, thickness, comfort and portability, and convenience. Here are our best picks for the best mattress for a futon based on reviews of top models:

brown futon mattress

Milliard Memory Foam Futon Mattress

The Milliard Memory foam futon mattress is famous for being the best memory foam futon. It has a 4.7-star rating from seven hundred and seventy-seven global reviews on Amazon. Here are our favorite features of this best futon mattress;

Unmatched Comfort

It has a two-inch thick layer of responsive soft and plush memory foam over the four-inch thick firm base. This provides contouring support since it provides spinal alignment, lower back support, and pressure relief. Besides, the cushioning covers the uncomfortable springs, providing unmatched comfort for quality sleep.


This futon mattress uses premium density foam (2.5 lbs.), providing ample support for years. In addition, it maintains its form, unlike other futon mattresses that start to weigh down with time.

Saves Space

This futon mattress is designed to fit small spaces while adding functionality. It is ideal for people looking for multifunctional furniture or those looking to save space, or both.

Removable and Washable Cover

The Milliard memory foam futon mattress has a removable and washable soft bamboo cover. Such allows you to keep the mattress surface clean and hygienic, which is ideal for sensitive sleepers. Besides, it lets you welcome your guests to clean sleeping surfaces that ensure quality sleep.

The Milliard memory foam futon is a full-frame futon mattress, meaning you can use it on an actual bed frame. Here is what a client on Amazon wrote about it;

"I read most of the reviews before purchasing this mattress, which was pretty accurate. It was very comfortable to sit and sleep on, and the kids always use it. We have also kept the futon frame open flat for them to kick back. It is about six inches thick, but you don't feel the futon frame through the mattress like some other six-inch mattresses I've reviewed on Amazon. Best futon mattress purchase I made. It is light and easy for one person to fold and unfold the futon frame with little resistance," wrote Nahum Chiu.

EMOOR Japanese Futon Mattress

The EMOOR Japanese Futon Mattress is an ideal minimal pick for a thin Japanese-style mattress perfect for floor-sleeping. It has a 4.4-star rating from eight hundred and forty-two global reviews. Besides, it comes in different sizes, with the twin-size costing $175.

Here are our best features of this futon mattress;

Offers Ample Back Support

Let the thin frame not lie to you. The EMOOR Japanese futon mattress has a three-layered structure that supports your back and body. It consists of a firm pad between separately sewn plush and soft fiberfill pads on either side.

This structure allows it to be soft and plush for comfortable and restful nights and firm for spinal alignment. This mattress's firm but soft feature has slowly become one of its sellable aspects. It is ideal for people with lower back pain due to poor back support.


EMOOR Japanese futon mattress is 2.5 inches thick and foldable, making it portable and convenient. Pull and roll it on your small space to offer accommodation to your guests. When the morning comes, fold it and fit it in your corner, closet, or cabinet space.

It also works best for backpacking, camping, or when you need portable and convenient sleeping solutions on the go.

Space Saving Solutions

Besides, since it is firm enough, you do not require a mattress platform with the EMOOR Japanese futon. It is a perfect choice for floor sleeping since sleepers get a comfortable night. In addition, it is ideal for minimalists since they can have spacious spaces during the day.


This made-in-Japan futon consists of a polyester inner filling and an outer cotton fabric. The skilled Japanese artisans ensure that it is of good quality and durable to offer functionality for years.

EMOOR Japanese futon mattress is non-washable and comes in different sizes. However, you can wash and dry the cotton cover. Besides, air-drying it under direct sunlight promotes its dryness and freshness. Here is what a verified client said about it;

"After a 3-night adjustment period, I am happy to say that this futon is giving me pain-free nights of sleep again. Plus, replacing it will be much easier and cheaper than replacing a regular mattress. I definitely recommend this to anyone tired of the expensive sagging mattress go around," wrote Nancarrow.

Otis Moonshadow Futon Mattress

Otis Moonshadow Futon Mattress is your solution for a futon that also serves as a night-time mattress. It has a 4.6-star rating from a hundred and three global reviews. Here is why this is one of the best mattresses for a futon;


The Otis Moonshadow futon mattress contains quality memory foam that provides a soft, plush, and comfortable sleeping surface.


It is overstuffed with cushy batting and memory foam to provide ample firmness and support for spinal alignment and back support. It contains fourteen inches of high-density memory foam and polyester compacted into an eight-inch case. These offer the ideal level of firmness and support for restful sleep.


This futon is handmade in the USA by experts who understand quality, uniformity, and quality control. Each Otis Moonshadow futon mattress is made to last and comes with a ten-year warranty, ensuring durability and lasting comfort.

Clean and Structured Design

The Otis Moonshadow futon mattress has expertly-tailored box edges that give it a clean, structured, and mattress like look. It adds aesthetic value and a clean feel to every space it goes into.

The full-size cost from $599. Here is what a verified client wrote about this futon;

"Love this mattress. Our first guest's comment was, 'this is the most comfortable Futon mattress I have ever slept on.' We love it as a comfortable sitting area in our study/guestroom. I highly recommend this product and would purchase again," wrote Darlene.

Classic Brands Classic 8-inch Futon Mattress

This futon has independently-encased innerspring coils that make it famous for its durability. It has a 4.5-star rating from 1,493 global ratings, with seventy percent giving it a five star. Here is why the Classic Brands classic 8-inch futon mattress is one of the best;


It contains high-quality memory foam layering between the coils and cover, leading to ultimate comfort. It has gel memory foam as its comfort layer material, providing added structure and support for restful sleep.

room futon mattress

Easy to Clean

The Classic Brands Classic 8-inch futon mattress has an easy-to-clean sturdy polyester cover. Dab a clean cloth into the water and mild detergent to make it damp before wiping over the surface to clean. Cleaning lets you provide your guests with clean and hygienic sleeping surfaces for quality sleep.


This futon mattress has a singly-wrapped coil innerspring system that makes it durable. In addition, it builds its resistance to wear and tear, maintaining its newness for a long time.


The Classic Brands Classic 8-inch futon mattress is easy to fold and store. Besides providing space-saving solutions, this futon is convenient since it takes its original shape when spread out. In addition, you can use this futon on bed frames and enjoy a restful night's sleep.

Here is what a verified client wrote about it on Amazon;

"This mattress literally saved my girlfriend's and my back. We were put in a position where we were forced to use this mattress as a permanent sleeper and couch. We found a decent frame, and we make it a couch every morning. We make it a bed every morning, and we sleep on it. So, we have put this mattress through its courses over the last eight months or so, granted we keep a sheet on it at all times. But either way, we have zero problems so far. It is extremely comfortable compared to every other futon mattress I have ever slept on. It hasn't changed at all since we bought it. It is still the same firmness and comfort as the day we bought it. I highly recommend it," wrote Brandon.


Some typical features of the best mattress for a futon include portability, contouring support, comfort, and durability. However, some, like the Milliard Memory foam futon mattress, have a removable and washable cover for hygienic sleeping. Still, consider factors like pricing, warranty, and return policies before purchasing a futon mattress.