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The Best Mattress Under $500 (TOP MODELS REVIEWED)

The Best Mattress Under $500 (TOP MODELS REVIEWED)

While quality sleep is vital, we do not often have thousands of dollars for mattress purchases. Buying expensive mattresses does not always equate to the best quality and high value. Still, there are various options for mattresses under $500 that you can get for a steal.

The best mattresses under $500 include the Lucid 10-inch Latex Hybrid and Allswell mattresses. Most have plush firmness, offer pressure relief, and are hypoallergenic, breathable, and durable.

We have reviewed various mattresses under $500 while considering factors like level of firmness, pressure relief, and breathability. Here are the best mattresses under $500 per category.

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Best Overall- Siena Memory Foam Mattress

The Siena memory foam mattress is a multi-award-winning mattress with a 4.4-star rating from three hundred and thirty-one reviews. With a 5-star rating from about seventy-five percent of the reviewers, the Siena has revolutionized quality sleep on a budget.

Here are the features of the Siena Memory foam mattress;

Excellent Support

The Siena memory foam mattress is a medium-firm level of firmness, rating 6.5. It is a five-layered ten-inch mattress that provides contouring support, comfort, and body conformity for most sleepers.

The responsive memory foam layer contours your body and promotes spinal alignment, pressure point relief, relaxation, and restful sleep. Besides, the motion-reducing foam inhibits motion transfer, allowing co-sleepers undisturbed sleep.


It has an anti-slip lower cover to prevent accidental mattress shifting. This feature also prevents sagging, leading to longevity, ultra-comfort, and restful sleep.


The top layer of the Siena memory foam mattress is soft and breathable to promote cooling and comfort during sleep. The polyfoam middle layer also promotes the breathability of the mattress, thanks to the ripple feature.

CertiPUR-US Certified

The Siena memory foam is certified for performance, durability, zero harmful emissions, and standards for materials. It contains no toxic substances like mercury and phthalates, making it safe for the environment and the consumer.

10-year Warranty

Siena is committed to repairing or replacing your mattress if it has a fault within the first ten years. Besides, they offer a 180-day free trial period with ease of return if you do not love it.

Siena has various beautiful mattresses under $500, including the Queen Siena memory foam mattress, which currently goes for $499. Here is what a client wrote about it on the Siena website;

"This may be the best purchase ever. Very comfortable, and the adjustable frame was worth the extra money. I am getting some great sleep now," wrote Ty Y.

Best Hybrid Mattress- Lucid 10" Latex Hybrid Mattress

The Lucid 10-inch latex hybrid mattress has a 4.5-star rating from over 5,076 global reviews. Here are reasons why it is one of the best mattresses under $500;


The Lucid 10-inch latex hybrid mattress contains a blend of plush memory foam and latex. The memory foam used promotes softness and comfort, leading to quality sleep.


The latex has a cooling feature that promotes the breathability of the mattress and allows sleepers cool nights. In addition, the steel coils improve the breathability of the mattress by increasing airflow. The latex wicks moisture, making it ideal for hot sleepers and night sweaters.

Excellent Support And Pressure Relief

The composition of latex and memory foam promotes excellent support and body conformity. It aligns one's spine during sleep, leading to pressure point relief, including lower back pain relief.

The mattress also contains high-quality steel coils, each measuring 5.5-inch high. These promote motion isolation, reducing motion transfer. They also accommodate most sleepers and ensure body conformity by cushioning every joint and bend, leading to restful sleep.

Hypoallergenic And Durable

The Lucid 10-inch latex hybrid mattress is hypoallergenic, thanks to the latex layer. It inhibits allergens like dust mites and molds, making it ideal for sensitive sleepers.

In addition, its hypoallergenic nature prevents it from being destroyed by dust mites and molds. Such promotes its durability as it maintains its newness and overall quality for long, giving you a high value for money.

No Off-Gassing

Most sleepers dislike it when they unwrap the mattress and are met with a pungent smell. Sadly, this smell usually lingers for up to two days. Besides, it could trigger breathing issues or allergies in people sensitive to strong scents.

However, clients have reported that there is no off-gassing with this mattress. It also means that the mattress contains no harmful chemicals, making it safe for sleepers and the environment.

Lucid offers a one hundred-night risk-free trial for sleepers. Such awards you the eligibility to return and get full refunds if you dislike it.

Here is what a verified client had to say about it on Amazon;

"After several nights of sleeping on this mattress, I find that it is superior to our old one in many ways. I love the edge support that holds you on the bed while the center parts compress more and cushions you in. The latex is more breathable, so I get less of the sweaty back feeling, though I am a hot sleeper….I like that it does not transfer motion to my wife and wake her when I come to bed later…My wife is now able to sleep on her belly, which she had not been able to before from the memory foam conforming too slowly," wrote Necrotic on Amazon.

Best For Side-Sleepers- Allswell Mattress

The Allswell is a charcoal and copper gel-infused, the best mattress under $500 for side sleepers. It has a 4.4-star overall rating from 3,690 reviews, with 2,571 awarding it a 5-star rating.

The Allswell charcoal and copper gel-infused mattress costs $449 on the Allswell website. Here are our favorite features of the Allswell mattress;

Very Supportive

Its firmness level ranges between 4.5 to 6.5, making it just right for side sleepers. Besides, it contours your body and aligns your spine, promoting spinal alignment and pressure relief. Such reduces lower back pain and joint pain, leading to restful nights.

Most clients struggle with finding mattresses that offer contouring support without being uncomfortably firm. Luckily, Allswell mattress clients report having firm but not hard surfaces. Such promotes comfortable and restful nights, leading to quality sleep.

Minimal Motion Transfer

The Allswell mattress has singly-wrapped coils which reduce motion transfer, making it ideal for co-sleepers. It allows you the ease of going to bed and leaving at any time without costing the sleep quality of your co-sleeper.

The mattress also has edge support around its perimeter, allowing you a comfortable sleep at any point.

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The Allswell mattress has a copper gel layer and cooling graphite with heat-dissipating properties. These absorb and dissipate heat and moisture from your body, improving breathability and promoting cool sleep. It eliminates the discomfort of excessive heat and wet sleeping grounds, making it ideal for hot sleepers and night sweaters.

10-Year Warranty

Allswell offers a ten-year warranty for mattress purchases per household, which covers the defects in material and craft. They also offer free shipping and returns for orders above $35.

Besides, they offer a 100-night free trial for all mattress purchases. This offer gives you enough time to try the mattress and determine whether or not it fits your needs. You could return the mattress for a full refund if the mattress is unsuitable.

Here is what a client wrote about it on the Allswell website;

"This is our family's second Allswell mattress. I have done a deep dive on hybrid mattresses and actually own a few other brands BUT I have to say that overall, Allswell hybrid is definitely the most comfortable- firm but not hard- doesn't lump up. AND this is without regard for the price. The fact that it is the most inexpensive of the hybrid mattress we have purchased makes this easily the best hybrid mattress we have purchased," wrote Shannon.


Getting a good mattress under 500 can be limiting. However, various options require you to have a checklist beforehand. These include durability, comfort, allergen resistance, support, pressure point relief, and cooling. Most are either memory foam or hybrid mattresses.