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How to Pick Pillowcase for People Struggling with Rosacea

How to Pick Pillowcase for People Struggling with Rosacea

Rosacea is a common skin condition when redness and blood cells are visible in your face. Sometimes it looks like small, reddish, pus-filled bumps, but other times it looks like acne. 

It lasts for weeks to a few months and may subside for a little while. 

Middle-aged and light skin women are usually affected, but it can affect males and anyone else. There is no cure for rosacea, but having the correct treatment and approach can reduce the symptoms. Here are some visible signs to watch for.

  • Stinging or burning of facial skin.
  • The face has patches of rough and dry skin that are tender or itchy.
  • Facial redness and swelling in the center part of your face, because of the visible small blood vessels on the nose and cheeks.
  • Red swollen bumps that look like acne but contain pus. Skin feels sensitive, hot, and tender.
  • The eye area and eyelids are dry, irritated, and swollen eyes caused by broken blood vessels.
  • Enlarged and Bulbous nose due to thickening of the skin in the nose.

Here are the top picks in my opinion:

Top Picks


SMILIE Superior Anti-Acne Pillowcase with Silver Infused Technology, Acne Fighting Pillow Case to Clean Skin with Ultra Soft and Breathable Bamboo Fabrics(1 Anti-Acne Pillowcase) (2) Standard

Noble Formula Silver
Acne Fighting Pillowcase

Material Bamboo fabric, pure silver fiber
Color White


Acne Pillow Case with Silver Technology

Acne Pillow Case
with Silver Technology

Brand Newmeil
Material Cotton
Color White

No Known Cause but Triggers to Flare-Ups

There is no study to prove what causes rosacea.  It could run in your genes, or might be some problems in the blood vessels in your face.  It's best to stay away from prolonged sun exposure because the rosacea will look wider if there is sun damage. 

  • Spice and hot food or drinks
  • Alcoholic beverages, especially red wine
  • Extreme temperatures of cold or hot
  • Medicines that dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure
  • Cosmetic products
  • Sensitivity to mites that irritate your skin.
  • Bacteria in the digestive tract or gut causes gastrin, an increased digestive hormone that makes your skin look flush.

Treatment  for Rosacea

Doctors will likely prescribe antibiotics to kill the bacteria on the skin and do a follow-up with gels and creams to tighten blood vessels and lessen the redness. 

Your other options would be facial treatments such as dermabrasions to sand off the top layer of the skin,  laser to get rid of blood vessels that have become bigger, or electrocautery to zap the damaged blood vessels. 

Best Pillowcase Materials for Rosacea

Meanwhile, you have to wait for all the medications to kick in and endure the sensitive part of sleeping with rosacea.  Getting the correct pillowcase that you will lie in for the next 6-9 hours of sleep is crucial in your rosacea treatment.  Below is a list of fabrics with a comfortable surface to the sensitive rash of your face. 

1. Cotton

Cotton Pillowcases are absorbent and draw moisture away from the skin. It is a natural product and can insulate, control oil or residue, and give comfort during skin contact. It is a durable fabric, hypoallergenic, and weatherproof.

Cotton is like a towel that is absorbent and removes liquid from the skin.

It is breathable and allows the skin to feel fresh and cool, which is beneficial for someone with a sensitive rash from rosacea. The hypoallergenic material prevents allergies that can trigger a worse reaction from the rash area of the face. 

2. Microfiber

Microfiber is a synthetic fabric made of polyester and polyamide.

These two fibers function differently, where polyester provides structure to the cloth, while polyamide absorbs and adds denseness. It is very thin, soft, and absorbent, with fine fiber strands that prevent rubbing on the skin and cause any irritation.

Microfiber is a durable fabric that has many uses and works better in absorption than cotton. If you have bumpy and pus-like rosacea, the microfiber will absorb any facial moisture. 

The strands of the fiber are thin and will not scratch the sensitive rosacea skin upon contact.

3. Tencel

Tencel is a type of rayon fabric but uses lyocell and modal fibers that are breathable fabrics and hygienic material.

Tencel material keeps the absorption of any liquid in the skin 50% higher than cotton fabric. It has a cellulosic fiber that gives a barely-there feel when you use it.

If your rosacea has dryness and flakiness in your skin, the Tencel fabric has a natural comfort that is soft and soothing to the skin. The lasting soft feel to the skin is perfect for the rosacea condition as it is a breathable fabric and helps the skin heal naturally. The breathable component keeps the skin cool and dry at all times, making the rosacea easier to bear.

4. Silk Pillowcase

Silk Pillowcases are gentle on the skin. It is a natural fiber from the silkworm's pupal stage that produces the expensive silk thread.

The smooth and tightly-woven fibers keep the skin's moisture and have a prolonged hydrating effect on the face. 

The silk material reduces friction and minimizes chafing when you change position and move your face. Silk material helps a person suffering from dry, flaky, and sensitive skin. Another bonus is the antimicrobial properties of special European silk that doesn't have the silkworm's protein called sericin. 

5. Antimicrobial Fabric

The antimicrobial cloth is an additional shield for the skin and creates a specialized fabric coated with antimicrobial agents to prevent any infectious skin diseases and atopic dermatitis. 

Most of the antimicrobial cloth uses silver ions as the active agent.  The silver-coated yarns effectively treat atopic dermatitis and maintain a healthy skin microflora.

The antimicrobial cloth is helpful if you have rosacea to contain the condition and prevent it from getting worse.  Lying down on antimicrobial fabric woven with silvery yarns reduces further irritation to the skin.

For someone suffering from rosacea, the worse thing that can happen is to take any chance of infection or disturbance in the surface of the rosacea area.

Top 6 Pillowcases for Rosacea

Having rosacea is not easy to deal with, especially if it's in a prolonged period.  I've put together six choices that will help ease rosacea skin irritation and unease.  Each pillowcase is different because of the material used. 

But all five materials are chosen here promote a soothing effect on the skin, and each has its positive points while you deal with the flare-up and rashes of rosacea.  We hope this proves helpful to you as you try one of two materials out.

1. Newmeil Acne Pillowcase

Newmeil Acne Pillowcase

Product Features: 

  • Size:  Standard Pillowcase
  • Material: Cotton
  • Package: 1 piece/pack

My Review:

The Newmeil Acne Pillowcase with Silver Technology is a powerful agent against inflammation in the skin. It has 95% soft, A-grade renewable fabric using 5% silver thread. Silver is a natural and powerful agent against acne and other skin infections. It doesn't wash away or weakens by fading after time.

For someone who has rosacea, you will love the comfy, breathable, and soothing material when you lie down on this pillowcase.

The presence of silver threads gives you a sense of assurance that you are laying down on a material that will start the healing process. You know that the material will not aggravate your rashes while you sleep on silver threads that repair the skin while you sleep at night. 

I've had my pillowcase for a while and done the washing and drying many times. The material has maintained its soft cotton texture. It was a relief lying on it because I didn't feel the prickling or itching sensation making me sleep at ease. 

I can't say it's healed my condition, but it didn't worsen. While I took my medication and applied my facial creams, I noticed an improvement. It gave me comfort knowing the silver threads prevented any bacterial build-up while I had my facial rashes.

Key Features:

  • The 5% silver thread acts as an antibacterial agent to lessen any irritation to the sensitive rosacea area.
  • The woven silver threads do not wash out or fade in time and allow you to enjoy the benefits of natural protection from irritants to the face.
  • The silver threads prevent inflammation while the cotton fabric soothes the sensitive rash of the face.

2. NEWMEIL Formula Silver Acne Fighting Pillowcase

NEWMEIL Silver Fiber Infused Acne Fighting Pillowcase with Pure Silver Technology, Pillowcase to Maintain Cleaner Skin While You Sleep, 1 Standard Pillowcase (19.7''×30'') (2 Standard Pillowcases)

Product Features: 

  • Size:  Standard Size
  • Material:  Polyester Microfiber
  • Package: 1 piece/pack

My Review:

The NEWMEIL Formula Silver Pillowcase has a material of 90 gsm polyester microfiber with PurThread Silver technology.

The Kleen Silver technology from PurThread has antimicrobial properties and protects from fungus, mold, mildew, and bacteria. The recycled silver salts weaved into the microfiber interrupt the bacteria from forming bonds to survive. 

Someone with rosacea skin conditions will benefit from using this product because it assists those with skin conditions. While the microfiber works to absorb the oils coming from the rash bumps, the silver will begin its protection puss. Sleeping on this material is laying your skin on a fabric that will do its best to repair your skin by preventing inflammation or irritation.

I noticed when I slept on the microfiber cloth there was a cooler surface feel. It was calming and soothing for my rosacea rash that was dry and itchy. I cannot say for sure that the pillowcase healed my rash as I continued my topical creams, but I did notice that it started to subside after I used it for a few weeks. It looked calmer and less reddish after a month of using this pillowcase.

Key Features:

  • The microfiber material is a super soft, thin, and light fabric that is soothing for the dry and itchy rosacea rash.
  • The Kleen silver technology of PurThread has antimicrobial properties that prevent any irritation of rosacea from getting worse.
  • The silver yarn prevents inflammation and allows the skin to heal faster.

3. Oubonun Tencel Pillowcase

Oubonun Tencel Pillowcase

Product Features: 

  • Size:  Standard Pillowcase
  • Material: Tencel Fiber
  • Package: Set of 2 pieces/ package

My Review:

Oubonun Tencel Pillowcase is an organic and biodegradable fabric that is eco-friendly. The material is a breathable and temperature-balancing cloth, which will keep your skin comfortable through the seasons. During the summer, the Tencel cloth gives a cooler and moisture-free feel when you lay down. But during the winter you will feel warm and cozy.

While you have rosacea rash, the Tencel material makes it easier to manage because of the temperature-balancing fabric. The hypoallergenic natural and organic material ensures your skin is not irritated with any allergies that will cause your skin to flare up. The material is soft as silk, comfortable like cotton, and durable like polyester. 

I noticed how soft the material was on my battered rosacea rash, and it felt heavenly. I used this during the summer and noticed that while it says that it cools your skin, the experience is it did not make me sweat or feel uncomfortable.

I like knowing that I am doing my part for the environment by using an environmental-friendly product that is natural and organic. 

Key Features:

  • The Tencel fabric offers a temperature-balancing surface where the cloth will feel cool during the summer months, and warm during winter.
  • Tencel cloth feels as soft as silk and is made with organic and natural products that are good for sensitive skin.
  • It is a hypoallergenic fabric that will prevent any allergic reaction to your already affected rosacea rash.

4. Whisper Organics Pillow Cases

Whisper Organics Pillow Cases

Product Features: 

  • Size:  Standard Pillowcase
  • Material: Certified Organic Cotton
  • Package: Set of 2 pieces/package

My Review:

Whisper Organics Pilow Cases made from 100% Organic Cotton 300 thread count sateen weave gives a silky feel.

It is non-toxic and chemical-free with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification, with no dyes, bleach, or chemicals added to the natural color. The fabric gets softer as you wash it, but it does not shrink or deform in shape. 

When your rosacea rash is itchy and dry, you'll appreciate the breathable fabric that will feel cool to touch and not stick to the surface of the skin. It has a natural hypoallergenic quality that prevents any allergen that causes a build-up of rashes. It helps that the cloth has no harsh chemicals like pesticides or insecticides is an irritant to sensitive skin.

I like the cloth of this pillowcase that turns softer after how many washes. I did not experience any scratching tenderness on my cheeks when I laid my head on the pillow, and that's a relief for my rosacea rash. I thought it would thin out and deform, but it maintained its original thickness and quality, proving its durability after many uses. 

Key Features:

  • The organic and chemical-free cotton fabric ensures a breathable surface that gives it a calming effect on the skin rash.
  • The hypoallergenic quality of cotton prevents any chance of irritation from allergens that can cause inflammation.
  • Cotton is always cool to touch and soothing fabric for a raging rash or allergy.

5. Leisureweek Premium Queen Pillowcase

Leisureweek Premium Queen Pillowcase

Product Features: 

  • Size:  Queen Standard
  • Material: Microfiber Double Brushed
  • Package: Set of 4 pieces/package

My Review:

Leisureweek Premium Queen is made of ultra-soft and comfortable 100% microfiber cloth. This fabric is higher than the cotton blend with a 1,800 thread count. It has a double brushed surface and is hypoallergenic. 

For someone that has rosacea, sleeping on a soft microfiber pillow gives less friction on skin contact. You protect the inflamed skin from the other allergens because of the cloth's hypoallergenic feature. It will absorb the skin's moisture if the pus-like bumps suddenly erupt.

I like that the softness of the material on my face as the rosacea is extra sensitive. I noticed that as I continued to apply the soothing creams, the redness was much less after two weeks of using this pillowcase. I'm aware it is hypoallergenic, and I think my skin was given a reprieve from the allergens and calmed down my skin from being inflamed.

Key Features:

  • Leisureweek pillowcase has a soft feel that allows a tender touch to the face without aggravating the rashes.
  • The hypoallergenic material prevents inflammation from the allergens that settle on the surface of the cloth.
  • The microfiber's 1,800 thread count is greater than a cotton blend and gives a pleasantly soft feel to the skin.

6.  YANIBEST Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin

YANIBEST Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin

Product Features: 

  • Size:  Queen 20"x30"
  • Material: Charmeuse Silk
  • Package: 1 piece/package

My Review:

The Yanibest Silk Pillowcase is made from luxurious Charmeuse silk material that is a natural fiber. Silk has 18 amino acids to help nourish dry and sensitive skin. It keeps your skin hydrated as silk material does not absorb any moisture. The soft and silky surface reduces any friction for sensitive skin.

Silk is a soft and silky material that many people suffering from rosacea tried and are happy to use repeatedly. Its hypoallergenic quality prevents irritants that will cause inflammation and aggravate the condition of the skin. Its soft surface prevents any chafing that is a welcome relief for the dry and itchy skin caused by rosacea.

I like sleeping on the soft and silks pillowcase since my rosacea has become dry and itchy. But I had to handle the washing of this material with care, like using cold water during hand wash instead of the usual washing machine. I could not toss it in the dryer nor wring to dry, but pat with a towel to absorb the excess water. 

Key Features:

  • The soft and silky surface gives comfort to dry and irritated skin with less incidence of chaffing.
  • Silk's natural amino acids aid in the repair and restoration of the skin's nutrients.
  • The hypoallergenic quality of silk prevents other allergens from irritating the skin.


The above pillowcase has its advantages that would help you with Rosacea. For rosacea conditions in the rash and sensitive stage, you should use the Yannibest Silk Pillowcase. If you have a bumpy pus-like skin condition, you should use the cotton material of Newmeil Pillowcase and Whisper Organics pillowcase.

Having a rosacea skin condition requires extra care to ensure your skin is pampered with the softest surface minus the rubbing.

Since sleep takes an average of 6-8 hours of laying down on the bed, you have to choose your pillowcase carefully. You will see the improvement after a few weeks because you have allowed your skin to relax and recuperate.