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5 Best Pillowcases For Wet Hair [Tested Nightly]

Do you like to shower before going to bed? You love the feeling of being clean while snuggling your soft, cuddly blanket and fresh-smelling sheets, which helps to lull you to a peaceful slumber.

Besides, showering before going to bed maintains your bedding cleaner for a longer period.

If you have the habit of showering before sleeping, (since this is how you get the best night's sleep) you need to look for pillows and pillowcases that can work with wet hair.

A pillow cover can be a better alternative than a towel, which gets hot and wrinkly under your head. People with allergies may find relief and get a night of deep sleep if they get a nice shower or wash their hair.

Having a pillowcase that is suitable for wet hair can make it more comfortable to sleep, especially when you wear curlers. It must be made from materials that can easily glide across it and does not cause snagging while you are asleep.

Also, look for a pillowcase that comes with the right construction and provide benefits for the skin.

So, if you want to sleep with wet hair, then here are some tips you can do so that you wake up the next day with manageable hair.

Let's start with my top picks, then reviews of 5 pillowcases that might work for you, and finally a buying guide.

Top Picks


YANIBEST Silk Pillowcase

Silk Pillowcase

Colors 30
Material Silk
Pattern Solid


ALASKA BEAR Silk Pillowcase

Silk Pillowcase

Colors 29
Material Mulberry Silk
Pattern Solid

Top 5 Silk Pillowcases For Wet Hair

YANIBEST Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin

YANIBEST Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin

This gorgeous silk pillowcase helps you get the best quality sleep.

Thanks to her luxuriously soft and stylish silk that is made from 21 momme that is specifically chosen for its weight and feel. It is available in different colors and sizes to match the decor of your room.

Sleeping on this pillowcase has many amazing health and beauty benefits that are recommended by leading experts and hair professionals.

Silk contains 18 amino acids that help to nourish the skin while you are asleep. It does not absorb too much moisture from your skin and hair, preventing your skin from drying out.

When you wake up after sleeping in a silk pillowcase, you'll feel that your skin is hydrated, which is suitable for people with dry, flaky skin.

On the other hand, silk contains protein needed by hair follicles to create a nourished sleeping surface for all types of hair.

This luxurious fabric can help in keeping the hair soft, moisturized, and tangle-free. Forget about friction just like in a traditional cotton pillowcase because with a silk pillowcase your hair will glide instantly, perfect for those with wavy hair to prevent frizz factor.

Lastly, it comes with durable and excellent craftsmanship to ensure that only the best will be delivered at your doorsteps. It has also an invisible zipper design to hold the pillow perfectly in place.

For care instruction, it works best when the iron is damped to minimize the effects of iron's heat. It is recommended to iron right after an easy wash or it will crease heavily.


  • Made from durable and excellent materials
  • Comes with an invisible zipper design
  • Available in different colors and sizes


  • None: This is my favorite pillowcase!

ALASKA BEAR Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin

ALASKA BEAR Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin

If you sleep with a wet head, then you need to look for a product that can manage bushy locks.

This pillowcase from Alaska Bear uses 100% Mulberry Silk, providing tons of amazing benefits.

This pillowcase is made from 100% 19 momme mulberry silk with a 600 thread count to ensure you that you will be sleeping in a smooth, strong, hypoallergenic, and breathable fiber every night.

Even experts recommend the use of natural silk pillowcases to provide coolness and breathability, ideal for preventing wrinkles, dry skin, and even frizzled hair.

If you observe the pillowcase, it comes with a hidden zipper for increased comfort, style, and better fit. The pillowcase uses only chemical-free materials, which are naturally dyed and do not shade or fade over time.

When washing these silk pillowcases, here are some tips you should keep in mind if you want to keep the quality of the fabric:

  • Using cold water and mild liquid detergent, hand wash the silk pillowcase to keep the silky-softness of the fabric.
  • Do not soak dark-colored silk for more than five minutes. Wash them separately and use mild detergents formulated for silk.
  • Do not tumble dry. The heat will change the silk losing its natural sheen and softness.
  • If you use iron, make sure to set it at a low setting without steam and iron.
  • Remove your makeup and mascara before going to bed.


  • Made from 100% Pure Mulberry Silk
  • Comes with a hidden zipper for style, comfort, and better fit
  • Chemical-free


Jocoku 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcases Set of 2 for Hair and Skin and Super Soft and Breathable Standard Size Nature Silk Pillowcases (Standard, Gray)


  • They do not stay wrinkle-free

Jocoku Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin

Jocoku luxury silk is made from 100% pure natural mulberry silk, 25 momme with 600 thread count.

This silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids that are said to be effective in stimulating skin cell's metabolism. Silk does not absorb moisture, making it suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Since it is made from silk, it creates less friction to your hair, which helps in reducing hair breakage than sleeping on the traditional cotton pillowcase. It does not absorb moisture to retain the shiness of your hair.

This casing prevents hair from becoming tangled and matted, perfect for preventing dry and frizzled hair. It comes with a hidden zipper closure design, making your pillows stay in place without slipping it.

Constructed from top-quality workmanship and an eco-friendly variety of colors, these colors will not fade immediately and they are durable.

Natural silk contains hydrophilic side amino acid that can absorb moisture from the air and dissipate it while keeping the pillow dry and comfortable.

Sleeping on mulberry silk helps you feel cool during the summer and warm in winter. With all these amazing features, it makes a great gift for anyone who loves deep, restorative sleep.


  • Zipper closure keeps the pillow secure
  • Lots of colors and sizes available
  • Uses organic ingredients that are free from allergens


  • Some users find it a bit thinner

ShopBedding Luxury Satin Pillowcase for Hair

ShopBedding Luxury Satin Pillowcase for Hair

If you are looking for a better alternative to silk, then satin is the runner up. Satin is a fabric that is made from synthetic silk-like polyester.

This pillowcase is constructed from 100% woven polyester, giving you a smooth finish and high-quality product, even after an extensive wash and wears.

You'll know it is of good quality if it looks like natural silk that provides the same benefits as well.

Just like silk, a satin weave will no create friction against your hair and face even if you toss and turn while you sleep. They are silky and soft that reduces facial creases and wrinkles.

Besides, these pillowcases can keep your hair from harm, preventing breakage, tangling, and snagging. You will wake up the next day with healthy skin and beautiful hair.

Furthermore, this pillowcase is available from soft to dark tones so that it can match your room decor.

The pillowcase is designed with a hidden zipper function, ensuring your pillow will stay securely in its place even you move a lot. The zipper is also dyed to match your chosen color of the pillowcase.

The best thing about this brand is they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with the pillowcase, you may contact their customer support team for assistance.


  • The zipper is dyed to match the color of the pillowcase
  • Features hidden zipper function
  • Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee
  • Very affordable


  • Not as soft as silk yet made from good quality fabrics

ZIMASILK 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

ZIMASILK 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

If you prefer the natural product to keep your hair tamed while you sleep, then this pillowcase from ZIMASILK is a good option.

This pillowcase from ZIMASILK is made from 100% 6A Mulberry Silk, having 19 Momme on both sides and 600 thread count.

Dermatologists and experts in the field recommend these pillowcases for hair and skin, because of their skin-friendly and moisture-wicking feature. This helps in giving you a cool feeling during the summer and warmth in the winter.

Furthermore, it has the most natural anti-aging product that is hypoallergenic, breathable, soft, and comfortable. This can help prevent hair from becoming tangled and knotted, reducing hair fall and damaged hair.

Also, it comes with a durable zipper closure at the side so that the pillow will not slip out from the pillowcase even when you move a lot at night.

For care and washing tips: hand washing is highly recommended while machine washing must follow a set of settings, wherein it needs to be set at a gentle cycle in a mesh bag with lukewarm water.

And then, hang dry and use a cool iron to dry the pillowcase completely.

It comes in different colors (from plain to printed) and sizes, where it offers toddler up to body-sized pillowcase. For the sizes, it comes with 8 different sizes ranging from toddler to king-size.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an ideal gift, this pillowcase is available in a gift box already that is good for yourself, family, and friends. It is a perfect present for birthdays, Christmas, and other occasions.


  • It is breathable and can absorb moisture and body sweats
  • Comes in different tones and sizes
  • Washable and can be machine washed


  • Material can stain
  • Should be washed by hand using mild detergent

How To Sleep On Wet Hair?

Sleeping on wet hair is a gamble. It is either you wake up with voluminous hair or a flat, mishappen mess.

Depending on how much you need to take a shower at night due to post-workout sesh, we have a few solutions on how to sleep with wet hair.

Partially dry your hair

Even you just take a bath, try not to sleep with dripping wet hair, and by the way, who wants to roll over into a soaking wet pillow?

Make sure to dry your hair until it is damp either you blow-dry or dry it naturally. This helps you not to wake up with awkward partially wet hair, and you get the chance to do some styling in the morning.

Use a leave-in conditioner or detangler

The biggest concern when sleeping with wet hair is the frizz factor. Hence, you may use a leave-in conditioner or detangling spray to smooth down your hair while maintaining extra shine.

After showering, apply the leave-in condition or detangler on your hair evenly and comb through for equal application. If you using a leave-in conditioner overnight, you may skip the regular conditioner in the shower.

If you are afraid that using a leave-in conditioner will result in greasy hair, I suggest you use Living Proof No Frizz Styling Spray that can be used to manage straight, wavy, and even dyed hair.

French Braid it

Braiding wet hair might be your last resort if you want to sleep on with wet hair.

However, this sometimes leaves the hair half-crimped and poofy the next day you wake up. The best way to avoid this from happening is to do a French braid starting at the top of your hair.

In this way, your waves will be evenly distributed throughout your mane. Make sure to create French braids that are somehow loose, so it can create some beachy waves in the morning than small-spaced crimps.

Topknot Scrunchie

Hair ties are both damaging to your scalp and hair, therefore, you must avoid sleeping in a tight topknot or ponytail.

A great way to achieve voluminous tresses is to pile your damp hair on the top of your head and then secure it with a scrunchie.

Thankfully, a scrunchie will not create any dents in your hair and just tie it loose enough to dry your hair overnight.

Apply coconut to hair

Coconut oil has been said to protect wet hair from breakage. The hair cuticle is made from flaps similar to the shingles of a roof.

When wet, your hair soaks up water and swells, causing these flaps to stand out, making it vulnerable to breakage and damages.

Therefore, applying coconut oil reduces the amount of water absorbed, so less will be prone to damage.

Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

Last but not the least, invest in a silk pillowcase.

Believe it or not, the traditional silk pillowcase can rob moisture throughout the night that causes the strands of your hair to coil around each other and tangled.

Silk pillowcases do not absorb much hair moisture and the slippery surface keeps the strands separated.

Make sure you have to handwash your silk pillowcase or else check with the manufacturer about the care label instruction of the pillowcase.

Later on, you'll get to know the best pillowcases to sleep on with wet hair. Before that, here are the risks of sleeping with wet hair.

Risks Of Sleeping With Wet Hair

You've always been told by your mom that you'll get sick if you sleep on with wet hair. Well, the risks are minimal, but there are some you should be aware of if you are planning to hit the hay with sopping hair every night.

Getting sick

Catching a cold seems to be the most concerning reason why you should not sleep with wet hair. Thanks to our folklore and protective grandmothers that keep us nagging about this.

Though they are usually right in general, experts said that the common cold does not have to do with you being cold. Instead, you are being infected with one of over 200 cold-causing viruses, usually rhinovirus.

The virus enters the body through your nose, eyes, and mouth, which is usually spread through droplets in the air with an infected person who sneezes, coughs, or speaks.

You may also catch it by touching a contaminated surface or hand-to-hand contact with an infected person.

In the US, colds are common during colder months because of the start of the school year and usually, people spend more time indoors, in close to one another.

Fungal infections

Though sleeping with wet hair does not give you a cold, it can increase the risk of developing scalp fungal infection.

Fungus like Malassezia can cause conditions, such as dandruff or dermatitis. That is why some experts recommend sleeping with wet hair as possible.

Along with the fungus that is naturally present on your scalp, pillows are also a breeding place for fungus. It thrives in a warm environment, thus a wet pillowcase and pillow are the suitable breeding ground for them.

Hair breakage

Sleeping with wet hair can affect the hair itself. Along with the inevitability of waking up with some serious kinked, bedhead, this can also lead to damaged hair.

Your hair is at its weakest point when it's wet. The main risk is breakage of hair, especially when you toss and turn it while sleeping.

This will worsen if the hair is braided or in a tight topknot, adding more tension to the hair shaft. If you cannot avoid sleeping with wet hair, then it is best to leave it down.

Otherwise, you may invest in good quality silk pillowcases to address your concern.


Going to sleep with wet hair can be bad for you, and can also affect your hair that can result in a tangly and funky mane.

If you cannot avoid sleeping with wet hair, then minimize the potentially damaging risks by investing in a good silk pillowcase.

My favorites are: