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Best Sheets for Adjustable Beds (RATED + REVIEWED)

Best Sheets for Adjustable Beds (RATED + REVIEWED)

Sleep is an integral part of human life that calls for quality, consideration, and fulfilment. While it may be easy to find king-sized bedsheets, they do not always make the cut in adjustable beds.

Adjustable beds require sheets that are crafted to have a seamless fitting to all sides of their mattresses. Determining the design of your adjustable bed will lead you to pick the apt fabric, thread count, plus structure.

As technology progresses, so is the human need for better things. Gone are the days when people had to settle on any covering for their beds. Despite options existing, the chase for comfort is never-ending as long as companies up their game.

If you are shopping for delightful sheets for adjustable beds, here are rated+reviewed options that should be on your radar:

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1500 Supreme Collection Extra Soft Split King Sheet Set

At only $29.99, these are the most inexpensive split-king sheets of such great quality. This extra soft goodness made using microfiber fabric has a silky and lightweight feel to it. Sleeping on this will give you a luxurious sensation, better than what cotton or even bamboo delivers.

With over 113,000 reviews with a rating of 4.6, this set has been a staple to many. It comes as a luxury quality split king set where you get five pieces, all-inclusive. These are;

  • One flat sheet with dimensions of 108" * 102".
  • Two fitted sheets whose dimensions are 80" * 39".
  • Two pillowcases with triple-stripe detailing whose dimensions are 20" * 40".

The 1500 Supreme collection extra soft split king set also has deep pockets suitable for mattresses of 14 inches. Still, these sheets can fit mattresses of up to 16 inches, thanks to the elastic around them.

The set comes in over 40 unique, lively colors to match your aesthetic and mood. In addition, the sheets are wrinkle plus fade-resistant, offering you that ready-to-use feel after cleaning. For best results, machine-wash it in cold water.

Here are reviews from some of the clients;

"…You can't beat those numbers for what you are getting. These sheets are very soft, and I love them. The color (pink) is slightly brighter than I was hoping for, but I can't complain given the price and softness. I think they look great on my bed," said Amanda Nicole.

"The order came fast. Sheets are soft like microfiber and very true to color. I like the pattern a lot. Looks even better in person," wrote Mayos on April 5, 2022.

Pure Egyptian King Size Cotton Bed Sheets

Made using pure Egyptian cotton that has a 1000-thread count, these creations are made for the luxe and comfort-seeking human. At $109.99 for the king 6-piece set, these sheets have a lustrous sateen weave finishing, making it worth every cent.

Apart from the silky feel, this set is deep-pocketed to give you that extra comfort and stretch. The flat sheet is 102" * 108", the deep-fitted king-size sheets are 78" * 80" * 15", while the pillowcases are 20" * 40". In addition, the king-size sheets come with an all-round elastic, allowing up to a 15" mattress to fit.

Another great feature of these sheets is that they are anti-pilling and fade-resistant. It adds to their durability since pure Egyptian cotton is known for that. You can machine-wash it and get better quality every time since it softens after washing.

With over 20 colors to pick from, these hypoallergic and breathable bed sheets are worth the investment. They come in different sizes like king size, king 6-piece set, California king, and queen, among others. Get them today on Amazon.

Here is what a customer had to say about these sheets;

"These are lovely sheets, soft and comfortable. They fit the bed perfectly. Vertical elastic at the fitted corners takes up any extra fabric from the deep pocket, while they are very easy to slip over the mattress. Further, they arrived right on time," wrote Leslie White.

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Mellanni Split King Sheet Set for Adjustable Bed

With over 280,000 reviews on Amazon, these best seller adjustable deluxe sheets are made to suit your wildest dreams.

At only $42.97 for the split-king set, these sheets are made with the highest quality fluffy microfiber. In return, you get that durable, silky-soft, and luxurious feel for your everyday bedtime serenity.

In addition to the deep-pocketed fitted sheets, the set comes with two separate cozy sheets to offer independent coziness for couples. You also get two pillows as well as one flat sheet. The sheets fit mattresses of up to 16 inches, which can accommodate most thick ones.

These sheets are resistant to shrinkage, wrinkling, staining, and fading. Yet, our favorite feature is the fact that it offers its clients a lifetime guarantee. In case you are dissatisfied with the product at any point in time, you can return it. Mellanni even allows you to keep the product!

Here is what one customer had to say about them;

"I have had them awhile…no pilling or threadbare patches or unraveling. I had a very expensive set that needed to be ironed after washing. Not my thing. I like these so much I ordered another set of them," wrote a customer on Amazon.

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Royal Collection 1900 Wrinkle-Free Split Queen Sheets

Despite different designs of split adjustable beds existing, manufacturers barely consider the queen-size adjustable ones. However, this 1900 Egyptian cotton-bamboo set took heed and delivered wrinkle-free split queen sheets for your adjustable queen beds.

Made using high-quality fluffy microfiber yarns, these deliver apt temperature control by being warmer during winter and cooler during summer. They are hypoallergenic and offer resistance to mites, making them your pick for all-year use. These are wrinkle and shrinkage free, with zero pilling and fading, offering the ultimate soft spot between durability and comfort.

Additionally, they have deep pockets which fit mattresses of up to 16". The set comes with two fitted sheets of 30" * 80", one queen-size flat sheet, plus two standard-size pillowcases.

Here are some reviews from clients who had purchased and used them;

"The most comfortable sheets I have ever slept on," said Kiddfrommars.

"Very pleased with this product," stated Deano.

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Southshore Fine Living Vilano Pleats

Made from quality polyester microfiber sheets, these are the best pick for tall, adjustable mattresses. They have extra deep-pocketed sheets that accommodate mattresses up to 21 inches long.

At only $39.99 on Amazon, the split-king comes as a 5-piece set. It consists of two extra deep-pocket sheets, one king-flat bed sheet, and two king pillowcases with quality hemming. The sheets are also resistant to shrinkage, fading, and pilling, allowing them to be a worthy investment.

While most sheets are made using 75 to 90 GSM (grams per square meter), these boast 110 GSM. You get quality microfiber sheets that are smoother, softer, and with top-notch durability.

Also, since they are double-brushed, these sheets by Southshore are soft to touch and snug on, breathable, and lightweight. The set comes in different colors to match your mood and aesthetic. Southshore offers a full money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with your purchase.

Here is what a customer had to say about the product;

"We switched from a king bed to a split king adjustable, so we needed new sheets. Most sets run from $90 to $100. We saw the SouthShore sets with deep pockets and gave a set a try (Sky blue). I washed the set, and it came out wrinkle-free and soft. We both agreed the first night; they are some of the softest and most comfortable sheets we have used. With the deep pockets, the sheets stay in place regardless of how much you adjust the foot and head sections of the base…" said S.Sauerbry.

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Several factors come to play when it comes to picking the best sheets for adjustable beds even though fabric quality tops the list, other factors like sizing, pilling and shrinkage resistance, durability, and temperature control count.

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