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What Is The Biggest Mattress Size You Can Buy? [ANSWERED]

What Is The Biggest Mattress Size You Can Buy? [ANSWERED]

You have probably come across the Eastern and California King mattresses. However, do you know these are not the biggest mattress sizes on the market? Well, then, what is the biggest mattress size I can buy?

The Biggest Mattress Size you can buy is said to be the Alaskan King Mattress at 108" by 108". While it is with no doubt the longest mattress, the widest mattress is the Family XL, measuring 144" by 84".

The Family XL has more surface area than the Alaskan King mattress. While the Alaskan King is the biggest mattress available, some companies may offer larger sizes. They offer customized mattresses depending on your needs, preferences, and budget.

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What To Consider Before Buying The Biggest Mattress Size

Buying the perfect mattress can be hectic. It is even more complicated when looking for the market's biggest choice. Besides reviews from other buyers, these are vital factors you should consider;


Before buying your biggest mattress, you want to ask yourself why you need it. The Alaskan King and Family XL mattresses can accommodate a co-sleep family. However, the Alaskan King has more length and is suitable for a family of tall sleepers.

Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position will affect the firmness of your biggest mattress. A soft to medium firmness mattress is ideal for the spinal alignment of side-sleepers. Stomach sleepers prefer a firm mattress, while back and combination sleepers require a mattress with medium firmness.


The biggest mattresses are available in various materials like foam, latex, and hybrid. Still, choosing the best depends on your sleeping and health conditions. Hot sleepers prefer memory foam mattresses due to their cooling abilities.

However, some sleepers may avoid memory foam due to the odor that is especially strong during the first few days. Others may be allergic to latex, so avoiding it is their only choice.

Cost And Durability

The biggest mattresses are costly. Both the Alaskan King and Family XL mattresses cost between $2,000 and $7,000. Therefore, ensure a high-quality mattress that lasts without sagging, wear, or tear.

Note that proper maintenance of your mattress will increase its life. Therefore, we recommend flipping your mattress after some time to allow for even wear. Good cleaning of your mattress or using a mattress protector also increases your mattress's lifespan.

Trial Period And Return Policy

Before buying your biggest mattress, you want to check whether the company offers a trial period. The reason is to allow you time to determine whether the mattress you get checks all your boxes. Feel free to return it and ask for a refund if you do not love it.


Mattresses that take longer to respond to movement may be challenging to move around in. On the other hand, mattresses with quick response periods are springy and may have a little bounce. We recommend buying a mattress with a brief response period, especially for co-sleepers.

Motion Transfer

Co-sleeping in your most oversized mattress can be unbearable if your partner moves a lot in their sleep. We recommend buying a mattress that cancels motion to avoid disrupting your sleep. Memory foam mattresses are an excellent choice for this.

Bedroom Dimensions

The Alaskan King and Family XL mattresses demand more space as they cannot fit in a standard bedroom. Your bedroom should measure about 16 by 16 feet for the Alaskan King mattress and bed to work well,

Tips For Buying The Biggest Mattress

Now you know what to consider before buying a big-size mattress. The next step is to look for the biggest mattress size. Start by looking at the type of mattresses different companies offer.

Take Your Time

Before buying the biggest mattress, take your time to plan. Rushing to buy a mattress may lead to poor-quality products. We recommend checking different mattress brands and companies while selecting the best according to the reviews from other buyers.

Avoid Buying The Hype

Most people make the mistake of buying a product without checking it because it has a good reputation in the market. Remember that there is no 'perfect' mattress, as it differs in preference. Therefore, before purchasing your biggest mattress, check whether it fits your sleeping habits.

Where To Buy Accessories For The Biggest Mattress Size?

Getting accessories for the biggest mattress size may seem impossible. The reason is that the chances of finding them in your local store are meager. However, some oversize mattress companies sell mattress accessories as well.

Custom-ordering is also a choice in this case. Some companies offer custom-ordering services to their customers. The only downside to custom-ordering is that it costs more than buying a ready product.

Why Do I Need The Biggest Mattress Size?

To many, buying the biggest mattress may seem costly and unnecessary. However, oversized mattresses hold value as they can accommodate more extensive needs. For example, very tall people can enjoy extra room due to the length of the Alaskan King Mattress.


Families that prefer co-sleeping with their children may buy the biggest mattress instead of other standard choices. The extra space allows such families to sleep comfortably and sometimes accommodate their pets.


A standard king mattress would look relatively small in a huge bedroom. Therefore, people with huge bedrooms prefer buying a giant mattress to fit in their rooms. Such make their bedrooms look luxurious and sophisticated.

What Are The Cons Of Owning The Biggest Mattress Size?

Buying the biggest mattress size means sacrificing a lot of space in your house. Therefore, families with smaller bedrooms may not enjoy big mattresses as they cannot fit in their house. Furthermore, the biggest mattress and mattress accessories are costly and rare.

Is It Safe To Practice Co-Sleeping On The Biggest Mattress Size?

Co-sleeping may be harmful if you do not follow safety precautions. However, there is no scientific research that proves it harmful to just co-sleep. Practicing co-sleeping on the biggest mattress is safer and more comfortable as there is enough room.

What Mattress Sizes Can I Use Instead Of The Alaskan King Mattress?

Sometimes, buying an Alaskan King or Family XL mattress may be a waste. You want to try a cheaper option that is still bigger than the standard mattress. Oversize mattresses are the ultimate choice as they are big enough to accommodate your needs.

Wyoming King Mattress

The Wyoming King Mattress is the smallest oversize mattress with an 84 by 84-inch dimension. It is excellent for couples who like to co-sleep with one little child. Couples who like extra room but do not want a bigger bed will also prefer the Wyoming King Mattress.

Texas King Mattress

Texas King mattress is the narrowest oversize mattress with a dimension of 80 by 98 inches. It is, however, the second largest, just like the second largest state in the USA, Texas. It is perfect for very tall sleepers or those who prefer their pets at the foot of the bed.

Alberta King Mattress

The Alberta King mattress is perfect for people who want an Alaskan King Mattress but have a smaller bedroom. It is, however, the least ordinary oversize mattress and its dimensions are 96 by 96 inches.

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Where To Buy The Biggest Mattress Size?

Whether you want the Alaskan King or Family XL mattress, you probably won't find them in your local store. The reason is that they are not typical and not in demand, as most Americans do not need them.

However, multiple companies sell the most oversized mattresses online. All you have to do is choose what company fits your preferences best. After that, make your purchase and wait for the company to deliver your mattress.


When looking for the biggest mattress, determine whether you value length or width. The Alaskan king should be your priority for length and the Family XL for width. Also, consider other factors like space, cost, and the availability of accessories.