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The Best Body Pillow For Pregnancy [TOP PILLOWS REVIEWED]

The Best Body Pillow For Pregnancy [TOP PILLOWS REVIEWED]

During pregnancy, your body changes, and most pillows cannot hug the contours of a unique pregnant body. That leaves you vulnerable to pelvic stiffness, leg cramps, back pain, and even insomnia. If you are experiencing any of these complications or to avoid them early enough, get yourself a body pillow for pregnancy.

The best body pillow for pregnancy keeps you comfortable throughout the pregnancy with a guarantee of some quality relaxation or sleep. Some top pillow models are Novaform, Holo, Bobby, and Queen Rose pregnancy body pillow. Note that the ideal pillow depends on your body's needs during pregnancy.

But before buying a body pillow for pregnancy, it helps to understand the various options in the market. Take your time to know what a pregnancy pillow is, why you need one, and some top pillow models to choose what suits you best. In this article, we will let you know all that you should.

pregnancy blue eyes womanWhat is a Body Pillow for Pregnancy?

These are body pillows uniquely made for pregnant women to ensure sleep during pregnancy is more comfortable; they offer support in various sleeping positions. Unlike conventional pillows, body pillows support the entire body since they are much longer than usual.

Most pregnant women start experiencing various changes in their contours and curves during the second trimester of pregnancy. Due to this, body aches and discomfort become a common thing; this is where a pregnancy body pillow comes in.

Do You Need a Body Pillow for Pregnancy?

Pregnancy pillows are necessary for you or your loved one's pregnancy journey. You need to invest in a pillow that will serve your needs to have an easy time carrying your baby to term. Here are the benefits of body pillows for pregnancy.

Reduces the extent of body strain

When pregnant, your body shape changes to accommodate your baby. As a result, you experience some strain on the muscles in your body. Luckily, this is something you can manage if you buy the right body pillow for pregnancy. The pillow will accommodate your body changes and ensures you do not strain as much.

Ensures that you are relaxed

Pregnancy can make you uncomfortable, especially when in bed, ready to sleep. You take so much time to sleep because you can't relax fully. With the right pillow for your body, relaxing is easy, and falling asleep comes automatically.

Guarantees sufficient blood and oxygen

Pregnant women need extra, comfy, and healthy support. The body pillow ensures that the blood vessels transporting blood and oxygen to the baby's body aren't compressed.

What is the Best Body Pillow For Pregnancy? Top 4 Models

Now that you have understood the various benefits of buying a quality body pillow for pregnancy let's narrow it down to the best pillow models. Here is a list of pillow models you can use.

Novaform pillow for pregnancy

During pregnancy, you need a pillow that offers support from the shoulder to the feet. You get that when you choose the C-shaped Novaform full-body pregnancy pillow. With this pillow, be sure of a comfortable feeling; the pillow's great surface allows you to relax all night. The Novaform pillows are easy to clean since they have a removable and machine washable zippered cover.

Holo pillow for pregnancy

Holo offers great full-inflated pregnancy pillows that have phthalate material. The pillow has a hole that makes it possible for you to sleep on your tummy for a short time to rest. It also offers you ample support if you are lying on your side; it has a great design that helps you relax.

This is a great pillow for those who want to relax and sleep in different positions. The pillow is also waterproof, meaning you can also use it in your pool.

Bobby pillow for pregnancy

The Bobby pillow is an ideal choice for those who require a small but efficient pillow. Note that Bobby's pregnancy pillows are wedge-designed to fit your bump, back, legs, or other body parts that need your support. It is also lightweight, making it easy to carry and use wherever you go. This pillow is recommended for couples since it doesn't occupy space for your partner. It also comes with a machine washable cover.

Queen Rose pillow for pregnancy

This is another excellent, durable, and well-designed pregnancy pillow you can use. This pillow is U-shaped and offers an extra length to contour your body in various ways. The pillow's space is also great as it gives you numerous support for your body. This type of pillow can also double up as a nursing pillow once you deliver your baby.

What Are the Different Types of Pregnancy Body Pillows?

Knowing the various pregnancy pillows makes it easy to choose what serves your goals. Here are different types of pregnancy body pillows you will find in the market.


Just as the name suggests, these pillows are C-shaped or contoured. They are great since they help keep your legs and hips in a parallel position. The pillows also keep your neck supported and aligned with your back. C-shaped pillows are perfect for those who like sleeping in a riding position.

Inflatable Pillows

Inflatable pillows come in various shapes, sizes, fabrics, and designs. Some are c-shaped, wedge-shaped, and have a hole in the middle that you can use to support your belly. They are great since they can get deflated and are easily portable.

Wedge Pillows

Wedge pregnancy pillows are great since they support the belly, neck, back, and knees. These are great pillows for those who require a pillow that will keep them relaxed all night due to its shape.


The U-shaped pillows support every part of the body, which helps keep your body, legs, and hips parallel. With this pillow, your neck and back will also get maximum support, reducing the neck and back pain you might experience during pregnancy.

How to Use a Pregnancy Body Pillow: The Dos And Don'ts

If you use your pregnancy pillow well, it will significantly help you during the nine months. But if you don't use it right, you risk getting unwanted complications. Here are dos and don'ts of how to use a pregnancy body pillow.

Make sure you find a pillow that suits you.

  • Keep it clean.
  • Make sure the pillow doesn't strain your body.
  • It is safe to use the pillow every night.
  • Don't place the pillow on your belly.

What is an Oversized Total Body Pregnancy Pillow?

An oversized total body pregnancy pillow is a pillow that supports you from head to toe. It is a fantastic pillow option for people looking for full-body support. These pillows are big, and you need to have extra space in your bed so that they can fit. Space matters if you sleep with a partner.

pillow body pinkWhat is a Cooling Pregnancy Pillow?

When expecting mothers reach their second or third trimester, they start experiencing night sweats. Experts recommend using a cooling pillow to help relieve pregnant women from this suffering. The cooling pillows for pregnant women have aerated materials like a feather or cooling gels to ensure you do not sleep hot; you are assured of ample sleep and rest, which benefits you and your baby immensely.


The pregnancy journey does not have to be stressful. Since ordinary pillows will not offer you the healthy comfort you need day and night, buy the best body pillow for pregnancy. You can choose any of the body pillow pregnancy models we've touched on based on your needs and pillow specifications.

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