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How Big is a California King Bed in Size? (FIND OUT HERE)

How Big is a California King Bed in Size? (FIND OUT HERE)

The California King bed was a massive one meant for the large Californian homes with large bedrooms. Some people liken it to the standard king-size bed despite the evident unique features portrayed by the two.

Also known as the Western King bed, the California king bed measures 72" wide by 84' long. It has a surface area of 6,048 square inches. Also, it is longer, less wide, and smaller than the king bed, which measures 76" wide by 80" long.

Most people assume the California king bed to be larger than the standard king bed. However, this is untrue since the Cal king is ideal for tall sleepers who prefer slimmer sleeping surfaces. Below are aspects to look for concerning the size of the California king bed;

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Your Height and Sleeping Position

The California King bed is eighty-four inches long. It is longer than the standard king bed by four inches as it is eighty inches long. Such makes it ideal for tall sleepers (over six inches tall) or those that prefer extra-long sleeping surfaces.

Additionally, your sleeping position determines how much length you cover during sleep. For instance, stomach and back sleepers cover more length. Contrarily, side sleepers curl in their sleep, making the sleeper appear shorter.


The California king is seventy-two inches wide. It is four inches narrower than the standard king bed, which is seventy-six inches wide.

Sleeping Partner

The standard bed is better than a California king bed for a sleeper with a sleeping partner since the former is wider. It accommodates more people, allowing them to have a comfortable sleep.

Unlike the California king bed, the standard bed is also ideal for sleepers who prefer a wider sleeping surface. Although if you or your sleeping partner is tall, go for the California king bed since it is taller.

Also, if you share a bed with pets like cats and dogs, go for the California King bed. The extra length allows you to sleep comfortably while accommodating your pets at the bottom. However, parents or guardians that share a bed with their children should pick the standard king bed. The four extra inches promote comfort and a night of restful sleep.

The Dimensions of the Bedroom

Interior designers recommend leaving space between the bed and the wall to avoid cramping the bedroom space. They advise leaving about twenty-four inches of space between the side of your bed and the walls surrounding your bed. However, if you want more space in your bedroom, go for thirty-six inches.

The California king bed, measuring seventy-two inches wide and eighty-four inches long, could be too big for some bedrooms. Therefore, go for it if you work with a narrow bedroom. However, the standard king bed will be ideal if your bedroom space is wider.

The Ease of Transportation or Installation

Transporting and installing a California king bed is more challenging than smaller beds like the standard twin beds. Consider its narrowness and length, and ensure that your entryway, the staircase, and the doorways can accommodate it.

Such promotes a seamless California king bed transportation and prevents scratching the bed or other surfaces. In return, having sufficient room for bed transportation and installation preserves the quality of the bedroom and bed.

Advantages of a California King Bed

The California King Size bed is longer but narrower than the standard king bed. Below are its advantages;

Ideal for Tall People

Have you ever slept on a bed where your feet dangled, and you kept hitting your head on the headrest? Most top NBA players prefer the California king bed since it is longer than most.

This way, it accommodates their feet, preventing the restless dangling of feet during sleep. It promotes comfort, joint pain and pressure point relief, and quality sleep.

Promotes Motion Isolation

Motion transfer from your co-sleeper may lead to restless sleeping, poor sleeping posture, uneven weight distribution, and poor sleep quality. Since the California king bed is narrow, it reduces the rate at which sleepers toss and turn during sleep.

The California king bed is ideal if you experience sleep disturbance when your partner moves a lot during sleep. It dissipates the movement while promoting motion isolation, leading to a restful sleep.

Aesthetic Appeal

The California king bed was meant for the big Californian homes with big bedroom spaces. It is grand, stylish, and aesthetically pleasing. Putting it in your bedroom elevates its look and feel.

More Sleeping Ground

Sleepers who prefer having ample sleeping space find the California king bed ideal. It is bigger than two XL mattresses placed side by side. Therefore, it accommodates you and your tall sleeping partner.

In addition, its length allows you to sleep with your pets since they have ample space at the lower end. You and your partner stretch your legs while sleeping without worrying about getting to the edge.

Promotes Blood Circulation

Failing to have even pressure point distribution limits the blood flow. Such could lead to numbness, joint pain, edema, or a tingly feeling in your nerves. Sleeping on a California king bed allows your body to open instead of constricting it, promoting blood flow.

Blood circulation lowers during sleep when you lie on your arm and wake up with a numb arm. It can also happen if you fail to elevate your feet and end up dangling.

Since sleeping on a California king bed promotes even pressure distribution, there are few chances of blood flow restriction. The bed is wide and long enough to accommodate your varied forms during sleep. There are less joint pains, more pressure point relief, and improved comfort.

You achieve proper blood circulation, better sleep quality, and improve your health and wellbeing.

Disadvantages of a California King Bed

Despite the California king bed receiving all the praise, especially for accommodating taller people, it has its downsides. Here are the disadvantages of a California king bed;

Rare to Find

The California king bed caters to a small cluster of people. For instance, it is hard to find someone extraordinarily tall and with ample bedroom space. Also, it is hard to find accessories since the target market is already tiny.

It can be hectic for sleepers to find things like bed sheets or California king mattresses. Therefore, know where to source accessories or repair services if you must get the California king bed.

Relatively Costly

The California king bed is less popular and contains unique features, making it costlier than other beds. For instance, it is longer and wider than the Standard Twin bed or the XL bed. In addition, it comes from premium materials.

On average, the California king bed costs between $900 and $3,000. On the other hand, the standard king bed costs about $1,800.

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Less Mobile

The California king bed is bigger and heavier than most beds, limiting its mobility. Such can be limiting to someone who constantly moves houses or one who loves moving things when cleaning.

In addition, hiring movers to help you dismantle and move the bed can become too costly.

Consumes Space

You will need a space larger than a standard-size room, measuring thirteen feet by nineteen feet. Otherwise, the bed alone will occupy a huge space and make your bedroom look small and cramped.


The California king bed is long to accommodate tall sleepers like NBA players over 6 inches tall. It is also ideal for co-sleepers who sleep with pets and want motion isolation. However, consider the ease of transportation and installation, its cost, and availability of accessories before purchase.

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