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A Camping Cot With Mattress? [WHEN AND WHY YOU NEED ONE?]

A Camping Cot With Mattress? [WHEN AND WHY YOU NEED ONE?]

For any successful outdoor camping, you need to be well-prepared with the right set of camping gear, equipment, and accessories. Among all other things, it is most important to have proper sleeping gear for a comfortable and restful night of sleep so that you are all set for your next adventure. To meet your needs, cots with different designs, portability features, and mattress toppers are thus a must-have for every outdoor adventure seeker.

When looking for a folding camping cot with a mattress, try buying one which is easy to carry and install, has an optimum weight capacity, and can offer good support for a restful night's sleep. Some of the best camping cots with mattresses are – Coleman Camping Cot with Air Mattress, KampKeeper Cot with Air Mattress, and LiteBed Folding Bed with Memory Foam Mattress.

A camping cot is a single bed with a nylon or canvas fabric that can be stretched over a steel or metal bed frame. Camping cots for adventures are lightweight, can be easily folded, and takes up a little space to fit in. Here's a complete guide on camping cots, including matters like why and when you need one and what are some of the best buys.

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When And Why Do You Need A Camping Cot With Mattress?

Camping cots are a popular choice for campers, adventure lovers, and backpackers. A camping cot with a mattress can be used for:

  • For resting during camping, trekking, hiking, and other outdoor adventure activities.
  • For lounging in the backyard or beach.
  • As a guest bed.

A camping cot is usually recommended for short camp trips. Since they are made of lightweight material that substantially keeps you elevated from the ground, they are probably a better choice than flat air mattresses.

Comfort & Durability

It is always easy to set up a camping cot. You would just need to unfold the frame and set it at any desired place. Things get more comfortable when the cot is pre-installed with memory foam or an air mattress. To maximize durability, it is best to buy a camping cot with a steel frame.

However, air beds are somewhat more comfortable than camping cots. Camping cots are best for individuals who do not move much during the night. Since the base material of these cots is made of fabric, they are prone to damage or sagginess by the weight of the sleeper. Camping cots may be a little uncomfortable for two sleepers. But for airbeds, you would need to be extra careful with the mattress and ensure that you keep it away from sharp objects to prevent punctures, especially when you are setting up the campsite on rugged or difficult terrains.


A camping cot with a mattress is relatively cheaper than high-quality air and memory foam mattresses. Since camping cots are not as comfortable as air beds or memory foam mattresses, the former is usually recommended only for short trips. The price of air beds varies from model to model, but most premium quality air mattresses are costlier than cots.

How To Buy A Camping Cot With Mattress?

When buying a camping cot, the following factors should be considered:

  • Assembled dimensions and size of the mattress.
  • Type of mattress – air, foam, or memory foam.
  • The design of the legs and the folding options.
  • Height from the ground.
  • The material used and durability.
  • Frame construction.
  • Amount of weight that the cot can support.

The Best Camping Cots

Buying compact-size camping cots with a mattress not only saves you space but also eases you from the struggle of installation after a long day of hectic travel and adventure. For a worry-free and rejuvenating night's sleep, here is a list of the best camping cots with a mattress that you can buy:

Camping Cot With Air Mattress

Coleman Camping Cot

The Coleman Camping Cot with air mattress is one of the popular choices in the category. Coleman is a well-known camping brand known for having one-stop solutions for all your camping needs (like stoves, lighting, cooler, tents, sleeping bags, and other camping tools). Coleman's air mattress with a cot is available in various sizes, including the queen (78 X 58 X 2 inches), twin (74 X 40 X 23.5 inches), and convertible folding cot (76.5 X 25.2 X 12.8 inches). The queen-size cot can support up to 600 pounds, while the twin-size mattress can support up to 300 pounds.

KampKeeper Camping Cot with Air Mattress

The KampKeeper Cot with Air Mattress has a portable, highly compact, and lightweight design that is perfect to be used at any campsite or indoors. The cot has an X-shaped leg construction and an anti-rust steel frame, which makes it durable under all climatic conditions. A pump is provided to inflate the mattress whenever you are ready to sleep. The design is available as a twin and queen-size camping cot with a mattress. But on the downside, the cot has a weight capacity of just 250 pounds, which might not be suitable for many users.

Pro Tip: You can modify any camping cot and make it more comfortable by installing the Etekcity Camping Air Mattress. The mattress can fit any queen-size frame, and it comes with a wireless rechargeable pump for quick inflation. You can inflate it anytime, anywhere, and get a good night's sleep after a long day of adventure. The air mattress is waterproof, and its well-engineered inner support structure makes the mattress supportive for up to 650lbs.

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Camping Cot With Memory Foam Mattress

LiteBed Folding Bed With Memory Foam Mattress

This luxurious folding camping cot comes with a memory foam mattress. The frame material of the LiteBed Folding Camping Cot with mattress is made of alloy steel, while the mattress is made with high-density soft memory foam that gives a comfortable sleep experience. No assembly is required. You also get a 100-day free trial period and a foldaway carry bag with this product. The bed can support up to 350 pounds of body weight.

Leisuit Portable Folding Bed With Memory Foam Mattress

The Leisuit Cot Camping Cot with memory foam mattress has a 3" memory foam mattress and a robust metal frame that folds compactly and requires less space for storage and transportation. The frame of the rollaway bed is made of strong support (600D Oxford and support spring), and the cot comes with a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Folding Camping Cots

Honey Touch Folding Cot

The Honey Touch Folding Cot is completely fitted with a 1" thick mattress, which makes it convenient to relocate and store. Made with a premium quality steel frame, this folding camping cot with mattress is designed for long-lasting support. This space-saving, compact, and a very affordable cot is perfect for single sleepers. It can also be used as a spare guest bed, spa bed, or quick office nap bed. The top material is made of durable and waterproof cloth. The design is also available in different colors, and the cot can support weight up to 550 pounds. =

Disc-O-Bed Folding Bunked Double Camping Cot

Unique in its design, the Disc-O-Bed Camping Cot is a portable bunk bed that can also be unfolded to form a sitting bench or two single cots. The cot does not come pre-installed with a mattress, however, the frame is covered with a high-quality polyester on which you can place any lightweight foam mattress or an air mattress such as the Intex Dura Beam Plush Air Mattress (Single Bed Size) for additional comfort. The cot has a total weight tolerance of 500 lbs.


The best folding camping cots with a mattress usually support an average weight of 500 pounds. However, there are some options available in the market that can also provide support for up to 880 pounds. Cots with convenient padding save space and are easy to carry. When buying a camping cot, also look for additional features such as extra side pockets where you can store your personal belongings, carry bags, etc.