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What Is A Cooling Blanket? Do You Need One? [FIND OUT HERE]

What Is A Cooling Blanket? Do You Need One? [FIND OUT HERE]

Technology has revolutionized many industries of late, and the blanket-manufacturing sector is one of them. The invention of cooling blankets, which are technical blankets that feature a built-in cooling effect, has transformed how people view blankets. So, what is a cooling blanket?

A cooling blanket is bedding that keeps your body cool in hot weather, thanks to its thermoregulating fabrics and heat-conducting technologies. Cooling blankets are great for use on beds or furniture. They are fantastic for improving sleep, reducing night sweats, and lowering AC bills.

Cooling blankets are relatively technical and have become a popular option among sleepers. Ready to learn more about this blanket? Let us break down the basics of cooling blankets, like how they work, why you need one, the best selection approach, and a few models to try out. Let's dive straight into it!

What Is A Cooling Blanket?

A cooling blanket is a lightweight and comfortable bed cover that keeps you cool overnight. Sleepers that 'run hot' at night benefit from cooling blankets. Thanks to their innovative cooling technology and moisture-wicking materials, they can perfectly deliver a cooling effect.

NASA invented the first cooling blanket in the 1980s to keep astronauts cool when traveling through high temperatures; cooling blankets are not as novel as you may assume. However, manufacturers started making commercial cooling blankets in the 2000s. They have gained tremendous popularity over the past few years thanks to their many benefits and unique technology.

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What Is A Weighted Cooling Blanket?

A weighted cooling blanket is a novel iteration of a conventional weighted blanket with temperature regulation features. They feature added pressure for body comfort, making them incredibly therapeutic; their weight makes you feel protected hence stimulating serotonin production. However, their added weight can make the blankets extra hot. For this reason, weighted cooling blankets came about.

A weighted cooling blanket combines the benefits of cooling and weighted blankets. These blankets feature a special cooling technology that prevents weighted blankets from overheating. They are designed for breathability and are quite therapeutic.

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How Does A Cooling Blanket Work?

The way cooling blankets work depends on their temperature regulating technologies. The temperature regulating technologies may differ depending on the blanket brand. There are two primary ways to explain how cooling blankets work. The blankets either use special fabrics or advanced thermal regulation technology. Let's look at how these two aspects work.

Thermoregulating Materials

This phenomenon is not as complex as it sounds. Thermoregulating materials are simply fabrics that help reduce heat, keeping you cool by wicking away moisture from your body. Most thermoregulating fabrics are usually lightweight, like acrylic and polyester.

However, there are a few thicker yet breathable options, like cotton and wool. The knit patterns on a fabric determine its breathability. For instance, fabrics with box and channel knit designs are not breathable. They limit hot air from returning into the air and prevent cool air from taking its place.

Cooling Technologies

Cooling blankets also receive heat-regulation benefits through thermal conduction—thermal conduction is heat transfer from a hot to a cool object. Using phase change materials with heat-absorbing and dispersing microcapsules helps thermal conduction.

Infusing blanket fabrics with gel can also help. Some cooling blankets even use air cooling technology; they mimic air conditioners by pumping cool air to replace the heated air when sleeping. You have a chance to choose a blanket based on the technology you find compelling.

Do You Need a Cooling Blanket?

Cooling blankets are incredibly beneficial. Below are a few reasons getting a cooling blanket is a wise idea;

Provides A Fantastic Night's Sleep

One of the top benefits of cooling blankets is their thermal regulation. They help keep you cool throughout the night. The blankets are breathable fabric and feature advanced technology to promote thermal conduction. Their cooling effects come in handy during hot summer months and for individuals who sweat a lot at night.

Improves Sleep Quality

Cooling blankets will improve your sleep quality. They do this by keeping you cool at night, reducing night sweats, and preventing dampness in the bed from sweating. The cooling effects can help you sleep longer and more comfortably.

Lowering Air Conditioning Bills

Owning a cooling blanket can also help you lower your energy bills. You just need to turn down your AC at night and depend on your cooling blanket. This will reduce your energy bills significantly.

Cooling Blankets Are Healthy

You may also require a cooling blanket to boost your health. Cooling blankets for medical purposes feature special technology that alters the temperature depending on a patient's body warmth. The blankets have sensors that send temperature data from a patient's skin to the blanket's cooling technology.

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How Do You Choose A Cooling Blanket For Bed?

Below are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing a cooling blanket for your bed;

Based On Raw Materials

Materials are the main determinant of how a blanket feels and works. For cooling blankets, materials determine their cooling properties. The best materials for cooling blankets feature airy textures, moisture-wicking elements, and breathability. Educating yourself on the various material choices will help you choose correctly.

Based On The Temperature-Regulating Technology

The specific thermal regulating technology the blanket uses is also worth looking into. Thermal conduction technologies are more effective and proactive approaches. However, thermoregulating fabrics are also worth it.

Based On Price

The cost of the blankets is also a worthy concern. You can quickly get a blanket within your price range. Affordable cooling blankets cost less than $30, while high-end ones cost as much as $400.

Based On Size

Size is also a vital element to consider. Your bed size will determine the right cooling blanket size. The number of people using the blanket will also influence the blanket size. For instance, a smaller size would be fantastic if the blanket is for your child.

Buying The Best Cooling Blanket: The Top 4 Models

Now that you know what to look for when buying a quality cooling blanket get ready to shop. We understand that there are numerous options to choose from, and this can be a bit confusing, especially for a first-time buyer. Here are some top models to consider.

DOWNLITE Down Cooling Blanket

These are hypoallergenic cooling blankets with unique construction. They eliminate the fill shifting for consistent and even fill distribution. The blankets have thermoregulating materials, are easy to wash, and are available in white and ivory; these neutral colors match perfectly with most bedroom aesthetics.

Hay Crinkle Cooling Blanket

This is a luxury cooling blanket made with 100% cotton. The cooling blanket boasts a crinkled, tactile texture and tassel ends. It comes in king-size dimensions and is available in three earl colors.

EvenTemp Temperature Balancing Blanket

This cooling blanket continuously adjusts to your body's temperature. Its revolutionary technology helps wick moisture to keep you comfortable. The 100% cotton and hypoallergenic fibers make this blanket comfortable and cozy. It is also machine-washable.

Parachute Home Cooling Blanket

Do you need a cooling blanket featuring a 100% linen front and 100% percale back? This blanket combines the subtle temperatures of percale and linen, providing perfect warmth and breathability. It is also extremely durable; longevity makes up for its price tag.


Cooling blankets are fantastic bedding options for people that need cooler nights. Most blankets use two primary technologies for thermal regulation; either thermoregulating materials or unique thermal conducting technology. These technologies help prevent the blankets from holding heat, improving your sleep. We hope this post has helped you find your perfect cooling blanket.

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