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The Best Cooling Body Pillows for Sleep (SLEEP BETTER)

The Best Cooling Body Pillows for Sleep (SLEEP BETTER)

Are you struggling with night sweating even when your sleep environment or nightwear is not an enabling factor? While night sweats are predominant in people aged between 41 and 55, they can cause sleep disturbances to people of all ages.

The best cooling body pillows for sleep are heat-dissipating, temperature regulating, and moisture absorbent. Also, they offer spinal alignment and pressure-point relief for a comfortable and undisturbed night's sleep.

A study conducted by Sleep Foundation on two thousand primary care patients revealed that 41 percent experience night sweats. Most of them fell in the 41 to 55 age categories. Causes of night sweats include menopause, hormonal issues, certain medications, and infections.

We researched the cooling body pillows in the market, checking on softness, the design, moisture absorbency, breathability, and hypoallergenic nature. We also checked customer reviews, warranties, and manufacturer's claims, among other vital factors. Here are our top picks for the best cooling body pillows for sleep:

woman sleeping pillowSaatva Latex Pillow

With a 4.8-star rating from over 40,000 reviews, the Saatva Latex pillow tops our list as the best cooling body pillow for sleep. Apart from a 45-nights' sleep trial and one-year warranty, here are reasons why you should get this cooling body pillow:

Very Cooling And Breathable

The Saatva latex pillow contains natural latex, which is moisture-absorbent and more breathable than synthetic foam. It also wicks away your body heat, leading to a calm, restful sleep.

It also has premium cotton, equally absorbent for improved coolness and breathability, especially in the hotter seasons.


The natural latex undergoes a thorough washing process to eliminate allergens like pollen and proteins. In addition, it is skin-safe and resistant to mildew and dust mites, leading to a comfortable and undisturbed sleep.

Soft and Plush

The Saatva latex pillow contains 100 percent organic cotton with soft shredded fiber fillings for plushness.

Excellent Pressure Relief

The Saatva latex pillow has a chambered design, with shredded Talalay latex on its core. In addition, the inner pillow has plush micro denier material for added plushness. Hence, it offers spinal alignment, neck, shoulders, and back support for comfortable and pain-free nights.


Even though the inner pillow is removable, eliminating the microdenier material does not counter the support the pillow offers. Removing the loft makes your pillow softer while still supportive. Its gusseted sides also let you personalize it for your neck, head, and spine's pain-free positioning throughout the night.

It makes it ideal for side sleepers as they can alter the level of support and the shape of the pillow to their liking. Also, if you love soft cushioning beneath your head at night, this is for you.


This pillow comes in a pillow cover that is fully cotton. You can remove the cover and machine-wash it without compromising the cover's softness and overall quality.

The pillow's fillings are latex, maintaining its shape and form without flattening with time. As a result, your pillow has an extensive lifetime, making it worth every cent.

The Saatva latex pillow goes for $165 for the queen size and $185 for the king size. If you cannot pay the total amount at once, you can pay $10 per month in installments.

Here is what a verified client had to say about the Saatva latex pillow;

"I was so glad when Saatva came out with a pillow. I bought the mattress a year or two ago and found it relieved most of my back pain. I am a good sleeper on any sort of mattress, but this raised sleep to a whole new level. The pillow just added to the goodness. Thanks so much. How do you manage to make a pillow that heavy? It stays put all night, does not flatten, and almost can't squeeze into a pillowcase," wrote Fredda J.

TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Pillow

The Tempur-Cloud breeze dual pillow contains memory foam inside with a double outer layer of Tempur-breeze gel. This pillow provides unparalleled body cooling and softness with a 4.3-star global rating and over 2,864 reviews. Here are the features that landed it on our top picks:

Cooling Nature

The memory foam has a premium layer of gel covering that wicks away the uncomfortable heat that the sleeper emits during sleep. The gel scatters the body heat since it gets its coolant feature from being part liquid. In return, you fall asleep faster and have an undisturbed sleep throughout the night.

Furthermore, the gel layer enhances the breathability of the pillow by improving the pillow's aeration. We recommend this for night sweaters as any moisture or sweat dries up, promoting quality sleep.

Highly Adjustable

The Tempur-Cloud breeze dual pillow comes in both king and queen sizes and has a slow-attuning gel layer. As a result, you can mold it into your desired shape for comfortable sleep. We recommend this for all types of sleepers as it is personable.

Pressure Point Relief And Spinal Support

Since the gel layer offers ample support and body conformity, it molds your head, neck, back, and shoulder's natural curving. In addition, the combination of memory foam and gel provides excellent pressure point relief. You end up sleeping with no back, hip, or shoulder pain.

Easy Care

This pillow comes with a removable and machine-washable cover. The pillow cover contains 100 percent premium cotton, ensuring lasting quality even with multiple washes.


The manufacturing company of this pillow offers a 5-year warranty to its clients. It also offers free shipping plus returns and free pillow repair or replacement.

The Tempur-Cloud breeze dual pillow costs $189 for the queen size and $229 for the king size. Here is what a verified client had to say about it:

"They truly are cool the entire night. I did not think they would be as flexible and comfortable, they are. I bought them for my husband and he loves them," wrote Christina O, Detroit from Miami, Florida.

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The Cariloha Gel Pillow

If you experience night sweats, the Cariloha gel pillow is your heaven-sent pillow. With a 4.2-star global rating from 170 reviews, here is why you should consider this cooling body pillow;


The Cariloha gel pillow has a gel layer on one side, perforated bamboo, and charcoal memory foam for improved airflow. Hence, it is highly absorbent, wicking away any sweat or moisture, leading to a relaxed and comfortable night's sleep.

In addition, the pillow maintains its coolness throughout the night. It also offers headache and muscle relief.

Orthopedic Support

This pillow contains bamboo and memory foam with a gel-layer covering for comfortable support. It is firm, with its center being soft for orthopedic support. As a result, you have neck, head, back, and spinal alignment for pain-free sleep.


The Cariloha gel pillow is skin-friendly and has undergone tests that prove that it causes no allergies. It also blocks odors and has no harmful chemicals. Also, it is a carbon-neutral product, which is ideal for eco-savvy sleepers.

pillow coolingRemovable Cover

This pillow has a removable and washable bamboo-viscose cover. It makes it easy to clean and maintain.

The Cariloha gel pillow goes for $109 for the standard size and $119 for the king size. Here is what a verified client had to say about it;

"This Gel Pillow is great. It is cool to the touch of your face and head. I can't wait till the hot summer nights come. This pillow will be perfect for those nights. It is so comfortable and soothing. An A+ Pillow" wrote KGS.

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Check the loft, breathability, adjustability, orthopedic support, and comfort when searching for the best cooling pillows. Fill materials like gel and latex report excellent levels of body cooling.

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