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Top 3 Cooling Pillows That Work

Top 3 Cooling Pillows That Work

Do you often wake up in the middle of the night, getting all sweaty?

Well, I know that most of us do all the possible ways to catch some good rest at night, such as designing the room to make it cozy, lying on a soft and comfortable mattress, and setting up the AC to cool the room.

Unfortunately, in most cases, we did not notice that the pillows we are sleeping on could affect the quality of getting better sleep or rest each night.

That is why here are some of the best cooling pillows that actually work on the road to a good night's sleep.

The top three cooling pillows that work and can ease body sweats at night are the following: WEEKENDER Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow, the Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Shredded  Memory Foam Pillow, and lastly, the Malouf Z Gel Infused Dough Memory Foam Pillow.

If you do share the same struggle as I do, having sweaty and uncomfortable sleep at night or the so-called HOT SLEEPER.

So, this post is right for you since we will be talking about these pillows, their types, how to choose the best pillow, and how COOL these pillows really are!

Conventional Pillow vs. Cooling Pillow

Before we go hand in hand about the wonders of these cooling pillows, it is better to know first how do these cooling pillows differ with the conventional pillows we used.

As we know that conventional pillows are the most common type of pillow most commonly used around the world and probably the type of pillow you are actually using to lay your head on every night.

These pillows serve the basic pillow functions, such as providing excellent support for your head, neck, and shoulder, and offer a great level of comfort to meet each individual's needs.

That is why this is the main reason why they are designed and made the way they look.

Even though conventional pillows are excellent in providing comfort and support, they cannot change the fact that they are not good when it comes to keeping our bodies cool at night.

This is due to the materials they are made of, such as down, polyester, feather, cotton, and other synthetic materials that favor the heat trapped inside the pillows.

This results in sweaty and uncomfortable nights for people, especially those hot sleepers. In simple terms, these pillows are not designed in removing body heat and keeping the pillows cool.

On the other hand, cooling pillows, as the name implies, are designed and customized in providing constant air circulation within the pillow, particularly around the head area.

In general terms, these pillows are breathable, which means these types of pillows do not trap body heat; instead, they exhaust the heat trapped inside the pillow.

The good thing about these pillows is that the materials used in these pillows have antimicrobial and moisture-wicking features making them a perfect and great alternative or choice to conventional pillows.

Things To Consider When Buying Cooling Pillows

Most probably, you have looked on the internet on how to resolve your nightlong discomfort and sleep interruptions brought about by feeling hot and having night sweats every single night, and you have found out that shifting to cooling pillows might solve this problem.

However, before you buy a cooling pillow, there are a few things you might want to consider.

Pros vs. Cons

Indeed, all things have their own advantages and disadvantages that is why you must know how to outweigh the benefits over the risk.

Just like when buying a cooling pillow because you just saw it on the internet that it is good for hot sleepers; hence, you must also know the disadvantages of it.

To learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of these types of pillows, you can read more to this below.


Aside from the extra comfort offered by this pillow, there are other benefits cooling pillows could give you and here are some:


Some of the well-known cooling pillows are made from shredded memory foam or from latex, which could last for at least three to four years, and that is considered an above-average lifespan any pillows could offer.

Less Noise

Since these pillows are usually made from latex or memory foam, they do not produce the squishy sounds like other types of pillows do. Instead, these pillows generate little to no noise at all when you put weigh on it.

Relieves Pain And Pressure

These types of pillows can help in alleviating pain and pressure for sleepers, especially those who love to sleep on their side.

In addition to this, these pillows help in correcting spinal alignment because of their soft and comfortable filling material.

Superb Support

Compared to other pillows, cooling pillows offer above-average support because these pillows adjust to every individual level of the head, neck, and shoulders while maintaining a stable and consistent surface all night long.

Temperature Wise

Cooling pillows maintain their tagline "COOL" by maintaining a breathable and comfortable surface on the pillow that retains minimal body heat, which helps sleepers to catch some good night's sleep.


It is essential to know the side downs of cooling pillows before you shift to these kinds of pillows. Some of the potential drawbacks include the following:

Allergy Attraction

Depending on the type of filler material used, cooling pillows may attract different types of allergens.

For instance, latex may trigger sleepers that are allergic to latex or dust mites may grow to memory foam, which can lead to allergies later on.

That is why some people prefer cooling pillows made with liquid gel due to lower allergy potential.

Limited supply

Unlike non-cooling pillows that are readily available in shops and malls, these pillows are somewhat difficult to find because of their limited availability, and some people preferred a more customized type of filler material to be used in the pillow.


Cooling pillows cost higher compared to conventional pillows since they have this specialized feature that maintains a cooling effect on the pillow throughout the night.


Cooling pillows made from shredded memory foam or latex, which are kinda dense and heavy. That makes them difficult to move around and adjust during the night.

Filling Materials

There are many filling materials that can be used to make cooling pillows, and these include the following:

  1. Buckwheat
  2. Down
  3. Down Alternative
  4. Feather
  5. Latex
  6. Memory Foam
  7. Polyester

Other pillow filling materials do not provide the level of cooling these types of filling materials offer; hence, here is a table to show you how these filling materials can cool the pillows.

Pillow Filler Material Mechanism Comments
Buckwheat The air can freely circulate between buckwheat shells that make it more breathable Buckwheat is a good choice of filling material for cooling pillows; however, some people find them firm.
Down Down fill works by trapping body heat  to an uncomfortable extent These fillers are known to be lightweight and soft; however, some sleepers complain about them as warm
Down Alternative These types of pillow fillings work by absorbing less body heat from sleepers making it cooler than the real down fill This is a perfect choice for hot sleepers who also love to sleep in a soft real down pillow
Feather Feather fill does it work through trapping less body heat and circulating air between spaces of feathers These fillers are considered as fairly cool for most sleepers, yet they are firmer compared to down fill pillows
Latex Latex fillings are designed to be more aerated so that it can allow more air to circulate These are well-known types of filler materials for hot sleepers since they tend to trap heat at the same time they remain to be fairly cool
Memory foam Some brands of memory foam are infused with gel to make the pillows cool while others do shred the memory foam to enhance the circulation of air Memory foam fillers are recommended for hot sleepers if it is infused with gel, or the memory foam is shred
Polyester The microfibers found in polyester fillings work by trapping some heat; however, they are not as good as other filling materials Though these pillow fillings are cheaper, some sleepers complain polyester fiberfill as warm and not advisable for exceptionally hot sleepers

Cover Material

This is also an important factor to consider when buying for cooling pillows since the fabric used to cover pillow fillings tend to trap and absorb more heat. Here are some of the most commonly used materials to cover cooling pillows:

Bamboo and Rayon

These covers are said to be breathable, cool, and soft. There are some brands that offer pillows made of rayon derived from eucalyptus that is known for its natural cooling property.


Copper has natural cooling properties that can be infused into latex and memory foam fill. In addition to this, copper-infused covers help people with poor blood circulation since they can accelerate blood flow.


Phase-Change Material or PCM covers work by absorbing body heat from hot sleepers until their body reaches a specific temperature.

When that happens, the PCM will stop absorbing heat and will just keep a consistent temperature throughout the night. This cover is used as well in mattress covers.

Finally, you have already known these three basic things you must consider when shopping for cooling pillows; hence, listed below are my top three personal picks for cooling pillows that will surely help for your night sweats.

Best Cooling Pillows Recommendations

In this post, we will have a short review of the best cooling pillows you can find on Amazon.

We all know that choosing the right pillow is an intimate thing, and since we all have different approaches that suit you but do not work with others.

Plus, I will also share the pros and cons of the cooling pillows that will be listed below.

MALOUF Z Gel Infused Dough Memory Foam

MALOUF Z Gel Infused Dough Memory Foam

This pillow has a layer of liquid gel that removes heat and maintains a temperature that is lower than your body temperature.

It is really designed to cool you while you sleep throughout the night.

Thanks to its unique GEL DOUGH memory foam feature that creates a cooler and softer memory foam that offers long-lasting comfort and support.

What is also good about this pillow is that it can adjust to your natural pressure points and helps in your spine alignment.

However, do not assume that this pillow will be super cool all the time since memory foam pillows do not work that way.

Good thing when you buy this pillow, it will be accompanied with a Tencel removable cover that is good in optimal sleeping temperatures.

Below is the list of pros and cons for this pillow.


  • Has a cooling effect
  • Comes with different sizes that work best for slide sleepers or sleepers with broad shoulders
  • Offers an excellent neck and back support


  • It is expensive
  • The newly bought pillow gives off a slight smell


Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow contains shredded memory foam that creates a cool and good air circulation around the pillow.

The cover infused with rayon derived from bamboo that adds more breathable and comfortable sleeping temperatures will surely love by hot sleepers.

In addition to this, the loft of the pillow is adjustable for those sleepers who prefer varying thickness setups every night.

The finely shredded memory foam is good for sleepers who need orthopedic support while keeping the head and neck in proper alignment throughout the night.

Since the pillow is made from memory foam, some sleepers that are sensitive to smell will likely notice it right away; however, the smell will go away by itself if you air out the pillow first before using it.


  • Sleepers who suffer from neck and back pain
  • All types of sleeping positions (back, side, stomach)
  • Sleepers in all weight groups


WEEKENDER Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow

WEEKENDER Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow

This ventilated gel memory foam pillow works by taking the heat away from sleepers through its air holes infused with cooling gel.

The pillow is made from special gel memory foams, which can fight against dust, dust mites, molds, and bacteria.

Hence, this type of memory foam is no ordinary memory foam because it does not keep the heat inside; rather, it released the heat outside the pillow.

Moreover, this pillow comes in three different sizes, which are great for the back, side, and stomach sleepers.

It comes with a removable cover that is ultra-soft to maintain quality through multiple washing. This ensures that the pillow will be fresh and simple night after night.


  • Comes with a great pillowcase
  • Has a good and certified ventilated memory foam
  • Comes with three different sizes: Standard, Queen, and Kingsize
  • High pillow 5 inches


  • Some sleepers find it too firm
  • Some odor issues that go away with time


Tips On How To Clean Cooling Pillows

Just like any other pillow, cooling pillows must also be cleaned from time to time.

However, the method of cleaning will depend on the type of filling materials used inside the pillow. So, I will share with you these two ways on how to clean cooling pillows.

Cooling pillow with memory foam

These pillows must be cleaned only if they are dirty; they do not need to be cleaned as often.

Good thing, this pillow does not collect dust and nasty smell since it has a porous structure that makes the pillow well ventilated and maintains its freshness for a couple of months.

So, these pillows are a perfect choice for people with allergies since dust mites cannot grow in such a pillow, which is usually the main cause of allergies.

Be mindful that washing memory foam pillows in the washing machine are not recommended since it can break some portions of the foam material. Hence, to clean memory foam pillows; here are the simple steps below:

  • Prepare a soapy solution by mixing a mild liquid detergent with water.
  • Then soak a piece of cloth or sponge in the soapy solution to wipe out any dirt on the surface of the pillow.
  • Finally, let the pillow dry completely

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Cooling pillow made from buckwheat hulls

Buckwheat pillows need proper care so that they will last for longer years. Therefore, here are some of the basic rules when handling and washing these types of pillows.

  • Never ever wash buckwheat pillows
  • These types of pillows can only be cleaned through pillowcases with a vacuum cleaner
  • To clean the pillowcases, you need to shake out first the buckwheat hulls in a clear plastic bag and keep it in a clean and dry place. Once you are done washing the pillowcases, you can pour the hulls back inside the pillowcase.
  • It is advisable you shake the buckwheat pillow at least once a month
  • If ever your pillow was used by a sick person and then he/she sweated a lot, you can dry these pillows under a shady tree outdoors
  • Never dry the buckwheat hulls inside the oven, as this can dry them and eventually makes them brittle.


Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay