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Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets (ARE THEY WORTH IT?)

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets (ARE THEY WORTH IT?)

Bed sheets are crucial for sleep as they can make or break your sleep experience. Sleeping on uncomfortable sheets, especially ones that retain heat, could result in restlessness and poor sleep quality. Yet, Cozy Earth bamboo sheets have gained popularity in the luxurious sleep department.

Cozy Earth bamboo sheets are luxurious bed sheets that are worth every coin. They are the softest, silky smooth, and most comfortable sheets on the market. Besides, they are hypoallergenic, cooling, and durable.

Truthfully, Cozy Earth bamboo sheets are among the most pricey bed sheets today. So what makes them that costly and what is in it for their clients? We reviewed the Cozy Earth bamboo sheets to answer all those questions and doubts you might have about them;

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What Are Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets?

Cozy Earth bamboo sheets are part of Cozy Earth's line of luxury bedding, including duvets, comforters, and bed sheets. Cozy Earth launched this line of luxury bedding to cater to the growing need for better sleep.

Its goal is to develop the best sleep products while knowing every supplier. It also involves crafting the products responsibly and serving the customer first.

Cozy Earth Founder Tyler Howells revealed that these were born to provide a unique line of loungewear and bedding. He capitalized on the connections he had in China. Besides, he could speak and understand Mandarin. These made him build a relationship with the finest factories in China that most Americans could not. Such birthed the Cozy Earth line of luxury bedding that includes bamboo sheets.

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets Review

We broke down the different aspects of these bamboo sheets to understand why they have certain features.

Materials And Construction

Cozy Earth bamboo sheets are made of a hundred percent viscose from Bamboo and feature a sateen weaving technology. The viscose comes from naturally-grown Bamboo, free from pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemicals. Also, the weaving technology discourages pilling and sheet discoloration.

In addition, they use patented fiber treatment processes to recycle wastewater and discourage using corrosive chemicals.

All these keep the pillow silky soft, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, breathable, cooling, and ultra-comfortable. It has a moisture-wicking and heat-dissipating feature, promoting cool sleeping. Such makes it popular among hot sleepers or people living in hot areas since it leads to cool sleep.

Sizes And Pricing

Different factors influence Cozy Earth bamboo sheets' higher pricing. These include sustainable sourcing, patented sheet manufacturing process, and viscose quality from Bamboo grown without fertilizer and pesticides.

Most people have to deal with everyday problems with white viscose bed sheets like discoloration and pilling. However, Cozy Earth uses a unique sateen weaving technology that prevents pilling and discoloration on bamboo sheets.

Each Cozy Earth bamboo sheet set has a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. Here are the prices according to sizing;

Here are the prices according to sizing;

Size Prices for the Sheet Set
Split King $439
California King $419
King $409
Full or Queen $369
Twin or Twin XL $319

Cozy Earth also sells its bamboo sheets separately. Here are the prices per sizing;

Fitted sheet Twin or Twin XL costs $139

Full or Queen-size costs $159

King-size costs $169

California King costs $179

Top sheet Twin or Twin XL costs $139

Full or Queen-size costs $159

King-size costs $169

Pillowcase Standard-size costs $89

King-size costs $99

Duvet cover Twin-size costs $299

Full or Queen-size costs $339

King-size costs $359

Color Options

Remember that Cozy Earth is big on sustainable sourcing and manufacturing; hence does not use natural dyes. It means that Cozy Earth bamboo sheets are only available in one color, white.

Sadly, some sleepers avoid using white bed sheets because white sheets mostly require higher maintenance. Yet, the sateen weaving technology prevents discoloration, allowing your sheets to stay white.

However, their limited color palette makes it hard to match the preferences and aesthetics of some clients.


Clean your Cozy Earth bamboo sheets by machine-washing them in cold water. Proceed to dry them via the machine or by sun-drying. Cozy Earth recommends sun-drying your bamboo sheet every four to six months as part of its care and maintenance routine.

Regular sun-drying of your bamboo sheets lets the fibers relax and expand naturally, preserving their look and feel with time. Such also helps to keep them durable.

What Features Of Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets Make Them Worth It?

Here are features of Cozy Earth bamboo sheets that will make you realize that you deserve better in the sleep department;

Exceptional Softness

Judging from the reviews, Cozy Earth bamboo sheets boast of being the softest sheets ever. They are made with a hundred percent viscose from Bamboo. These bed sheets are so good that Oprah described them as the softest and her favorite sheets.

"I have genuinely never felt something as soft as these fabrics. They are amazing," wrote a verified client.

"They are very soft and sleek—great weight and really comfortable. My son sleeps hot, so he is loving the cool feel. They were very expensive but worth the splurge," wrote Katherine on the Cozy Earth website.


These are the most comfortable bed sheets you will ever use. They are lightweight and smooth on your skin, leading to a restful night's sleep.

Cooling And Temperature Control

Cozy Earth bamboo sheets come from Bamboo and hence have a natural moisture-wicking technology. It lowers the temperature by two to three degrees. Doing so promotes cooling and lets you sleep in a dry place since it reduces humidity by fifty percent.

Besides, they are breathable and have a temperature control feature. Such makes it ideal for night sweaters, hot sleepers, sleeping during summer, or anyone seeking lightweight sheets.


Cozy Earth bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for sleepers with asthma and eczema. They disallow dust mites, bedbugs, molds, fungi, and bacteria. Such means that sleepers with sensitive skin and health conditions get quality snoozing.

Stain Resistant

These bamboo sheets are resistant to staining. Such makes it convenient for people who love having meals and drinks from bed. Besides, you do not have to worry about accidental spillage as Cozy Earth bamboo sheets are easy to clean.

Eco-Friendly And Free Of Toxins

Bamboo, which is used in making Cozy Earth bamboo sheets, is natural and organic. In addition, it only includes USDA organic farms to ensure there were no chemical additions to the fabric.

Most bed sheet companies use artificial dyes and chemicals during their processing. However, Cozy Earth is big on responsible and conscious living. Its packaging is reusable, reducing carbon release, hence conserving the environment.

In addition, Cozy Earth bamboo sheets are toxins-free and free from harmful chemicals. Bamboo's growth is relatively quicker and thus requires no fertilizers or pesticides. These make it a better pick than textiles like cotton, which could have toxins.


Cozy Earth bamboo sheets are made from a hundred percent viscose from Bamboo, which is more durable than cotton. The bamboo fabric weaving is of premium quality, ensuring that the sheets are durable and built to last.

Also, Cozy Earth offers a 10-year warranty for every Cozy Earth bamboo sheets purchase. This period is more extended than what most sheet companies give their clients.

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100-Night Sleep Guarantee

Cozy Earth offers a hundred nights' sleep guarantee for every bamboo sheet

sold. It is one of their strategies for keeping the customer first. This way, the customer can try sleeping on the sheets and return them if they do not love them. The company also offers free shipping to all orders in the USA.

Easy To Clean

Cozy Earth recommends cleaning by machine-washing their bamboo bed sheets in cold water. You can use regular detergent. However, the company discourages using fabric softeners or bleach. Opt to machine-dry or sun-dry it, and you are good to go.


Cozy Earth manages to make the softest bed sheets on the market, thanks to their involvement in the entire sheet-making process. Their sheets are exceptionally soft, breathable, cooling, stain-resistant, hypoallergenic, and toxins-free. It probably explains the high price since the company is big on customer satisfaction and offering them value.