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What Are The Dimensions Of A Queen Size Bed? (FIND OUT HERE)

What Are The Dimensions Of A Queen Size Bed? (FIND OUT HERE)

Do you know that the queen-size beds are among the top-selling bed dimensions this year? Well, it is an excellent choice for couples in need of adequate space to stretch, snuggle and cuddle around while enjoying maximum comfort and ample leg room. Perhaps the best thing about this bed is its dimensions; so, what are the dimensions of a queen size bed?

A standard queen-size bed measures 80 inches long by 60 inches wide, but other types of queen beds have slightly different dimensions. For instance, the California queen bed is 84 inches long by 60 inches long, and the Olympic or Expanded Queen bed measures 80 inches long by 66 inches wide. 

A queen-size bed is a go-to choice for many people. It is big enough to share yet compact enough for small and moderately-sized rooms. Read on for an in-depth look inside queen bed dimensions.

sleeping queen bedWhat is a Queen Size Bed?

A queen bed has recently become popular among couples because of its comfort and ideal size. It supports taller people who feel cramped on full-size beds as it is 80 inches long. Its extra yet not too big width length also makes it perfect for two people.

A standard queen bed is one size larger than a full-size bed. However, it is also one size smaller than a king-size bed. Regardless, it is the ideal size for small master bedrooms and guest rooms.

What is the size of a Queen Bed?

A standard queen bed is 80 inches long and 60 inches wide; these sizes differ depending on the manufacturer or brand. The dimensions also vary depending on the type of queen bed. Below are common types of queen beds and their dimensions;

  • The Olympic queen bed: This bed features the same length as a standard queen bed, but it is 6 inches wider. It is ideal for people that prefer wider beds but do not want to go as large as a king bed.
  • The California queen bed: This alternative queen-size bed is 4 inches longer than a regular queen bed and offers more legroom for taller people.
  • The Split queen's bed. It is the same size as a standard queen bed but split into two. You can also call it the half queen bed; its dimensions are 80 inches long by 30 inches long. It is ideal for couples with different sleeping needs and requires separate beds.

A standard queen bed is the same length but 16 inches shorter than a king-size bed. This makes it comfortable for tall people without taking up too much floor space.

What Are the Dimensions of a Queen Size Bed Frame?

The ideal bed frame dimensions typically depend on the mattress size. Therefore, since a queen mattress measures 80 by 60 inches (length by width), the perfect queen bed frame should feature similar dimensions. Note that you can estimate two to five inches for the extra frame bulk. That means a typical queen bed frame size is around 62 to 65 inches wide by 82 to 85 inches long.

Again, the dimensions differ depending on the manufacturer. But as you will notice, most manufacturers offer bed frames matching their mattress dimensions to match 100%. The dimensions are also dependent on the frame materials. For instance, wooden frames are typically thicker than metal ones.

How Wide Is a Queen Bed? Does Width Matter?

A queen bed measures 60 inches wide. The width of a bed matters significantly. Below are some points why the width matters;

Number of Sleepers

First, the width determines how many people can sleep on a bed. Beds with larger widths can offer more space for more than one sleeper. That is why full-size beds are great for single people while queen-size beds are ideal for couples. Wider beds are comfortable and allow freedom and peace of mind, especially when sharing a bed.

Floor Space

Secondly, the width determines how much floor space the bed takes. Wider beds take more floor space. Therefore, they are ideal for larger rooms. On the other hand, thinner beds leave more floor space for other bedroom furniture, like nightstands. For this reason, queen beds are perfect for smaller master bedrooms and guest rooms, while king beds are ideal for large master bedrooms.

Sleep Habits

The width also matters because people have different sleep habits. For instance, some people turn a lot when sleeping. Such people would benefit from wider beds that allow them to move without falling off the bed. Beds with smaller widths are ideal for individuals with more sleep discipline. Some people also prefer to fill their beds with pillows for comfort. Such individuals need wider beds to accommodate the extra bedding.


The width also influences the bed's longevity. Queen-size beds boast more longevity because they have more surface area for sleeping. This prevents the bed from wearing out too fast.


The bed width also determines its cost. The difference between king and queen beds is their width; they have the same length (80 inches). Therefore, their price difference is because of their width.

How Long Is a Queen Bed? Does Length Matter?

Like the width, the length of a bed also matters. The standard queen bed is 80 inches long. Below are explanations of why the length matters;

Sleep Comfort

The length determines who can sleep on the bed comfortably. Longer beds are ideal for taller people. Taller individuals need longer beds to prevent their feet from dangling over the bed. For this reason, people over 6 feet tall should go for a queen or king-size bed instead of a full-size bed.

Floor Space

Like the width, the bed length also determines the floor space it takes. Longer beds cover more floor space than the latter. They are therefore ideal for larger rooms. Note that the queen and king beds feature the same length.

Are All Queen Size Bed Dimensions the Same?

Not all queen-size bed dimensions are the same. While the standard dimensions are 80 by 60 inches, they may differ slightly depending on the brand. There are also alternative queen-size beds of different sizes.

These alternative sizes are usually harder to find and may require special order from a custom manufacturer. Other queen-size bed dimensions are;

  • The California queen: it is 84 inches by 60 inches.
  • The Expanded or Olympic queen: it is 84 inches by 60 inches.
  • The Half queen: it is 80 inches by 30 inches.

Despite their larger dimensions, alternative queen beds are not as large as king beds.

modern room lampIs a Queen Bigger Than a Full?

Yes, a queen bed is bigger than a full-size bed. A full-size bed measures 54 inches long by 75 inches wide; a queen bed is 16 inches wider than a full-size bed. That explains why a full-size bed is perfect for single sleepers and kids, while queen-size beds are perfect for couples. A queen bed is also 5 inches longer than a full-size bed, making it ideal for taller people.

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Queen beds' popularity is rising, and they have quickly taken over the fame of full-size beds because of their larger dimensions. Queen-size beds measure 80 inches by 60 inches and provide enough room for sharing your bed with your partner or family.

They also offer more legroom for taller people. These beds provide the benefits of a larger bed but do not cost as much as king-size beds. With this knowledge about queen beds, feel free to shop for the bed and your fantastic experience.

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