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Do I Need A Mattress Protector? (FIND OUT HERE)

Do I Need A Mattress Protector? (FIND OUT HERE)

Do you consider a mattress protector a want or a need? If you recently got a new mattress, you know the frustration of it stinking from liquid spills. While you could wipe down the mess, some effects run deeper and may require investing in mattress protection.

Yes, you do need a mattress protector. It protects your mattress from accidental spills, germs, allergens like dust mites and molds, and wear and tear. It also offers comfort, breathability, and freshness since most are easy to clean.

Sadly, most people wait till it is too late to understand the value attached to a mattress protector. Do not wait till mere fruit stains invalidate your mattress warranty. Besides, what is the harm in prolonging the life of this piece of investment behind your quality sleep?

Below are reasons why getting a mattress protector for your mattress, new or not, will be your best investment:

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Protects From Accidental Spills

Most mattress protectors are water-resistant to protect the mattress from accidental spills. Unintentional spills are inevitable if you have the habit of eating, snacking, or drinking in bed. Soon, your wine, water, or juice seeps through your mattress and destroys it. Liquids getting into your mattress form a conducive breeding environment for germs, ruining their quality and potential.

Other accidental spills include bedwetting, adult accidents, and water dripping from your hair to the mattress. Here, the mattress protector either repels the spills or absorbs them without allowing them to get to the mattress.

It Keeps Your Mattress Clean And Fresh

Covering your mattress with a mattress protector keeps it dry, fresh, and clean. In addition, most mattress protectors are machine-washable, making them easy to clean. Such allows you to always sleep on a clean and fresh surface, promoting quality sleep.

Most ladies fall victim to having makeup stain their mattresses. Sleepers who experience night sweating can account for how often they need to clean their mattress since sweat seeped through. Also, your hair and face products could easily rub on your mattress and lead to staining, discoloration, or smelliness.

While it is possible to clean your mattress, you save time, energy, and money by only cleaning the protector. You cannot put a mattress in the washing machine like you would a mattress protector. You could buy a new mattress protector if the stains refuse to come out. Using it also saves you the hassle of gasping whenever something falls on your mattress.

Promotes The Comfort Of Your Bed

Comfort is one thing we prioritize when shopping for a new mattress. Some mattresses could be a little too firm for comfort, yet we have no choice. Luckily, apart from protecting it, a mattress protector comes with a soft cushioning that makes your mattress more comfortable.

In addition, most mattresses are breathable, hence promoting maximum aeration throughout. It is also ideal for sleepers that experience night sweating since it wicks away moisture, leading to comfortable sleep. Also, most have a temperature control feature where manufacturers use low-heat materials for improved breathability and comfort. This way, sleepers that experience body heating at night benefit from a comfortable and restful sleep.

Protects From Germs And Allergies

While you might want to believe it, achieving the ultimate cleanliness levels with your mattress is almost impossible. However, you want to ensure that you are protecting yourself from bedbugs, chemicals, fungus, dust mites, and other allergens.

Airtight Cover

The mattress protector is airtight to inhibit allergens from getting to the mattress. For instance, when liquids get to the mattress, they form a breeding ground for bacteria. Such could make your mattress infested with fungi which destroy its composition and make it smelly.

If you have no mattress protector, these bacteria could get to you and cause skin infections, breathing complications, and discomfort. Also, it is easier for bedbugs and dust mites to creep in and terrorize you when there is no airtight cover. Luckily, you can comfortably sleep on a bedbug-infested mattress with a mattress cover that blocks them from getting to you.

We advise using a mattress protector on your mattress from purchase. Apart from protecting it from allergens, it makes dealing with the infestation of allergens easier. For instance, your room getting infested with bedbugs after protecting your mattress allows you to disinfect the protector only. However, getting rid of bedbugs in your mattress could have been more difficult.

Sleepers With Breathing Problems

Mattress protectors are hypoallergenic to protect you from allergens like dust and dust mites. Sleepers with asthma and other breathing problems benefit from mattress protectors since they eliminate dust mites. In return, sleepers enjoy uninterrupted sleep since there are no dust mites to trigger sneezing.

Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin benefit from a mattress protector in multiple ways. First, it bars skin irritants like bed bugs and the accumulation of gunk from getting to your skin. Also, since it is easy to clean, you often eliminate dust and germs that could irritate your skin.

Sensitive To Scents

People sensitive to scents struggle to sleep in smelly environments. Yet, a mattress without a protector could easily have an off-putting, musty smell due to the accumulation of gunk. Luckily, if you are sensitive to scents, regularly washing the mattress protector saves you much. Such restores the clean and the fresh sleeping surface you seek for restful sleep.

Sadly, most people sensitive to scents might have to give up their mattress once it starts having a funky smell. Such can become expensive, especially if the mattress is costly and fails to last as it would if protected.

Validates The Warranty Of Your Mattress

Some mattress companies offer warranties to their clients upon purchase. Some mattress warranties could last over ten years, with some offering a hundred nights free sleep trial period. However, most of these warranties are valid when there is no visible damage on your mattress.

For instance, staining your mattress disqualifies your warranty. In addition, if it is evident that your mattress has molds resulting from spillage, you risk having to forfeit it.

We spend so much money on quality mattresses for us to ignore the aftercare needed. We encourage you to protect your mattress by using a mattress protector. Such gives you the confidence to return the mattress if it fails to suit your needs within the free trial window.

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Prolongs The Life Of Your Mattress

A mattress topper prolongs the life of your mattress by maintaining its quality. The best way to look at it is to picture it being susceptible to every form of destruction. For instance, when liquids, oils, and germs access your mattress, they promote the breeding of bacteria. Such destroy your mattress by making it softer, smelly, less comfortable, and overall less inviting.

Also, your pets continuously tagging on your mattress could break the seams, reducing its beauty and quality. Even if you wanted to resell it, convincing someone to spend a fortune on it would be harder.

However, investing in a good mattress protector maintains your mattress quality by keeping it as good as new. Apart from the aesthetic value, experts state that using it could increase the lifespan of your mattress by ten years. Such will offer you more returns on investment since you will not require frequent mattress replacements.


Sleeping on a mattress with no mattress protector is like jumping off a plane with no parachute. The benefits of using a mattress protector include protection from allergens, validation of mattress warranty, and ease of cleaning. We also advise considering comfort, warranty, and maintenance when shopping for a mattress protector.

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