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Do Platform Beds Need Box Springs? [ANSWERED]

Do Platform Beds Need Box Springs? [ANSWERED]

There is a reason why platform beds are becoming everyone's favorite. These beds offer a contemporary design and a clean, modern appearance. However, a great concern among people with or thinking of getting this type of bed is if it needs a box spring. So, do platform beds need box springs?

The simple answer is no. A platform bed has a slatted base and great mattress support, eliminating the need to use the box springs. People get box springs to offer underlying support for the mattress and help absorb impact, which isn't required in platform beds. 

Some people with platform beds buy box springs since they assume it is necessary in all beds, but that is not the case. This article will highlight why platform beds do not need box springs. Keep it here!

fix bed platform5 Reasons Why Platform Beds Don't Need Box Springs

When buying a bed, most people's concern is to get the right type of mattress. They fail to understand that the bedframe they choose will also matter. One bed frame option you will love is the platform bed, which does not need a box spring. Here are five reasons why platform beds do not need a box spring.

Has Solid Surface

These beds have a solid surface specially designed for mattress support. Good base support for your mattress increases your comfort level when sleeping. If your mattress does not have good support, it will compromise your health due to back and neck strains; you will not sleep comfortably.

In addition to that, when buying a mattress, ensure that it is durable. But do you know the type of base your mattress has could impact its durability? Getting a platform bed is a good idea. The bed offers a good base for your mattress, increasing its durability.

Raised Levels Of Frame

Box spring beds offer a raised layer to your mattress. That serves as the foundation of your bed, keeping it even and offering maximum support when you sleep. With a platform bed, you will not need a box spring since these beds have a raised or leveled frame made of metal, wood, or plastic.

Sleeping on an elevated bed improves your sleep and alleviates some signs of medical conditions like acid reflux and sleep apnea. You do not have to invest in a spring box to get these benefits; you can easily enjoy them with a quality platform bed.

Absorbs Shock

A good bed has a strong foundation and frame to keep it off the ground. That is why most people get the box springs for their beds. However, if you have a platform bed, this is the one thing that you do not have to think about since these beds have a well-structured frame to keep the mattress from the ground. As a result, it absorbs any internal or external shock.

Sleeping on a bed that absorbs shock is excellent for people with back pain issues because of the guaranteed support. Besides, the bed also allows air circulation to keep you cool when you sleep. Lower temperatures are essential because they help you sleep faster and for a long time.

Can Absorb Weight

Another reason some people purchase box springs for their beds is to absorb the overall weight. Luckily, the platform bed absorbs adequate weight, so if you choose this bed frame, there is no need to purchase the box springs. Platform beds will not only absorb weight but also evenly distribute it.

The process of absorbing weight helps in reducing the wear and tear on the mattress. That tells you that you do not have to worry about your mattress wearing out within a short duration. The platform also offers a good foundation for your mattress to rest on.

Compatible With Most Mattresses

People opt for box springs because they are compatible with most mattresses. So, regardless of the bed type, you can rest assured that the mattress will suit your bed. But here's the thing: platform beds also support various mattress types and do it better. With this bed frame, you do not have to invest in a box spring unless you want to do it.

You only need to choose a mattress that suits your needs and sleeping style without worrying about whether it will suit your bed. Besides, it is durable and, if properly used, can serve you for a lifetime. One of the primary benefits that the platform bed offers over the box spring is the modern and stylish feel and design.

FAQs On Platform Beds And Box Springs

Before buying a platform bed, many questions will cross your mind. As we all know, one of the issues that most people have about this bed is whether they need to use it with a box spring. So, in this section, we will address some of the common questions and whether the box spring is suitable to use.

Does A Platform Bed Need A Box Spring?

Or rather, can you put box springs on a platform bed? Yes, you can put a box spring on a platform bed. But this is not a requirement since a platform bed can effectively serve you without the support of a box spring. The platform bed will protect your mattress, increase your durability, and ensure that you are comfortable when you sleep.

Though it is not necessary, you can choose to add a box spring to your bed to increase its height. Adding height to your bed makes it easier for you to get in and out, especially if your bed is low. Besides, the elevation of the bed aids in air circulation and ventilation.

Do I Need A Box Spring With A Platform Bed?

No, you do not need a box spring on your platform bed. However, if you have issues with the back and find it hard to get on and out of low beds, you can get a box spring to help you elevate your platform bed. That way, you will have an easier time getting in and out of bed.

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Are Most Bed Frames Comfortable Without Box Springs?

Before investing in a platform bed, one might have a common question about whether the platform bed is comfortable without a box spring. The straightforward answer is yes; the platform beds offer comfort to the users, and one does not have to rely on the box spring on the bed to enjoy comfort.

bedroom hotel platformDo Platform Beds Ruin Mattresses?

Buying a mattress is a huge investment, and the last thing you need is to have a poor bed frame that will cause damage to your luxury product. That is why most people turn to box springs. However, if you are using a platform bed, this is not something to worry about since these beds will support all mattresses, including the denser type.

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Get A Platform Bed And Enjoy The Simplicity

The type of bed frame you use is as important as the design and size of bed you use it on. That is why getting the right bed frame will help ensure a well-rested bed that gives you quality sleep. Most people turn to box springs to get better support, comfort, and breathability.

Not all bed frames require you to add the box spring, and that's where a platform bed comes in. You can use this bed the way it is, and it will offer you much more benefits than you would have enjoyed with a bed that requires a box spring. Don't hesitate to get a platform bed today!

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