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Dormeo Mattress Toppers: [Top Models Reviewed]

Dormeo Mattress Toppers: [Top Models Reviewed]

No matter what the brand promises, most mattresses will serve you for a maximum of 7 to 10 years. It will be a great idea to invest in a good-quality mattress topper to enhance the longevity of your mattress or create an extra layer of comfort. Adding the best mattress topper to your existing bedding also saves money and lends protective support to different types of sleepers.

Two of the most advanced mattress toppers are – the 'Dormeo Octaspring Mattress Topper' and the 'Dormeo Octasmart Plus Mattress Topper'. These mattress toppers have a layer of the patent 'Octaspring' technology with individual, 8-sided, 3D spring-like structures that dynamically adjusts to the natural contours of the sleeper's body. Dormeo Mattress Toppers are medium-firm that give a good combination of both comfort and support. 

If you are looking for a memory foam mattress topper that is thicker yet cool and breathable, then products from Dormeo are worth considering. Their toppers have the most advanced design and are made using high-level engineering. The following is a detailed review of some of the popular Dormeo Mattress Toppers.

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What Is The Best Mattress Topper?

A mattress topper is a thin mattress-like layer that can be placed over the main mattress. These toppers should preferably be non-slip and have the same dimensions as that of the main mattress. Toppers have multiple benefits. They boost comfort and provide a revamped look and feel to your existing bedding. If you are looking for a premium mattress topper, then Dormeo is a good brand to consider.

About Dormeo

Dormeo is a leading American-based mattress manufacturer. The company was founded in 2012 and is best known for producing well-engineered memory foam spring mattresses, patented Octaspring mattresses, mattress toppers, and other home furnishings. Their cooling toppers are made using the latest sleep technology and are designed to deliver supreme comfort. Dormeo Mattresses are particularly very popular in the UK and Europe.

Dormeo toppers have won several awards, including the prestigious Crystal Cabin Award, Big Innovation Awards, awards from the Good Housekeeping Institute, German Design Award, and the Interior Innovation Award.

The Best Mattress Toppers From Dormeo

The innovative Dormeo mattress toppers have a unique design. Two of the most popular mattress toppers from Dormeo are:

  1. Dormeo Octaspring Mattress Topper

Dormeo toppers with patented Octaspring technology promise to give superior comfort and 8X times breathability to every type of sleeper. The product is ranked as the best topper for back pain by the National Sleep Foundation.

What Is Dormeo Octaspring Technology?

The Octaspring Patented Design allows each component spring to move independently in three dimensions. The key material used for construction is high-quality foam which has been engineered to give responsiveness equivalent to that of a spring topper. The individually spaced foam springs are eight-sided, and each of them moves in a 3D fashion to help provide a high level of cradling, enhanced comfort, and a plush feeling while you sleep.

The High-Quality Recovery Foam feature of the Dormeo Octaspring Mattress Topper serves three main functions:

  • Enhanced Comfort
  • Superior Support, and
  • Natural Temperature Regulation or Airflow

The topper dynamically adjusts itself to the natural contours of the body to ensure good comfort. Its smart zoning feature with different levels of firmness provides better support to your backs, hips, and shoulders.

Dormeo Octaspring is compatible with all types of sleepers including back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and side sleepers. The mattress topper also helps in spine alignment. The non-slip base, additionally, keeps the topper in place. These toppers do not give a sinking or stuck feel.

Dormeo Octaspring Mattress topper comes with a smart performance cover, which is hypoallergenic and machine-washable. The different available sizes of Dormeo Octaspring Mattress Toppers along with their prices are – Twin ($391.99), Twin XL ($408.99), Full XL ($468.99), Queen ($541.99), RV Short Queen ($541.99), King ($634.99), RV Short King ($634.99), RV King ($634.99), Split Head King ($634.99), California King ($634.99), and Dual King or 2 Twin XL ($734.99). All Octaspring Mattress toppers are 3" thick. Some of the other key features of this topper are:

  • 10 years warranty
  • Minimum use for 30 nights before being eligible for 100 nights of risk-free trial.
  • 50% lower carbon footprint than regular foam toppers.

On the downside, complaints about premature dipping may be common with this product. Watch this video to learn more about the Dormeo Octaspring Mattress Topper.

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   2. Dormeo Octasmart Plus Mattress Topper

The Dormeo Octasmart Plus Mattress Topper is engineered with the patent Octasmart Aerospace Technology. The design helps to smooth the uneven surface of your old mattress and contour your body for high-level comfort. The inner structure of the mattress topper can be divided into three layers:

  • Top layer – It is made with luxurious and high-quality open cell memory foam. The layer boosts comfort.
  • Middle layer – It consists of a 4cm thick layer of Octaspring with 3-dimensional adapting technology that cradles the body and reliefs pressure from the back, hips, and shoulders.
  • Bottom layer – It is made with Ecocell Foam Technology that has a 3D structure and offers great support as a base.

The Octavent Air System additionally offers an air circulation system that keeps you cool while you have a good night's sleep. The smart comfort engineering system of the Dormeo Octasmart Mattress Topper helps to:

  • Provide optimum support for your back, hips, and shoulders, and
  • Improve breathability while you sleep.

The topper also claims to protect against bacteria, molds, and dust mites.

The height of the mattress topper is 2.75" (or 7 cm) and is available in 4 sizes – Single, Double, King, and Super King. The mattress topper is quite expensive and is available in five different size options. Some additional features of the Dormeo Octasmart Mattress are:

  • 8 years of limited warranty.
  • Medium firmness.
  • 60 nights of risk-free trial.
  • Uses recycled materials, leaves 50% less carbon footprint, and is certified by OEKO-Tex.

On the downside, the mattress topper may not be suitable for those who are heavy weight or have severe back pain.

  3. Dormeo Octaspring Body Zone Mattress Topper

The Dormeo Octaspring Body Zone Mattress Topper is specially designed for those who are naturally heavier or have spine alignment issues. The five zones of their groundbreaking Octaspring technology support the back throughout the night and provide a comfortable sleeping environment. The topper is also suitable for lightweight individuals who are seeking additional comfort. The Dormeo Body Zone mattress topper comes with a washable cover and has 5 Year Warranty. It has a non-slip base and a height of 7 cm. Do remember that this product is not flippable.

Some of the other popular models from this brand are – Dormeo Fresh Mattress Topper, Dormeo Fresh Plus Mattress Topper, Dormeo Renew Mattress Topper, Dormeo All Seasons Mattress Topper, and Dormeo Aloe Vera Mattress Topper. All their Plus range toppers have a height of 5 cm, while the normal range has a height of 3.5 cm.

If you want to upgrade from the basic Dormeo Mattress Topper, try out their new Octasmart Deluxe Topper, approved by Good Homes. It is one of the tried-and-tested toppers for pressure relief and provides a memory foam level of comfort at a very affordable price.


All Dormeo Mattress Toppers are usually available at discounted prices on their website or at a nearby store. Shipping is free for most orders. Dormeo Mattress Toppers are of standard sizes and are compatible with other products from the same or other brands. Always check for offers before placing an order. Some of their best offers include a free pillow and free bedding bundle.