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Foam vs. Spring Mattress – Which One Is Better?

Foam vs. Spring Mattress – Which One Is Better?

With the myriad mattress options in the market, shopping for a new mattress can be confusing. Fortunately, you can narrow down your choices by determining if you want a foam or spring mattress. So, foam vs. spring mattress, which one is better?

Both options suit you and have their good and bad sides. It is up to you to understand a particular mattress to determine the right choice. For decades people have relied on spring mattresses. But with the advance in technology, memory foam mattresses are taking the market by storm. 

When buying a new mattress, start by determining the needs you want it to meet. It will be easier for you to choose between spring and foam mattresses. This article will help you by highlighting the difference between the two mattress categories.

foam mattress blueFoam vs. Spring Mattress: 6 Main Differences

Though foam and spring mattresses are the leading popular mattress types in the market, each has multiple subsidiaries that can easily confuse a sleeper. We have compiled in-depth differences between these two mattress categories to help you understand what suits you best.

Extra Support

When buying a mattress, you need to get what offers you extra support. That ensures you are consistent in your sleeping posture and have healthy sleeping positions. Besides, a bed with extra support helps distribute body weight, reduces pressure when you sleep, and maintains the spinal cord.

When comparing foam and spring mattresses, you will realize that spring mattresses are firmer and more suitable for those with heavy bodies. They can carry more weight compared to foam mattresses. Though you might still find firmer foam mattresses, they will conform more than spring. If you require extra support, then a spring mattress is the best option.

Motion Transfer

The last thing you need when buying a mattress is getting one that will monitor every move you make when you sleep. This is uncomfortable if you are a sleeper that moves around a lot. When choosing a mattress, consider the motion transfer.

If you want a mattress that will keep the motion to a minimum, the best option is the foam mattress. The coil mattresses offer less stability for people who move around often, reducing your quality of sleep. If you or your partner are restless sleepers, consider using the foam mattress. But some modern springs have individually pocketed coils, making them have less motion. But they cannot be compared with the quality foam mattress.


You need a mattress with a less toxic level. That way, you will not expose yourself to toxic chemicals when you sleep. Some chemicals found in a mattress, such as isocyanates, can cause throat, eye, and nose irritation. You must be on the lookout when buying any mattress.

If you compare the foam to the spring mattress, you will notice that some foam mattresses might have harmful chemicals compared to the spring option. So, if you have allergies, consider getting the spring mattress. For foam mattresses, you can avoid the toxic effects if you buy mattresses certified with the CertiPur-Us. This certificate assures there are no nasty chemicals used during production.

Heat Distribution

Are you a hot sleeper? Then invest in a mattress that has a reliable heat distribution. You will not have to worry about sweating a lot because of too much heat. However, you should understand that most mattresses are designed to trap heat. That means that if the mattress gets hot, it is not easy to lose that heat, which might compromise the quality of sleep.

For hot sleepers, using a spring mattress can help since it has better airflow than a foam mattress. However, if you still want a foam mattress and sleep hot, consider one with cool gel technology or breathable layers. Overall, buy a spring mattress if you struggle with raised temperature.

Pressure Relief

Do you want a mattress that offers you pressure relief? Pressure relief aims to increase comfort when sleeping on your bed. These mattress options are best for people who suffer from pressure sores. Pressure relief mattresses also offer high levels of support from the head to the toe and will relieve any mounting or pressure points when you sleep.

When you compare foam to spring mattresses, foam mattresses offer you excellent pressure relief. The mattress ensures you get the cushioning you need on your body, especially if you are a sleeper who loves sleeping on your sides. Note that for side sleepers, spring mattresses can be uncomfortable.


Everybody wants a high-quality mattress that will hold its shape and support for many years. You will not have to worry about replacing your mattress after a short duration. A durable mattress will also offer you quality sleep throughout the years without the thought of it getting damaged.

So if it is the durability you are looking for, you might be wondering which of these options is worth your hard-earned money. The foam mattress has high-quality materials, which makes it durable. The mattress will serve you for a long time without compromising your comfort, body stability, and general wellbeing. In case you want to invest in a spring mattress, ensure you settle on those with thicker and stronger coils. That offers you enhanced support and improves your mental and skeletal health.

FAQs On Foam Vs. Spring Mattress

Now that you have understood the difference between foam and spring mattresses, you might still have some questions about the mattresses before spending your money. Here are some common FAQs on foam vs. spring mattresses. Let's get straight into them!

Should You Invest In A Spring Or Foam Mattress?

Thanks to technology, foam, and spring mattresses have evolved to meet our ever-changing sleeping patterns. Thus, it is possible to get what you need in these mattress categories. However, before you start buying a mattress, make a list of what you expect it to do for you and use our analysis above to determine the mattress that best suits your needs. We want you to be assured of a mattress that will serve your needs.

What's More On Spring Mattress Vs. Memory Foam?

Find out what the spring mattress offers more and what the memory foam offers to choose the one that suits you.

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Foam Mattress

  • Best sued for side sleepers
  • Can handle weight
  • Offers pressure relief
  • Durable

Spring Mattress

  • Best suited for stomach and back sleepers
  • Firm
  • Heat distribution
  • Free airflow
  • Easy to maintain

Are Foam Mattresses Good?

Yes, memory foams are good and can serve you 8-10 years. It all depends on the quality and specifications of the particular foam mattress. Good mattress requires you to invest in them. Note that for any mattress to serve you for long, you need to maintain it.

spring mattress whiteAre Spring Mattresses Better Than Foam?

If you are a person who prefers getting a traditional firm, comfy, and supportive mattress, then using the spring option is the best choice. Positive reviews about these mattresses are evidence that you'll get something quality.

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Spring mattresses are ideal for sleepers who want firm mattresses with good airflow and heat distribution. If you are looking for durability, pressure relief, and strength, foam mattresses will work for you.

The secret is to settle on what will serve you best and offer you quality service. But here's the thing: buying a mattress is a personal decision, and what will work for you might not work for another person. Whenever you feel confused, browse this foam vs. spring mattress review to know the best mattress to use.

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