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Can A Futon Be As Comfortable As A Bed? (Find Out Here)

Can A Futon Be As Comfortable As A Bed? (Find Out Here)

You have probably found yourself in a situation where you are visiting friends or family, and there aren't enough beds for everyone. In such a case, a futon bed is the best choice for guests, thanks to its extensive functionality, versatility, and adequate comfort. So, is a futon as comfortable as a bed?

A futon can feel as good and comfortable as a bed or even better. However, it depends on the futon's shape, thickness, materials, and design. For instance, futons with wood frames and medium-thick cozy mattresses are more comfortable compared to low-quality futons.

A futon is an excellent alternative to a bed, especially during holidays and special events when you have a lot of guests and not enough bed space. A good futon will promote comfortable sleep and rest. This post discusses what futons are, what they consist of, their comfort, and other relevant elements.

floor bed flowersWhat is a Futon Bed?

A futon is a bedding style of Japanese origin. The name "futon" is a Japanese word meaning a round mat or cushion with leaves as fillings. While the design has changed slightly, this bedding style has maintained its name throughout the years.

The modern futon is a piece of foldable furniture commonly used as a couch or a bed. It comes in various shapes and thicknesses, has a mattress cover, and suits any home or office. Despite the modernization of the futon, it is sometimes referred to as a Japanese bed. A futon bed is a fixture in modern homes because of its cost-efficiency, multi-functionality, convenience, and portability.

What Are Futon Beds Made of?

The traditional Japanese futon bed consists of two parts, the mattress, and duvet. However, modern designs are slightly different. A modern futon is made of the following components;


It is the largest and most significant part of a futon. The futon mattress is typically thinner than most mattresses. The thinness also makes it easy and quick to fold. However, there are different mattress thicknesses to choose from. The mattress provides a firmer sleeping surface.


This part of the futon consists of two materials. The most common frame type is wood. Wooden frames are either softwood or hardwood. Hardwood futon frames are incredibly durable and last a long time. However, they come at a price.

On the other hand, softwood futon frames are lighter, relatively durable, and more cost-effective. Some futon frames consist of metal or a combination of metal and wood. Metal-framed futons need a lot more to achieve comfort. The frame design may differ depending on the futon manufacturer.


The third part of a futon is the slipcover. Futon slipcovers are designed for aesthetic appeal and protect the mattress from dirt and debris.

Is a Futon Sofa Bed Comfortable?

A futon sofa bed folds like a couch and opens into a bed. It is a very versatile piece of furniture. Sleeping on a futon sofa bed may take time before getting used to it. However, a quality futon sofa bed is quite comfortable. Below are elements that make a comfortable futon sofa bed.

Firmer mattresses

Futon sofa beds feature firmer mattresses than traditional bed mattresses. Many people assume that firm mattresses are not comfortable. However, this is far from the truth; sleeping on a good futon sofa bed is quite comfortable. It provides your joints and muscles with ample support, preventing back pain and other body aches. Firmer mattresses make it easy to get in and out of the futon.

Thin size mattresses

A futon sofa bed also has a thinner mattress, making it easy to fold and move. The thinness also allows efficient airflow, making futons incredibly comfortable to sleep in. The mattress does not catch dirt, mites, or debris, making them comfortable for people with allergies. Futons are also extremely easy to clean, thanks to their mattress size.

While a futon sofa bed can be comfortable, it also depends on its design and the mattress type. If you are used to sleeping on a softer bed, you may find it hard to sleep comfortably on a futon sofa bed for the first time. However, with some time, you may find the experience equally or more comfortable than sleeping on a bed.

Is a Futon Bunk Bed Comfortable?

A futon bunk bed is a type of bed with one frame stacked on top of another, allowing two or more people to sleep on the same bed. Futon bunk beds help maximize available floor space. You can fold this bed into a sofa during the day and unfold it into a bunk bed at night. However, when you fold the bed, only the lower frame turns into a sofa while the upper frame remains a bed. Therefore, it can serve two purposes at the same time.

Futon bunk beds are quite comfortable. The best futon bunk beds are made from comfortable mattresses for sitting and sleeping. Apart from their comfort, futon bunk beds are also space-saving and multi-functional.

What Size Bed is a Futon?

A standard futon med measures 54 by75 inches. However, there are also queen-size futon beds measuring 60 by 80 inches. King-size futon beds measure up to about 76 by 80 inches. However, larger futon beds are not as popular as the standard-sized ones.

Futons can take up as much space as beds once fully opened. The size of a futon bed matters because it influences the number of people that can use it. It also affects the amount of space it takes when fully opened. Using a large futon bed in a small space will make it useless as it won't open completely. Its size also influences how easily you can move it and open it.

Can You Make a Futon Bed More Comfortable? How to Do That

While a futon bed can be comfortable, you can make it even more comfortable. It just takes a few tips and tweaks. Below are some tips for making futon beds more comfortable;

Use slats for extra support

You can make your futon bed more comfortable by providing more support. Placing slats underneath the mattress can prevent sagging and provide stable support.

Use a mattress topper

A mattress topper can also improve the comfort of your futon mattress. A memory foam, latex, or wool topper would be perfect for your futon bed.

Place an air mattress on top

If your futon bed is too low for your comfort, add an air mattress on top of it; this will add height, making it easy to get on and out of. It will also enhance your comfort and support. Ensure that the air mattress is the same size as your futon bed.

minimalist futon bedIs it Recommendable to Sleep on a Futon Bed?

Yes, a futon bed is a recommendable bed. Below are instances when sleeping on a futon bed is recommended;

  • If you do not have enough space in your room for a bed and a sofa
  • It is also a recommendable bed option for guests who do not have enough beds.
  • Futon beds are also recommendable for kids because they are not as high as standard beds; this makes them safer as they reduce the dangers of falling.

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A futon is a piece of furniture that can open into a bed and fold into a chair. It is a comfortable place to sleep, thanks to its firm mattress. Its breathability makes it fantastic for a cool night's sleeping or daytime relaxation. Futons are designed for everyday applications. But here's the thing: go for the best futon there's in the market to enjoy the benefits.

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