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How Big Is 50 X 60 Blanket? The Importance Of Knowing

How Big Is 50 X 60 Blanket? The Importance Of Knowing

If you've ever shopped for a blanket, you already know that the blanket's dimension or size is among the top factors to consider. Blankets come in different dimensions, with 50 X 60 inches among the most common sizes. But the big question is: how big is a 50 x 60 blanket?

A 50 by 60-inch blanket is a throw blanket. It is not as small as a hand towel or big enough to cover a large bed. However, the blankets are large enough for infants and toddlers in certain development stages. Their size allows you to drape them over your sofa or the edge of your bed as an extra. 

So why should you mind about the size of the 50 x 60 throw or decorative blanket? Read the rest of this article if you are interested in learning more about how big throw blankets are, the importance of understanding the size, and everything in between.

big blanket whiteHow Big Is A 50 X 60 Blanket? Why It Is Important To Know

Want to know how big a 50 by 60-inch blanket is? Well, it is large enough to cover your lap when lounging, reading a book, or watching a movie. However, the blanket might not be large enough to fit a standard bed or cover the whole body of almost all adults; it is not a blanket for standard-size mattresses. Here's why confirming the size of a blanket, especially the 50 x 60, is such a big deal.

It Helps You Understand The Purpose.

Knowing how big a blanket is will help you understand its purpose. There are blankets as small as 14 by 16 inches. When shopping for blankets and you come across such dimensions, it would be easy to assume that a 50 by 60-inch blanket is large enough for a crib-bed. However, this is far from the truth. Understanding how big or small the various blankets will appear helps you make a wise decision.

It Makes Shopping Easier.

You will shop for your blanket online quickly and with surety if you know the exact size you want. When shopping, you will not have a chance to unfold the blanket and see how big it is. If you ignore checking the label for dimensions, you will get shocked when the parcel arrives. Knowing how big a 50 by 60 blanket is will help you shop confidently.

It Is Cost-Saving

You will save some money if you have an idea of your preferred blanket size. It's because you will not have to spend extra money on several small blankets but instead buy one correct size. You will also not need to spend more money replacing the wrong blanket.

It Gives Your Bed A Fitting Blanket

There are different blanket sizes for standard mattresses or beds. If you don't want guesswork and end up with a tiny blanket, start with knowing how big a blanket is. Most people ignore this consideration, but it will be better to understand the dimensions than waste your time and money.

It Promotes Decision Making And Creativity

When you know the blanket size, it's effortless to decide what you want. It's even easy when you want to determine the right blanket for various uses. Again, the 50 by 60 blanket promotes creativity. For instance, the blanket is not quite big, and you can creatively use it for draping over your sofa or backyard decoration.

How Big Is A 50 X 60 Blanket? Know The Right Blanket For Your Bed

A 50 by 60-inch blanket is smaller than standard bed blankets, and that's why it is known as a lap, throw, or decorative blanket. Now that you know how big this blanket is, you will also benefit from learning how to choose the right blanket for your bed. Below are some standard tips.

Use A Blanket Size Chart

Most blanket manufacturers offer size charts to clients. A size chart features the blanket sizes and beds that complement them. That means you can use a size chart to determine the right blanket size. However, know your bed's size before using a blanket size chart.

Know About Different Blankets

There are more than a dozen blanket types. Each type has a design customized for a particular need, bed type, and size. For instance, crib blankets should precisely fit in baby cribs, and twin-size blankets work best for twin beds or twin XL mattresses. Understanding the different blanket types allows you to make the right choice.

Know Your Bed Size

Do you know that understanding your bed size is the easiest way to find the right blanket? Use the bed size details to determine the correct type of blanket or a size chart from the manufacturer.

Shop From A Reputable Retailer

You will also find the right blanket for your bed if you shop from a reputable retailer. Most reliable sellers have experience and knowledge to help you pick the right blanket for your bed. There's also enough information on the site to guide you.

Are There Other Common Blanket Sizes?

Besides 50 X 60 blankets, there are other blanket sizes you will find at the store. Below are the standard blanket sizes on the market.

  • Lover blankets- 12 by 12 inches
  • Baby blankets- 14 by 16 inches
  • Cradle blankets- 14 by 30 inches
  • Preemie blankets- 18 by 24 inches
  • Stroller blankets- 22-30 by 30-36 inches
  • Lapghan blankets- 36 by 48 inches
  • Receiving- 40 by 40 inches
  • Crib blankets- 45 by 60 inches
  • Twin blankets- 65 by 90 inches
  • Double blankets- 85 by 90 inches
  • Queen blankets- 90 by 90-100 inches
  • King blankets- 108 by 90-100 inches

How Big Is A 50 X 60 Blanket? FAQs

Are you wondering why you need the 50 by 60 Blanket or whether it's a good choice? Let's answer you with the following four most asked questions on 50 by 60 Blankets. With these answers, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of these blankets.

What Is A Throw Blanket?

A throw blanket is a 50 by 60 blanket used for keeping warm when watching or hanging out with friends and family. It can also be used for your child's crib or as a decorative item for walls, beds, sofas, and various surfaces.

What Can You Use A 50 By 60 Blanket For? 

You can use this blanket to keep warm while lounging in the living room on a cold day. You can also use it as a decoration for your bedroom or living room by placing it over the back of your sofa. A 50 by 60 blanket is also often used to protect surfaces around the house.

What Size Is A 50 By 60 Blanket?

A 50 by 60-inch blanket is a small specialty-size blanket enough for a crib or baby bed. It is also large enough to cover your lap when watching a movie or protecting your furniture and other surfaces.

sleep blanket womanIs A 50 By 60 Blanket Size Enough For You?

This blanket size is enough for covering your lap or your torso. Note that this is not the best blanket to warm or protect your entire body when sleeping.


A 50 by 60 blanket is a throw blanket for use at home and beyond. It is too large for infants and babies but not big enough for adults. Therefore, most people use it as a decorative or lap blanket for lounging. Now that you have the answer to "how big is a 50 x 60 blanket," you can confidently make a purchase.

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