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How Many Pillows Should I Sleep With? [ANSWERED]

How Many Pillows Should I Sleep With? [ANSWERED]

Have you ever wondered: how many pillows should I sleep with on my bed? A pile of cozy and quality pillows on your bed after a thorough spread makes it look good and comfy. But here's the thing: you need to sleep with the right number of pillows if you value your comfort, safety, and nighttime moments.

You only need one or two pillows when sleeping. In fact, one pillow should be sufficient to provide comfort without harming you; a second pillow acts as a support for a particular body part. More so, the number of pillows depends on your sleep style and your body's state of health.

To explain the answer better, we have outlined several factors and reasons you should only have one pillow when going to bed. We will also look into the dangers of laying on a pile of pillows and how one pillow will provide the ultimate support for your neck during sleep. Let's get into it.

sleeping woman dreamingHow Many Pillows Should You Sleep With?

One pillow should provide adequate support and just the right elevation. The primary purpose of using a pillow when sleeping is to support your neck and align the neck and spine bones. As much as elevation is required, less is always more. Too much elevation can do more bad than good.

Below are the reasons you should sleep with only one pillow.

Neck Support

Sleeping with one pillow provides ample support for your neck. It keeps your neck neutral and prevents many health issues, like neck pain, fatigue, and headaches. Many pillows raise your neck too high, affecting its normal cervical curvature. That means your neck will bend away from its natural position.

Spinal Alignment

A single pillow will also promote spinal alignment. You achieve this by maintaining your spinal bones from cervical, thoracic, and lumbar to sacral. If your spine does not move out of its normal position as you sleep, you'll have a comfortable sleep time. You'll also not feel issues with your back the following day.

Better Sleep Quality

Using the right number of pillows can also promote better sleep. Sleeping with two or more pillows will cause discomfort around your neck, back, and stomach. That means exposing your body to a congested environment and stiffness, hindering your sleep quality.

How Many Pillows Should I Sleep with If I Have a Bad Neck?

If you have a bad neck, professionals recommend sleeping with only one pillow under your head. Your goal is to provide ample support for your neck. Most neck problems stem from poor sleeping habits or accidents.

With a single pillow, your neck gets the necessary support and maintains a neutral position. But make sure you use the right type of pillow. A wrong choice will worsen your back problems; a medium-firm orthopedic recommended pillow should do the trick.

Should You Sleep With Two Pillows?

Whether or not to sleep with two pillows depends on your sleep position. For instance, using two pillows would be unwise if you are a front sleeper. On the other hand, two pillows are recommended for side sleepers, one under your head and one between your knees.

However, sleep-oriented experts do not recommend sleeping with two pillows under your head. Furthermore, the size or height of the pillows also matters. If you have very thin pillows, you can use two. However, experts recommend a single medium-firm pillow instead of two small ones.

Sleeping With Too Many Pillows: What Happens, Is It Recommended?

Sleeping with multiple pillows may seem good, but it disrupts your spine's alignment. Orthopedic enthusiasts recommend sleeping with one or two pillows, depending on your sleep position.

  • In a nutshell, here are some results of sleeping with too many pillows.
  • Neck stiffness due to curving of the neck away from the neutral spine position
  • Back problems due to misalignment of the spine
  • Poor quality sleep due to discomfort
  • Headaches
  • Unwanted pain in the neck and shoulders
  • Posture problems from poor spinal alignment

How Many Pillows Should I Sleep With? FAQs

The recommended number of pillows you should sleep with depends on your sleep position. Some positions require one pillow and others two. Below are some answers to some of the most common pillow number-related questions based on sleep position.

How Many Pillows Should Front Sleepers Sleep With?

Most sleep experts do not recommend all-time front sleeping, also known as sleeping on your stomach. The sleeping position is not suitable for your spine's health. It imposes high pressure on your spine, causing it to shift from its original position. It also negatively impacts your body's alignment and can lead to aches.

However, if you cannot avoid front sleeping, using the right number and type of pillows can help avoid any inconveniences. You only need one pillow if you are a front sleeper. The pillow should go under your pelvis region to help with spinal alignment.

You can also have the pillow below your hips to keep your spine in position. You should avoid using a pillow under your head at all costs unless it is very soft and breathable. Keeping your head low can protect your spine and keep it aligned.

How Many Pillows Should Back Sleepers Sleep With?

For back sleepers, two pillows come in handy. With two pillows, one should go under your head to keep it perfectly aligned with your neck; the second pillow should go under your knees to keep them slightly raised. This helps promote quicker sleep because of comfort and perfect blood flow.

Sleeping on your back is among the most preferred resting positions for your spine's health. Using the right type and number of pillows can promote your spine's health and general well-being. The pillows can also improve your spine's natural curvature.

How Many Pillows Should Side Sleepers Sleep With?

Side sleepers embrace the fetal position and require one or two pillows. If you go with two pillows, one should support your head and the other positioned between the knees to keep them from touching. You can also place the pillow beneath your ribs if it's not so big. A quality pillow of the right size and material is perfect for the head, knees, and central body parts.

Many people sleep on their side, and it is the safest position when done right. If you do it wrong, you can easily hurt your lower back, hips, spine, and neck. However, you can avoid hurting your body and have a healthy sleep with the right pillow.

many pillows bedHow Many Pillows Should You Sleep With Under Your Head?

Sleep experts recommend sleeping with only one pillow under your head. More than one pillow will elevate your neck and move your spine from its original position. However, it is not necessarily the number of pillows you should worry about but their height and quality.

If you have soft or small pillows, you can use two. However, if you have medium-firm or firm pillows, which happen to be the most preferred, one should do the trick. Furthermore, you can sleep without a pillow under your head if you are a front sleeper.

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Sleeping with too many pillows can harm your body, and that is not what you want. It will lead to headaches, stiffness, pain in the neck and back, poor sleep, and overall discomfort. So, how many pillows should I sleep with for comfy and safe nighttime? The answer is one or two. According to experts, your sleep position will also determine the answer to the question above.

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