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How to Keep Mattress From Sliding [EASY TIPS THAT WORK]

How to Keep Mattress From Sliding [EASY TIPS THAT WORK]

Does your mattress keep sliding every time you get up or change position on the bed? Whether you are looking for a good night's sleep after a long day at work, playing with your pet, cherishing a pillow fight with your children, or having an intimate experience with your partner, wandering mattresses can be very annoying. Sliding mattresses not only disturb sleep, but also give a disordered look to the room.

Some of the best methods to help keep a mattress from sliding are: using rubber mats, non-slip mattress pads, velcro padding, mattress extender blocks or perhaps installing a bed with a tighter fitting frame. The choice of technique will depend on the type of bed frame, flooring, mattress, and a number of other factors. 

Your sleep is vital to your overall health. Instead of repeatedly dealing with the inconvenience of adjusting your mattress, you can try using one of these easy tips to prevent mattresses from sliding.

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What Makes Mattress Slide?

There are several factors that make a mattress slide over the bed.

  • Size of Mattress – If your mattress does not properly fit the bed frame, then it would be prone to sliding into those extra spaces. For example, a plush queen-size mattress may consistently slide on a king-size bed. Therefore, the mattress should match the standard size of the bed frame.
  • Type of Mattress – A plush or foam mattress can easily lose strength and is one of the earliest ones to cause sliding issues. Mattresses that are more than seven years old or are prone to frequent wear and tear are also prone to sliding.
  • Low Friction – Mattresses can also slide because of less traction. Low-quality latex and memory foam mattresses often have a hard time finding the right grip. If the outer cover of a lightweight mattress is made of synthetic or satin fabric, there will be more sliding issues.
  • Bed Frames – Most beds have barriers that allow the mattresses to perfectly snug in and keep the bed centered. However, some types of beds, such as platform beds or metal beds, may lack these frames, resulting in a sliding mattress.

How To Stop Bed From Sliding?

Once you have identified the reason, it is easy to figure out which method may help fix the issue. Here is a list of some of the easy and inexpensive ways to stop the bed from sliding:

Material Used How To Use? The Pros & Cons
Rubber Pads A floor rug with rubber padding (of the exact size of the mattress) can be placed in between the mattress and the bed platform.

For twin-sized beds, an exercise mat may also be used.

Reduces Friction.

Though inexpensive, it might be difficult to find rubber pad grippers equal to standard bed sizes.

Mattress Pads Non-slip mattress pads are placed between the mattress and the bed platform. Reduces Friction.

These are readily available in different standard sizes and are inexpensive. It can also add to the surface level of the cushion.

Hook & Loop with Velcro Use the rough side to hook to the bed base while the loop/ adhesive side sticks to the mattress. Reduces Friction.

It is an inexpensive solution that may last for a few months. May leave indentations on the bed base.

Railing You can either customize or add an adjustable rail to the bed frame so that your mattress snugs in tightly. Provides a snug fit.

DIY can be hard, and it may not give an ordered look to your bed.

Vacuuming / Cleaning Clean the mattress with a home vacuum cleaner. You can use the upholstery attachment setting. Clears away the sliding films formed under old mattresses.

Cleaning mattresses removes dust, pet hair, and other articles that can incline the mattress and make it wobbly.

The method may not be very effective, and mattresses that are more than 7 years may need to be replaced.

Mattress Extenders Blocks Measure and place a mattress extender block to fill in the large 'gap area' between the mattress footboard or bedhead. Provides a snug fit.

Exact sizing may be required.

How Do I Keep Mattress From Sliding On A Metal Frame?

Beds with metal frames usually lack the barrier that keeps mattresses in place. Velcro strips, tapes, side rails, and elastic strappers are some of the inexpensive methods to keep the mattress from sliding on a metal frame:

Velcro Strip On a Metal Frame Bed – To install velcro, first measure the strip equal to the size of the mattress. The adhesive side of the tape should be attached to the mattress, while the velcro side can be attached to the metal frame. Once done, it will help in keeping the mattress in place for many months. If you cannot find velcro strips, try using double-sided carpet tape instead.

Side Rails & Elastic Strappers – For mattresses that are lightweight and velcro strips just won't work on a metal frame, try installing side rails. Extendable steel frames are a quick fix. Elastic strappers can also be used. Place the tight elastic straps under the corners of the topper to stop the mattress from sliding on a metal frame.

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How Do I Keep My Bed From Sliding On Hardwood Floors?

If you have your bed placed on a hardwood floor, you might have frequently faced sliding issues. This is especially true if you have a lightweight bed. The regular friction between the floor and the bed may not only lead to scratched floors but may also chip the wall paint if your bed is attached close to the wall.

Material Used How To Use? The Pros & Cons
Rug Place a thick piled rug between the floor and the bed. Does not cause any permanent damage to the floor or the bed.

Makes the room look elegant.

Suited for rooms with large floor space.

Rubber feet/ Non-slip Furniture Feet Rubber feet can be attached by sliding, drilling screws on the bottom of your bed's leg, or using adhesive. Inexpensive and readily available in local stores. However, it may stain the hardwood floor (if using adhesive) or cause permanent damage to the bed's leg (if drilled).
Permanently Fixing the Bed Frame The bed frame can be permanently attached to a solid wall using wall plugs and long screws. Since this is a permanent solution, don't use this method if you are looking forward to re-configure the room.
Velcro Padding Velcro pads can be attached between the bed and the floor with the help of adhesive. It is easy and inexpensive but may stain the hardwood floor.

The above-mentioned tips can be used to prevent sliding a bed frame on all smooth floors.

How To Quick Fix Mattresses That Do Not Snug Completely?

For mattresses that do not snug completely into the bed frame, you can try wedging some soft material, such as a towel or a bedsheet, within the gaps. You can also use a mattress extender. However, this is just a temporary fix and the only permanent solution will be to replace the mattress with the correct fit.

How To Stop Double-sided Mattress From Sliding

If you have a double-sided mattress, then the bottom side of the mattress is likely to be constructed of softer material, making it prone to sliding. In such a case, replace your mattress with a one-sided mattress.

How To Stop Toppers From Sliding?

If your topper is loose or made with a material that can easily slide with the bedsheet, then you can use sheet suspenders, staps, or even safety pins and adhesive to hold the sheet and topper in place.

If you have tried all these methods and yet have to deal with the inconvenience of sliding mattresses, it is probably worth considering buying a new frame or a mattress that is compatible with each other.

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