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How To Make A Bed Like A Hotel? [STEP BY STEP GUIDE]

How To Make A Bed Like A Hotel? [STEP BY STEP GUIDE]

Hotel room beds are hard to miss as they stand out when you set foot in the room. Hotel rooms' tidy nature and high-quality bedding are welcoming. Achieving such comfort requires more attention and care.

Making a bed like in hotel rooms involves using clean bedsheets, a small blanket, and pillows. You spread one bedsheet on top of a fitted bedsheet with elastic corners. Then, put two other bedsheets and a blanket on top.

The hotel industry is famous for its excellent skills in offering its customers a fantastic sleeping experience. To achieve this luxurious environment, hotels are careful when choosing the bedding and colors for their rooms. Also, cleaning in hotel rooms is done regularly.

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Step-By-Step Guide

Making a bed like in hotel rooms is not a walk in the path. However, we prepared a guide for you to follow along to achieve hotel room comfort. Remember to wash your beddings and accessories before beginning the procedure.

  • Clear Your Bed

The first step in making your bed like a hotel is to get rid of everything on your bed. You want to leave your mattress bare before dusting it to eliminate dirt. Doing this will lead to an easier process with excellent results.

  • Get Clean Fitted Sheets With Elastic Corners

After checking the cleanliness of your bedsheets, place the bottom bed sheet on your mattress. Pull the sheet on each corner to cover the entire length of the mattress. Make sure to tuck the sheets neatly under the mattress.

  • Lay A Flat Bed Sheet

Lay a clean bed sheet on the bottom sheets and spread it. Place the sheets in a central position to allow even draping on the sides. Ensure that you iron the bedsheet beforehand to get rid of any wrinkles.

  • Add A Light Blanket

Flatten the blanket and pull it to align with the bedsheet. The corners of the blanket should meet the corners of your bottom bed sheet. We recommend using a cotton or linen blanket for maximum comfort.

  • Lay Another Bedsheet

Place another bedsheet on your light blanket, ensuring it aligns with the bottom bed sheet. Also, ensure perfect alignment with the mattress edge at the headboard before flattening it to all corners.

  • Fit The Top Sheet Between The Bottom Sheet And The Blanket

Gather the top side of the bed sheet that spreads past the blanket to align with the mattress edge. Fold it to fit between the blanket and the bottom sheet. Now spread the sheet to get rid of creases and flatten it.

  • Fold The Bottom Sheet In The Direction Of The Foot Of The Bed

Grab the bottom sheet, which extends to the headboard side to align with the edge of the mattress. Fold it to cover the blanket and top sheet. The number of pillows you want to put on your bed will determine the extent you will fold the sheet.

  • Fold In All The Corners

Leftover fabric will create a triangular shape. Fold the excess fabric under your mattress while pulling the fabric tight. Now tuck in the remaining parts and repeat the process on the other side of the bed.

  • Time For The Duvet Or Comforter

Throw your comforter or duvet over the bed. Spread it to occupy the entire length of the bed evenly. Fold the top side of your duvet or comforter to allow room for your pillows. We recommend using a duvet or comforter with a solid color.

  • Add The Pillows

Fluff your pillows and fit them in pillow covers of your preference. Arrange the pillows, making sure you have the same number on each side of the bed. The pillows should start at the edge of your duvet or comforter.

  • Add A Throw Blanket (Optional)

Fold your throw blanket into a rectangular shape and place it on a third the distance of your bed from its foot. Avoid overextending or hanging the throw blanket, as it makes your bed look chaotic.

What Else Do I Need To Achieve Hotel Room Comfort In My Bedroom?

Achieving hotel room comfort requires much more than spreading the bed. You want to take note of the color pattern in your room. Also, you want to get high-quality beds and mattresses in your house.

  • Get A High-Quality Bed And Mattress

Your bed and mattress will affect your comfort and the general appearance of your bedroom. Most hotels use innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses for their excellent comfort and support.

  • Purchase Better Sheets

Hotel bedsheets are famous for their soft and luxurious feel. These sheets are made from high-quality cotton with a high thread count. A thread count ranging from 300 to 500 is ideal for hotel bed sheets.

  • Use Warm Lighting In Your Room

Harsh lighting may be why you fail to achieve hotel room comfort. You want to find the best lighting option for your room according to its size and structure. The goal is to achieve warm, luxurious lighting for maximum comfort.

  • Clean Your Room And Bedding

If you have been to a hotel, you know that hotel rooms are always clean. You want to keep your sleeping environment tidy to achieve the same level of comfort. Wash your sheets and pillowcases regularly. Also, keep your floors clean to avoid dirt particles from settling.

  • Use A Mattress Protector

After investing in a high-quality mattress, you want to purchase a mattress protector to increase its longevity. Apart from protecting the mattress against dirt, bugs, and other stains, mattress protectors offer extra comfort.

  • Get More Good Quality Pillows

Most hotels use feather and down pillows since they are light and durable. However, the choice you make solely depends on your personal preferences. Hence, go for the pillow that offers maximum comfort.

In addition, many hotels have extra pillows on their beds to ensure a luxurious look in their rooms. Therefore, you want to purchase more pillows for your bed to achieve the same hotel room aesthetic.

  • Have A Color Scheme For Your Room And Bedding

Visual noise will affect your bedroom aesthetic and sleep in general. Ensure that the colors of your beddings and the walls of your room complement each other. Pick neutral colors that will give your room a luxurious look and promote relaxation.

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  • Pick Colorful Duvets And Comforters

Colorful duvets and comforters will improve the overall look of your bedroom. It creates a pop of color if your room has neutral colors. Most hotels will go for down comforters as they are soft, light, and fluffy.

  • Go For The Color White

You might want to change the color of your bedding to achieve the comfort and luxury of hotel rooms. Besides being calm and soothing, white is an aesthetically pleasing color that gives a luxurious impression.

  • Certainty

Most hotels go for white bedding to prove their cleanliness. Dirt and germs cannot hide in white beddings. White bedding allows hotel customers to go to bed knowing that their room is clean. Therefore, using white bedding is a way to gain the trust of hotel customers.

  • Versatility

White is a neutral color that matches almost all colors. Hotels prefer white bedding to allow for decoration of the hotel room. Since the beddings are of neutral color, hotels can easily experiment with their décor.


Place the top sheet upside down when spreading your bed. This enables you to show the right side of the bedsheet after folding. Also, remember that knowing how to make a hotel bed is only a fraction of what it takes to achieve excellent comfort.