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How to Spot Clean A Pillow – Do It Right the First Time

How to Spot Clean A Pillow – Do It Right the First Time

Experts recommend that you clean your pillow at least four times a year. Even when you use a pillowcase, your pillow is bound to collect oils, sweat, dust, dead skin cells, and bacteria after some time. That calls for spot cleaning, but do you know how to spot clean a pillow and do it right the first time?

You only need to follow a four-step procedure to spot clean a pillow in a straightforward process. Here's what you do: wipe off dust, absorb moisture from spills, clean with soapy water, and eliminate sticky spots.

Now that you have an idea of the steps you need to take when spot cleaning your pillow, we will discuss each point in detail to help you understand how to do it. By doing this, you can be sure of a spot-cleaned pillow. Take your time through the process below to get the best outcome. Let's get into it!

white pillowStep By Step Guide on How to Spot Clean Your Pillow

You need to look at these steps in detail to understand the best way to keep your pillows clean and free of any stains. If you do not follow the procedure, your pillows might not be as clean as expected. It might seem time-consuming, but there is no shortcut if you want excellent results. Here we go!

Wipe Off the Dust

The first step when spot cleaning your pillow is to eliminate any excess dust. At times, you might think that your pillow doesn't have dust, but the reality is dust doesn't have to be visible for you to know it is there. Cleaning off the dust is a crucial step as it helps ensure you do not push the dust in when you start applying moisture to the areas with spots.

There are two significant steps to dusting off your pillow.

  • Step 1: The first step is to beat the pillow on both sides continuously for a few seconds. This step will help release any dust on the top part of the fabric.
  • Step 2: The other step is to use a vacuum to eliminate more dust that might have accumulated in the fabric. Using the vacuum helps in sucking out any dust. If your pillow has a decorative lace, be gentle when vacuuming to avoid damage.

Absorb Moisture From Spills

The next step is to get rid of any spill stains. At this juncture, you need to get a clean cloth. If possible, use a white cloth for this process. It's because colored products might cause staining to your pillow and damage it further.

This step is crucial as it helps absorb the liquid from the spill, which will reduce staining. When cleaning out a stain from a spill, make sure you change the cloth you are using to clean whenever it gets dirty. Be delicate when pressing not to damage the soft filling.

Clean With Soapy Water

Next is to spot clean your pillow using mild soap and water. Again, use a white cloth and put it in a mixture of warm water and mild detergent. Squeeze off any excess water from the fabric, then press it on the stained pillow. If you are not careful during this process, you might spread the stain more than cleaning it off.

The best technique to avoid staining pillows is to work on the stain from the outside, moving towards the center. This is one of the best and most effective techniques you can use to get rid of the tough stains on your pillow. If you are not sure if the soapy water will stain the fabric, it is always advisable to test from the corner of the pillow first.

Once you have completed the cleaning process, take another damp cloth with no detergent and use it to clean off any soap residue on your pillow. When done, leave the pillow to dry.

Eliminate Sticky Spots

Your pillow might have sticky spots like chewing gum, cream, chocolate, or syrup juices. Such spots can be challenging to clean out, yet they will compromise the appearance of your pillow. The best way to clean sticky pillow spots is by taking ice and placing it in a polythene bag, then placing it on the sticky spot until it starts to harden.

Once it is hard, you can use a blunt object to remove the substance. During the removal, push the sticky spots from the outer part towards the center. At times, the sticky product can start to liquefy again. When this happens, place the ice back until it hardens and repeat the process; if any stains remain, spot clean to remove it.

What Is Spot Clean Only Pillow?

If the pillow you have is spot clean only, it is a high-end design. Most spot-clean only pillows are designer pillows, which means they have exquisite features. For instance, such pillows could have a special dye, detailed lace, or contain elaborate fabrics.

These fabrics are spot only, meaning that you can only clean them on the visible stain or spot. Note that such fabrics should not be subjected to machine or hand washing techniques. You should also not subject it to any restoration process. You only clean the areas that have spots in a process known as spot clean only.

What Are The Advantages Of Spot Clean Only Pillows?

Most people assume that spot cleaning is a luxury, but that is not the case. This cleaning option offers numerous benefits. Here is a look at some of the benefits you will get when you spot clean only pillow.

Protect Delicate Fabrics

In today's technology, most people turn to natural products when making accessories like pillows. These unique pillows need special care through the best cleaning practices for maximum protection. You will have a safe and robust fabric when you spot clean only pillows.

Remove Smells And Stains

After using your pillow for some time, it will accumulate some smells and stains from saliva, oils, sweat, or bacteria. That can be frustrating if the pillow isn't water friendly. With spot cleaning, it is possible to get rid of the smells and stains without damaging your pillow.

Increase Longevity

The material used to make spot clean only pillows comes from high-end fabrics. The last thing you need is to expose the pillow to cleaning products and detergents that will damage the fabric. You can easily increase the longevity of your pillow by spot cleaning it, as discussed earlier.

sleep woman pillowCan I Machine Wash Spot Clean Only Pillows?

A common question that most people have about spot clean only pillows is whether they can machine wash them. Most people prefer machine washing their clothes and fabrics because it is simple and consumes less time. But when it comes to spot clean only pillows, machine washing is not advisable; it is a bad idea.

Bringing the pillow in contact with soaking water and moisture can disintegrate its filling, leading to massive damage to your luxury pillow. Anytime you read the label on the pillow and realize it reads "spot clean only pillow," avoid cleaning that pillow with a machine.


Spot clean only pillows are popular since they are soft, durable, and offer comfort. But cleaning your home or business pillows can be a challenge, especially if it is a spot clean only pillow. The good news is you will no longer feel stranded when cleaning a pillow if you follow the above actionable steps on how to spot clean a pillow.

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