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How to Wash Decorative Pillows [COMPLETE GUIDE]

How to Wash Decorative Pillows [COMPLETE GUIDE]

Like most people, you probably have decorative pillows on your bed and sofa. These soft and comfy pillows help brighten your space. But as you enjoy the benefits of these pillows, remember that they accumulate dirt, dust, sweat, and grime, and they need regular cleaning; but do you know how to wash decorative pillows?

Different decorative pillows have different materials, so you must check the washing instruction label before washing them. That way, you will avoid any unwanted surprises afterward. If there are no special instructions, follow the basic decorative pillow cleaning steps.

Most people assume that there's no need to wash throw pillows, but leaving them dirty and dusty could trigger allergies such as rhinitis, asthma, or itchy eyes. It is necessary to clean your throw pillows every few months. In this complete guide, we discuss how to wash decorative pillows and everything you need to know about washing your throw pillows.

pillows blue decorativeHow to Wash Decorative Pillows: The Process

If you have decorative pillows, knowing how to wash them is a must if you don't want to compromise your health and the health of those in your home. But don't feel frustrated if you have no idea how to do it; here is a step-by-step decorative pillow washing guide to help you.

Step One: Remove the Cover

Most decorative pillows have removable covers to help you decorate your space based on style and season. Being removable also means you will clean decorative pillows separately. Once you have removed the pillow covers, you should launder them as instructed. In most cases, all you will need to do is to throw them in the washer and return them to the pillow within a short time.

Step Two: Read the Manufacturer's Care Label

The best way to determine the right way to clean the decorative pillow is to read the label. The label contains the instructions from the manufacturer stating how to clean the product. Some pillows might require you to hand wash or dry clean, while others recommend using a mild detergent or spot cleaning.

Step Three: Determine the Fabric Type 

If the throw pillow does not have a label, the next option is to determine the fabric type. Once you know the fabric, search for the best way to clean it. If you are unsure how to clean the fabric, inquire around or browse for relevant information online.

Step Four: Spot Clean the Fabric

Before you start with the cleaning procedure, it is always a good idea to spot clean your fabrics to determine if the detergent you plan on using is suitable. You can do this by taking a white towel, blotting it in the detergent you want to use, and using it as the edge of the pillow by applying pressure for 30 seconds.

Step Five: Check the Pillow for Discoloration

After using the detergent, the other vital step is to check the fabric for fading or discoloration. If the fabric is not discolored, then it means that the detergent you plan on using is suitable for the product. However, it is not the best choice to use if it fades.

Step six: Machine-Wash the Pillow

If the tag says it is okay for you to machine wash the pillow, place it in the washing machine. Hint: when using the washing machine, run the pillow through the hot wash using a mild detergent and the most extended cycle possible.

Step Seven: Sponge Clean

If the tag says you sponge clean the pillow, make sure you do that. Sponge cleaning is simple; you need to spray the pillow with upholstery detergent and then clean the surface using a firm sponge. Once the pillow is clean, blot the grime off using a clean white towel to ensure that the dye does not transfer to the pillow.

How to Wash Decorative Pillows without Removable Covers

If your decorative pillow has non-removable covers, find out if the cover is washable, then spot clean your pillow. Here are the two steps that summarize the process.

Step one: Determine Whether the Pillow and Cover Are Machine Washable

Not all the pillow types are machine washable. Before throwing your pillow in the washer, find out the fabric's materials to determine the proper cleaning method. If the fabric allows for machine washing, throw your pillows in and clean them.

Step Two: Spot Clean the Pillow

If your pillow has materials like silk or velvet and soft material fill like microbeads or memory foam, consider spot cleaning it. When spot cleaning, ensure that you have applied a few cleaning products on a clean white cloth, then clean any spots or stains. When done, use a separate pillow to blot the pillow dry.

How to Clean Pillows That Cannot Be Washed

If your pillow cannot be washed, take the time to learn the steps needed to ensure that your pillow is spotless. Here's what you do:

Step one: Spot the stains

Inspect the pillow to find any stains that it might have and note where they are and the particular type of stain.

Step two: Use the right amount of water

When cleaning such pillows, the next step is to use the right amount of water. Note that oil-based stains are not the same as regular stains, so ensure that you have used clean water and a white cloth to clean the stains off.

How to Wash Fluffy Pillows

If you have a fluffy pillow, you can clean it using a washing machine. Here's what you do:

  • Set the washing machine to use cold water and then set it to a delicate wash cycle.
  • Choose a mild laundry detergent that is suitable for handwashing.
  • Note that a detergent that is too strong could damage the fluff.

How to Clean Couch Pillows

The best way to clean couch pillows is by machine washing them. It's simple:

  • Load them in a washer and use a delicate cycle.
  • Once clean, hang then dry in a ventilated area until it dries.

How to Clean Decorative Pillows FAQs

Here are frequently asked questions about cleaning decorative pillows.

What are Decorative Pillows?

Decorative pillows are custom throw pillows that are unique, good-looking, and have a cushion-like texture. They add a little detail to home spaces like bedrooms; they also give homes a cozy feeling.

Can You Wash Throw Pillows?

Yes, you can wash throw pillows. It is essential to clean them often or when they get dirty. But before washing them, understand the fabric so you can determine the best way to clean the product. The wrong cleaning approach can damage the pillow.

How Often Do You Clean Decorative Pillows?

If your pillow has a cover, clean the cover each month or when it gets dirty. However, you should clean the pillows after four months or anytime they get dirty or stained.

sofa with pillowsWhat are the Tips to Know When Washing Decorative Pillows?

Here are tips to know when cleaning decorative pillows.

  • Read the care label carefully.
  • Test the detergent on a small area before using it on your pillow.
  • Use a fan if you do not have a well-ventilated area to dry the pillow.
  • If the stain has some odors, you can spray them with a deodorizing spray.


Decorative pillows enhance your space, but they also need regular maintenance so they can serve you for a long time without any complications. But before cleaning the pillows, learn the best techniques on how to wash decorative pillows so as not to damage them.

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