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What Is A Husband Pillow? [When And Why You Need One?]

What Is A Husband Pillow? [When And Why You Need One?]

Everyone, regardless of their age, needs good lumbar support. Poor lumbar support when reading or watching movies from your couch or bed leads to a bad posture. One of the ways to ensure you get the support you need is to invest in a quality husband pillow.

A husband pillow, also known as a backrest pillow, is a useful addition that offers ample support for the neck and the lower back. This pillow is an excellent option for people who want to ease back pains and increase comfort while nursing, reading, playing games, or watching movies.

But with many pillow designs and models in the market claiming to help with the lumbar support, you might wonder why husband pillows stand out. Read on to learn more about the husband's pillows, when to buy them, and reasons to consider getting one.

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What Is A Husband Pillow?

One trait about the husband pillow is that it comes with a well-padded backrest. The additional padding is vital as it helps ensure that your back gets cradled when you sit upright. Note that this is not the pillow you sleep on since the overall design is mainly meant to offer you firm support when sitting.

Besides being comfortable and offering the best support, these pillows are also luxurious. Some of them will feature cup holders, pockets, and headrests. You get to choose what you want depending on your needs and usage.

Why Is It Called A Husband Pillow?

The name "the husband pillow" is because this product offers ample support to everyone who uses it. This is the pillow you need to support your neck and lower back. Another feature that makes them stand out from the other neck pillows is the armrests. The presence of these arms helps to relieve tension in the lower torso region.

If you like reading, playing games, or watching movies, this is a great addition to your bed; you will do these activities without straining your back. Some pillows even allow for use on the floor as a chair alternative.

When Do You Need A Husband's Pillow?

Most people are unsure whether the husband's pillow will offer them the support they need. Some even assume that all husband pillows need a sofa back or a headboard to lean on; most of these pillows are sturdy enough to stand alone. You can use the pillow without adding other pillows behind it. Here are four times you'll need to get a husband's pillow.

When Nursing

Nursing is an incredible experience, but the number one challenge that most mothers have is discomfort. Rather than straining and ending up straining your back, get a husband pillow that will help soothe your pain and also help make nursing comfortable both for you and your child.

When In Bed Rest

Those on bed rest soon realize how much of a chore it is to lay on their backs. Laying on the bed all day can be uncomfortable and stressful. Luckily, this is something that you can manage if you get a husband's pillow. With this pillow, you enjoy ample comfort, whether sitting or reclining, as you read and watch your favorite shows.

After Surgery

Another category of people that need to use this product is those who have undergone surgery. These pillows are a gear option for post-surgery recovery since you will most likely need to stay in bed for optimal recovery. That's what doctors recommend. Using these pillows makes you relaxed and comfortable while recovering.

When Playing Games Or Reading

It is not easy to put down an interesting book you are reading. Also, playing video games or watching movies can be addictive. If you do any of these activities constantly without being mindful of your posture, you might end up straining your back. To ensure you have the best posture, consider using a husband pillow.

Why You Need A Husband Pillow: The Benefits

The husband's pillow design mimics sitting dolls with a broad chest and long arms. Though it might not seem like it, there are many benefits you will get from investing in the right husband's pillow. Here is what you will gain:

 Enhances Your Posture

If you or your kids like reading, watching movies or playing video games, the chances of slouching are high. You might still try to sit upright on your own, but once your activity becomes interesting, you will get carried away and return to the bad posture. But with a husband pillow, you will have the support you need for these activities and will not have to worry about slouching.

Helps Prevent Backaches

Most people have backaches due to compromised sitting positions when working on their computers, breastfeeding, playing video games, watching movies, reading books, and so on. Husband pillows ensure that you get the much-needed comfort during relaxation, reducing the chances of back-related injuries.

How To Clean A Husband Pillow

Like any other pillow, a husband's pillow will get dirty over time. But due to its unique features and design, many people wonder what the best cleaning approach is. Learn how to clean the pillow so you do not end up damaging it. Follow the steps below.

  • Step One: Vacuum it. This is the best way to eliminate the dust and debris on your husband's pillow. Note that this is only a weekly routine. When vacuuming, pay close attention to the curves and seams; this is where dirt is likely to accumulate.
  • Step Two: Hand wash. Most husband pillows have sensitive materials, so when hand washing them, avoid using toxic chemicals. Instead, wipe the pillow with natural and fabric-friendly detergents while paying close attention to any stained areas.
  • Step Three: Rinse. It is essential to remove any soap on the pillow's fabric. Prolonged exposure to detergent could lead to the fabric fading. To rinse it, use a new lean cloth and dab it in water, then rinse it; use the damp pillow to get rid of all the soap on your pillow.
  • Step Four: Drying. If your pillow gets oversaturated, then you should get a wet and dry vacuum that will help to suck in all the moisture. Once done, air dry it, and remember to turn the pillow on either side every few hours.

What Is A Husband Pillow? FAQs

If this is the first time using a husband pillow, chances are you have questions about the pillow, especially about the selection and top husband pillow models. Here are answers to a few common questions.

How Do You Choose The Best Husband Pillow?

With the various pillows in the marketplace, it is easy to get confused when choosing the best husband pillow. If you don't know where to start, here is a list of things to consider.

  • Size (if it is for your child, get the small size option).
  • Design
  • Lumbar support
  • Headrest
  • Cover
  • Maintenance
  • Type of filling
  • Color
  • Features
  • Cost

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What Are The Top 4 Husband Pillow Models?

Many brands are coming up every day promising to offer the best services. If you prefer to shop by brand and not just any pillow at the store, here is a list of the top four husband pillow models to consider.

  • UGG Clifton's husband pillows
  • Linenspa husband pillows
  • Brentwood Shagalicious's husband pillows
  • Milliard husband pillows


The husband pillows are great for nursing mothers, post-surgery patients, the elderly, office workers, or anyone who wants relief from the strain on their spine. But before buying the pillow, ensure that you choose a husband pillow that will serve your needs; the pillow features tell it all.