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Is Sleeping Without A Pillow Bad? [BENEFITS & DRAWBACKS]

Is Sleeping Without A Pillow Bad? [BENEFITS & DRAWBACKS]

You are probably wondering, is sleeping without a pillow bad? While the use of pillows dates back to 7000 BC, the stone blocks, slabs, or porcelain ceramic pillows used in early ages are different from what people use today. Today's foam, cotton, and feather-filled pillows have many benefits but can also harm your body if used incorrectly.

Pillows allow you to elevate your head to keep it naturally positioned while maintaining the right spine alignment from the ear to the ankle. More so, a good choice of pillows lowers the risks of headache, back pain, and bad posture. This allows you to sleep and rest comfortably.

However, not everyone will use a pillow when they sleep, and some claim that they get a better nap when sleeping without a pillow. That will have you question whether sleeping using a pillow is necessary. This article will address the question, "is sleeping without a pillow bad?" Let's get into it!

sleeping without pillowIs Sleeping Without A Pillow Good For You? The Benefits

Though almost everyone uses a pillow when they sleep, research shows that sleeping without a pillow has some benefits. So, let's explore the five main benefits you get if you choose to sleep without a pillow.

Reduces Acne And Wrinkles

Poorly cleaned pillows are a breeding ground of bacteria, and when you rest your head on them, the bacteria might transfer to your face. As a result, you might get issues like breakouts and acne. Besides, when you use poor-quality pillows and rest your head all night long, your face might get wrinkles due to the pressure—instead of dirty and poor quality pillows, sleeping without help.

Reduces Allergies

Pillows and pillowcases collect dust and bacteria over time, and so they require regular cleaning. Note that when you sleep, your nose comes in contact with the pillow, and if it is dirty, it might worsen your allergies. But if you do not have a pillow, it reduces the possibility of such allergens acting up.

Prevents Back Pain

The reason most people suffer from back pain is bad posture. The wrong pillow choice is one of the common causes of bad posture. A big mistake you can make is buying a pillow that doesn't suit you. That leads to a pillow that works against your natural spine curve. It is better to sleep without a pillow than settle on the wrong type.

Prevents Headaches

If you feel lightheaded or experience headaches when you wake up, your pillow might be to blame. Soft pillows reduce the blood flow to the head, thus lowering the oxygen supply to the head. That results in a continuous headache when you wake up. You can avoid this when you sleep without a pillow.

Allows You To Feel Rested

Without pain in your body or headaches at night, you enjoy some quality sleep. As a result, you will feel more rested when you wake up. Ample rest will make you feel rejuvenated and ready to take up the day's tasks. But if you are in pain, you might not feel rested, which compromises your productivity.

Why Is Sleeping Without A Pillow Bad? The Risks And Drawbacks

As much as there are many benefits of sleeping without a pillow, you get exposure to some health and physical risks when you choose not to buy a pillow. Here are two main risks of sleeping without the right pillow.

Alters The Health Of Your Spine

Without a pillow, you'll likely have a misaligned spine, resulting in inadequate support at the head and the neck. Afterward, you get tension on your neck, shoulders, and back. However, a pillow will offer you good support regardless of your preferred sleeping position; pillows help keep your spine aligned.

Doesn't Relax Your Head

A pillow helps you keep your head cool and relaxed during the night. It's even more exciting to get a quality pillow with cooling technology. That means when one side gets too hot, you can turn it to the cool side. With this option, you can keep your head cool all night long.

Is Sleeping Without A Pillow Bad? Faqs

Still uncertain whether you should sleep with or without a pillow? Here are some FAQs on pillows and how they impact your sleep.

How Long Should You Sleep Without A Pillow?

The decision to sleep or not to sleep with a pillow depends on how you sleep and your needs. Though it is advisable to sleep without a pillow, the duration that you sleep without one depends on how your body reacts to the situation. If you start noticing pain and arches, it is time to get one. However, if sleeping without a pillow does not compromise the quality of your sleep or health, embrace the norm.

Does Sleeping Without A Pillow Help Your Posture, Neck, And Hair?

The way you sleep affects the curve of your spine. For instance, if you choose the wrong pillow, it will not offer you the support you need on your spine, forcing you to sleep in an unnatural sleeping position which can, in turn, have devastating effects. But if you sleep without a pillow, having issues with your posture reduces.

A too high or low pillow will force your neck to bend at an unnatural angle. As a result, this might cause discomfort and strain over time. For your neck's well-being, it is better to sleep without a pillow than to choose the wrong type.

Though there is inadequate scientific evidence to support this, it is more beneficial for your hair if you sleep without a pillow. The reason is that as you toss and turn at night, the pillow breaks your hair, and that might make it appear thinner.

pillow sleep kidHow Should You Sleep Without A Pillow? Awesome Tips

If you have been using a pillow when you sleep, you are already accustomed to it, and you probably have no idea how to sleep without a pillow. Due to some risks of sleeping without a pillow, the chances are that you don't want some guesswork. Use these tips to help you sleep without a pillow.

  • Start gradually: Note that eliminating the pillow right away could cause stress and strain on your body. The best way to do this is by adjusting slowly by decreasing the support gradually.
  • Ensure your sheets are clean: Since you will be lying directly on your sheets, ensure that they are clean. You will not have to worry about germs or bacteria getting into your skin or nostrils when you sleep.
  • Choose a sleeping position: When you sleep without a pillow, it is vital to choose the correct position. Doing that will prevent you from straining your spine and reduce unnecessary pain.
  • Invest for quality sleep: You need to buy the right mattress to sleep comfortably without problems, even when you forget a pillow. If you love sleeping on your couch, get the right design.

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Though sleeping on a pillow is popular, you can still do without it. A wrong pillow will cause more complications compared to sleeping without one. If you notice a headache, aching shoulders, neck, or back pain when you sleep, the cause of the problem might be your pillow.

If that is the case, start eliminating the pillows. But first, ensure it's not all because of your pillow quality or sleeping position. Most importantly, if you must use a pillow to support your sleeping posture but feel confused, consult sleep professionals to help you get the right pillow for your body.

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