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The Best King Size Pillows [TOP MODELS REVIEWED]

The Best King Size Pillows [TOP MODELS REVIEWED]

Pillows come in different sizes, shapes, and materials to accommodate buyers' preferences. One of the sizes you will get when buying a pillow is the king size. But even as you decide to purchase king size pillows today, getting the best choice from the many options available can be challenging.

The top king size pillow models include Snuggle-Pedic, Coop Home Goods, Simba, Weekender, Viewstar, Layla Kapok, Sleep And Beyond, and Zen. These top-notch comfort pillows can accommodate your sleeping style while still maintaining proper alignment of the neck, head, and curves.

If you want to buy the best pillow, take your time to read this article. We will review the eight top king-size pillow models. That way, you can easily settle on what you want. Let's get into it.

two pillows sizesTop Models Of The Best King Size Pillows

Whenever you want a quality pillow, there are numerous considerations you have to put in mind, like the fill type, cover material, and your sleeping position. Our review has considered all these and more aspects. Here are the top 8 models of the most preferred king size pillows in the marketplace.


When buying a pillow, most people worry that it will turn lumpy or flat over time. But with Snuggle-Pedic pillows, you do not have to worry about such complications. The company uses mesh fabric, bamboo viscose, polyester, and Lycra to make their pillows, which helps maintain their firmness for a long time.

These pillows also come with shredded memory foam. You can adjust the quality of your pillow to suit your sleeping position. The pillow is machine washable, which makes it easy to maintain.

Coop Home Goods

Only a few pillow brands have managed to create a balance between soft and firm pillows. Coop Home Goods is an example of such a brand; the Coop Home Goods king size pillows have memory foam and microfiber, making them supportive and plush.

So these pillows are soft to offer comfort and firm to give you support. The pillows are also suitable for both back and stomach sleepers. The best part is that the pillows come with extra stuffing that you can add or remove in your home to help you create your unique height.


One of the considerations when buying a pillow is your size and weight, which can make the pillow buying process hectic and time-consuming. Simba brand is aware of this, and that's why the Simba king size pillows fit all regardless of your size or sleeping style.

The pillow comes with an adjustable height, making it possible to adjust the pillow to suit your preference. Besides, adjusting the pillow is easy, and all you need is to unzip the casing and take out some of the products that make the pillow's core.


Opt to buy a Weekender king size pillow if you get too hot at night and sweat a lot. The pillow brand is infused with temperature-regulating gel that ensures good quality sleeping conditions. It also has a ventilated design that helps to maximize circulation.

The other great feature you'll love is the ease of maintenance. It has a removable cover that you can clean each time it gets dirty. In addition, it is machine washable; when the pillow gets dirty, toss it in the washing machine and clean it.


If you have allergies, you might find that sleeping on a synthetic pillow might worsen your condition. So, it is vital for people with allergies to invest in Viewstar king size pillows because they are made of hypoallergenic materials. You will not have to worry about your allergies acting up with this brand.

The pillow also offers full support to the neck and shoulder area. Also, these pillows are great and versatile, and they work great for various types of sleepers. Again, the pillow will remain cool and airy all night long.

Layla Kapok

Nothing is as frustrating as sleeping on a pillow that loses its shape overnight. Once a pillow starts losing its shape, it also starts losing support, which will limit your comfort, causing you to have a hard time when you sleep. Layla Kapok king size pillows keep their shape over time and ensure a comfortable and enjoyable sleep.

Layla Kapok pillows are great for multiple sleeping positions and different body sizes. They also have natural fibers similar to cotton but have a silk-like feeling. The fills are also adjustable to help you change with variations in your sleeping position.

Sleep And Beyond

Another king size pillow brand is the Sleeping and Beyond. This brand focuses on making pillows for people with back and neck pain complications. It is an excellent pillow since it holds its shape consistently. Thus, it is best for the back sleepers who strain to find a comfortable pillow.

The pillow is thin and hypoallergenic. It is a perfect choice for people who need a more natural feel on their pillows. The best feature of Sleep and Beyond king size pillows is their ease of cleaning; you can use a washing machine to clean them.


Zen king size pillows are affordable and offer quality service to all users. The pillows have jacquard bamboo that provides breathability and helps to promote airflow so that anybody using the pillow does not overheat.

This brand's king-size pillow is also made of poly gel fillings that help to offer you comfort and support when you sleep. Zen king size pillows are ideal for side, back, and stomach sleepers.

When Do You Need The Best King-Size Pillows?

A King-size pillow is not for everyone; it is specially designed for sleepers who move around and enjoy sleeping on more surfaces. It is recommended for back sleepers or people with broad shoulders. Extra volume can also suit side sleepers who need height and loft. You can also choose to use it as a body pillow.

How To Choose The Best King Size Pillows

A good king-size pillow is highly personal, and it depends on individual preferences, especially on the materials and your sleeping position. When choosing a pillow, ensure that your neck stays in a natural position without flexing, rotating, or extending to the back size.

Here is a look at other tips to use when choosing a king-size pillow. Ensure the pillow is:

  • Adjustable to suit your preference
  • Breathable
  • Firm
  • Soft
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable

Faqs On The Best King Size Pillows

Here are answers to common FAQs on King size pillows you should know before buying these pillows.

What Size Are Pillows For A King Bed?

King size pillows are 20 inches by 36 inches, and two of them, side by side, can fit a king-size bed. But if you want to get a standard or queen pillow for your king size bed, consider getting three pieces.

How Big Are King Size Pillows?

The king-size pillows are 20 inches by 36 inches.

bedroom gray whiteAre Cheap King Size Pillows Worth It?

It depends on the brand and pillow features. Most popular brands sell their pillows at affordable prices, which look pretty cheap to some people. What matters is value for money. However, synthetic pillows sold cheaply are not worth it; these pillows can trigger your allergies. At the same time, they will not offer you the neck and back support that you need, and they are not durable.

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Buying king size pillows that meet your specifications guarantees safety and comfort. Take your time and research to find the best king size pillow for your situation. We understand what we want, and the 8 top models of the best king size pillows discussed in this article make the selection easy for you.

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