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The Best Knee Leg Pillows (TOP MODELS REVIEWED)

The Best Knee Leg Pillows (TOP MODELS REVIEWED)

Many sleepers turn to pillows to make their sleep more comfortable. Luckily, numerous pillows promote better sleep; thanks to various pillow models discussed in this post, you choose from the best. So, what's the best knee leg pillow?

The best knee leg pillow models available on the market include The Company Store knee pillow, Sleep Number knee pillow, Cushy Form knee pillow, Calming Comfort knee pillow, Contour leg and knee pillow, and Luna Orthopedic knee pillow. All these models assure a sound sleep.

Choosing the best knee leg pillow can be challenging because there are numerous models and options. We break down six of the best knee leg pillows and why they are incredible.

two pillow for sleepWhat Is A Knee Leg Pillow?

Knee leg pillows are small pillows made to fit between or under your knees. Side sleepers often place them between their knees. Back sleepers use the knee leg pillows beneath their knees.

The pillows are excellent for realigning the spine, especially when sleeping on the side or back. You achieve this because the knee leg pillow lifts the knees and hips into the correct position. A knee pillow between your legs also prevents the hips from pushing together as the knees come closer.

What Are The Best Knee And Leg Posture Pillows? 6 Top Models

The many knee and leg pillow models with suitable specifications will excite you. Here is an overview of the six top models you should consider.

The Company Store Knee And Leg Pillow

This knee and leg pillow is designed with side and back sleepers in mind. It helps reduce tension in the pelvic and lower back region by fitting perfectly between or beneath your legs, promoting good sleeping posture. People suffering from chronic aches and pains benefit immensely from the pillow.

The pillow model also has polyester fiberfill and a washable cotton-blend cover, making it highly breathable to reduce heat buildup. The filling gives it a soft cushion for the knees and leg for effective spinal alignment. Besides the cover, the entire pillow is machine-washable.

Sleep Number Knee Pillow

Do you need a pillow that promotes spinal alignment, supports your knees, and assures pressure relief? A Sleep Number knee pillow is the go-to option. It's ideal for sleepers looking for an affordable yet effective knee pillow that rests perfectly between the knees, creating a comfortable space.

This leg and knee pillow consist of a solid memory foam fill that offers substantial support and immense pressure relief. The memory foam also contours to alleviate discomfort in the back, hips, and knees. These hypoallergenic pillows come with a removable, machine-washable cover.

The Cushy Form Knee Pillow

This contoured wedge-shaped leg and knee pillow embrace memory foam. The unique shape makes it a great knee pillow for side sleepers; it is arguably the best knee pillow for side sleepers due to its quality construction and fantastic performance. Its top-quality memory foam contours incredibly with your body shape, guaranteeing comfort and support.

Physical trainers and therapists highly recommend this pillow for people with sciatica, hip pain, and backaches. This decently priced pillow is also ideal for pregnant women. Note that it is not recommended for back sleepers.

The Calming Comfort Knee Pillow

A close look at this pillow reveals a wedge and contoured knee shape, which provides superior pain relief and comfort. You can use this pillow for different sleeping positions without worrying about its durability. There are also cooling gel layers on the pillow's exterior for full breathability and exceptional cooling. The pillow's highly breathable and removable mesh is also machine washable.

Contour Leg And Knee Pillow

Side and back sleepers require this leg and knee pillow to enjoy natural leg positioning. With a breathable design showcased by tiny ventilations, you enjoy ample cooling. This memory foam pillow is longer than average knee pillows, making it more comfortable with fantastic firm support. Its unique triangular shape allows the pillow to fit in the upper thigh or pelvis region comfortably.

Luna Orthopedic Knee Pillow

It is an affordable and well-ventilated knee pillow that offers ample comfort and maximum airflow. The pillow helps with spinal alignment, thanks to its contoured design. This hypoallergenic and chemical-free pillow also comes with a washable cover with a zipper.

What Is The Purpose Of The Best Knee Pillow? The Benefits

Why should you spend time and resources looking for the best knee pillow? These benefits are more than enough motivation.

  • Knee pillows promote better blood circulation by elevating your legs slightly, facilitating blood flow. This occurs when you place the pillow between your legs.
  • Knee pillows promote correct sleeping posture, eliminating strain on sensitive pressure points along your spine, hips, and back. The knee pillow prevents your spine from curving unnaturally.
  • These pillows prevent your hips from pressing or moving towards each other, resulting in hip and back pains. The separation promotes proper hip alignment.
  • Knee pillows promote good sleeping posture and knee alignment, ensuring no pressure point creation or back and hip pains.

How To Choose The Best Knee Leg Pillow

Choosing the best knee pillow is easy if you know what to look for. You should consider the following factors.


The comfort of a pillow is determined by the shape, size, and material. For instance, contoured pillows offer the best comfort. Settle on a correctly sized pillow that fits between or beneath your legs comfortably.


Does the shape of the pillow allow it to fit easily between or beneath your legs? Based on what you want, contoured, cylinder, or wedge-shaped knee pillows will suit you.


The pillow's ample support level depends on its thickness and firmness. Thicker pillows provide more support. However, for young ones, thinner or softer pillows offer incredible support.


While knee pillows do not feature firmness ratings, manufacturers often describe the firmness using words like medium or extra firm, or soft. Your specific needs should determine your choice of firmness.

How To Use A Leg And Knee Pillow: Best Practices

There are many ways you can use a leg and knee pillow. Let us break down the best practices below.

Between Your Knees

Place the leg and knee pillow between your knees. Lay on your side, bend your knees slightly towards your chest, and place the pillow between them. Adjust the pillow until you are comfortable. This works well for side sleepers.

Between Your Thighs

Place the pillow between your thighs for hip alignment; this will only work with contoured pillows. The pillow also needs to be the correct size to fit comfortably.

Beneath Your Knees

When laying on your back, place the pillow beneath your knees. Move it around and adjust it until you are comfortable.

Beneath Your Legs

Place the pillow beneath your legs for foot elevation to improve circulation and comfort when sleeping on your back.

leg injury pillowsWhat Is The Best Leg Rest Pillow For Knee Pain?

We can confidently say that you cannot go wrong with The Company Store knee and leg posture pillow. Below are features that make it the perfect option.

  • Perfectly designed for back and side sleepers.
  • Features a moldable design that offers incredible comfort and extra cushioning for the knee and legs.
  • It comes with a breathable cotton-blend cover that provides effective cooling.
  • It is impressively pliable compared to other memory foam pillow designs; can be shaped according to a sleeper's needs.
  • It is recommended for various sleeping positions and needs, even for people with chronic pains and aches.

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With our review of six top knee and leg pillow models, you can now find a pillow for your specific needs. The best knee leg pillow guarantees ample support, comfort, spinal and hip alignment, and value for your money. Feel free to buy any of the pillows you choose from our list.

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