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Do You Need A Lumbar Pillow For Bed? [FIND OUT HERE]

Do You Need A Lumbar Pillow For Bed? [FIND OUT HERE]

Medical experts recommend lumbar pillows for their patients suffering from lower back pain. Some people may experience back pain due to age, weight, and fitness level. However, Poor sleeping and sitting posture may also cause pain in the lumbar region.

A lumbar pillow is vital for a good night's sleep. It helps relieve back pain and improve spinal alignment while providing support. Sleeping on a lumbar pillow will enhance your sleeping posture as well.

According to back pain statistics, 540 million people experience back pain worldwide. Experts predict up to eighty percent of Americans will experience back pain.

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What Is A Lumbar Pillow?

A lumbar pillow is a support pillow for the lumbar region, also known as the lower back. It has a half-moon-like shape and memory foam or fiber filling in most cases. A lumbar pillow supports the spine as it sits between your lower back and bed.

Why Is A Lumbar Pillow Important?

The lumbar region is a sensitive part of the body. The lumbar region is still in use whether the body is relaxing or in motion. Placing a lumbar pillow between your body and the bed helps reduce stress on the lumbar region.

Why Do I Need A Lumbar Pillow For My Bed?

Back pain is, in most cases, harmful. However, the discomfort and pain accompanying it impede your sleeping process. Many doctors would recommend lumbar pillows for patients with back pain.

Provides Support For The Back

Back pains are inevitable for people who spend a long time sleeping or sitting. A lumbar pillow supports your back, ensuring your spine is in place. It also serves as an orthopedic pillow as it aids in preventing more damage to your back muscles.

In addition, laying on a lumbar pillow allows your back muscles to relax since it holds up your weight. Regular use of the lumbar pillow can reverse damage to your back due to lack of support and relief.

Improves Spinal Alignment

Poor spinal alignment may be a reason why you achieve poor sleep quality. The spine is among the body's most vital organs, enabling most of the body's movements. A lumbar pillow supports the spine, keeping it in place.

Also, a lumbar pillow relieves the spine of pressure due to bad posture by holding the body in place. The soft yet firm memory foam material traces the shape of your back, keeping it in its natural alignment.

Improves Posture

Many medical experts advise people to maintain an upright posture when sleeping and sitting. However, maintaining a proper posture is not as easy as you may find yourself slouching at most times.

A lumbar pillow is a perfect solution for your poor posture. The pillow sits between your lower back and the mattress providing support for your lower back. It holds the body in its natural position improving your posture.

Better Sleep

Back pain is among the top reasons most Americans experience poor sleep quality. A lumbar pillow relieves pain in your lower back by ensuring a good sleep posture. As a result, you experience better sleep and feel fresh and strong.

What Are Other Lumbar Pillow Benefits?

Apart from the bedroom, lumbar pillows can also serve you while working and traveling. It is essential for people who spend hours sitting; the main cause of back pain among many Americans.

Improves Circulation

Sitting up or lying down for a long time may lead to poor blood circulation. Exercising is the best solution for this kind of problem. However, a lumbar pillow is also a great option as it ensures even bodily weight distribution improves blood circulation.

Increases Productivity And Concentration

Back pain may be excruciating to the point where it limits your productivity. A lumbar pillow boosts your sleep quality by supporting your back and keeping it in its natural posture. It also aids in reducing muscle cramps and increasing blood flow.

Improves Digestion

Slouching exerts pressure on your midsection hence impeding the digestion process. A lumbar pillow lifts the pressure off, allowing digestion to take place quickly. In addition, upright posture aids in reducing heartburn.


Lumbar pillows are small and light. It is an excellent investment for those with back problems who also love traveling. You can carry it around to your office, class, or even tour without feeling overloaded.


A lumbar pillow costs between $20 and $30 on the market. It is available with ease and affordable. Furthermore, lumbar pillows are available in different shapes, sizes, and materials, allowing you to pick the best option for yourself.

How To Pick The Best Lumbar Pillow?

Picking the best pillow for yourself is a tough task in general. When it comes to lumbar pillows, the best one depends on factors like body size, shape, and personal preference. After considering such factors, you want to look out for certain things when shopping.


The material of the lumbar pillow you choose to buy should be firm yet soft enough to provide comfort. Most lumbar pillows contain memory foam and fiber. However, memory foam is better since it softens when it contacts heat. As a result, it molds into the shape of your lower back.

Lumbar pillows are also available in polyurethane foam, Buckwheat, and latex. Polyurethane foam lumbar pillows are cheaper with moderate contouring properties. It is also less durable than memory foam.

On the other hand, Buckwheat lumbar pillows are cool and adjustable but with a higher price tag. In addition, the hulls may be too noisy for some people. Latex lumbar pillows are also available in the market. They are supportive, breathable, and contour your body as well.

Pillow Size

Many pillow brands design their pillows in different sizes to include all body types and sizes. You want to find the pillow that best fits your body to achieve maximum comfort. Using a lumbar pillow that is too small or too big may lead to worse back pain.


Like when buying any other pillow, durability is among the determining factors of an excellent lumbar pillow. You want a lumbar pillow with high-quality filling that will last a long time without losing quality.

A good pillow will last for up to two years without tearing. We recommend checking the internet for customer reviews and ratings on the lumbar pillow before purchasing one.

Pillow Cover

Your lumbar pillow's cover should be of a high-quality material that will withstand wear and tear. It should also be soft and comfortable. In addition, your lumbar pillow should be hypoallergenic and dust-repellant.

Firmness And Support

Lumbar pillows are available in a variety of options. There are those with a design fit only for lower back support. Others are designed to support other body parts like your neck and knees. Therefore, we recommend understanding your needs before picking a lumbar pillow.

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Pillow prices vary according to material, size, and even brand. You should be able to get an excellent lumbar pillow that is within your budget. Remember that not all expensive pillows are worth it as some do not have value for money.

Do I Need Lumbar Pillows If I Experience No Back Pain?

Most people assume that lumbar pillows are just for back pain. Remember that a lumbar pillow has benefits like better posture and circulation for the body. Therefore, we recommend using one regularly for general well-being and avoiding stress on the spinal region.


A lumbar pillow is an essential product in your bedroom. You do not need a physician's recommendation to get a lumbar pillow. However, we recommend visiting a doctor to ensure that using one will not worsen any underlying medical conditions.