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Pacific Coast Pillows: Are They Worth It? [FIND OUT HERE]

Pacific Coast Pillows: Are They Worth It? [FIND OUT HERE]

Can you picture that incredible feeling you get when your head sinks into a big fluffy pillow after a tiresome day? Well, you only get this feeling when laying on special pillows like the pacific coast pillows. These pillows are famously used in luxury settings like hotel rooms because of their impressive features.

Pacific Coast is a brand known for its allergy-friendly pillows. The luxurious Pacific Coast pillows are worth it because they are crafted for premium comfort and filled with lofty down or fluffy feathers. The filling materials are specially designed for comfort and optimum support.

Millions of accommodation rooms use Pacific Coast pillows for their luxury and comfort. However, since they are not as popular in households as hotel rooms, many people know very little about these pillows. Read on to discover whether Pacific Coast pillows are worth all the acclaim they receive.

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What Are Pacific Coast Pillows?

Pacific Coast pillows are a brand of pillows created by the Pacific Coast Feather Company. The company designs and manufactures a wide range of pillow designs with hypoallergenic materials. There are many Pacific Coast pillows, from down, luxury, hotel, to bed pillows. The company also categorizes its pillows based on their materials, like Pacific Coast feather pillows and Pacific Coast Touch Down pillows.

What Are Pacific Coast Feather Pillows?

These pillows are made with luxurious and versatile assortments of feather and down fillings. The feathers are specially designed to ensure the premium comfort and longevity of the pillows. In addition, Pacific Coast feather pillows are firm and more supportive than down or combinations of down and feather pillows.

It is also worth noting that the feathers are hyperclean since manufacturers wash them up to eight times to eliminate dirt and dander. Pacific Coast's allergy-free warranty backs these feather pillows, which means they are safe for allergy sufferers. The feather pillows are great for everyone, regardless of your sleep style.

For the above reasons, these pillows are the most famous hotel room options and now quickly gaining popularity in millions of households. For more than a century, Pacific Coast feather pillows have earned recognition as one of the best on the market, thanks to the elements explained above.

What Are Pacific Coast Touch Down Pillows?

Pacific Coast touch-down pillows contain down fillings and 230 thread count 100% cotton covers. They feature a pillow-in-a-pillow design, making them extra comfortable and supportive. The pillow's inner chamber comprises duck feathers and down, while the outer chamber contains hyperclean goose down. These touch-down pillows feature a barrier weave double-needle sewed fabric, which is easy to wash in the machine.

Other Types Of Pacific Coast Pillows

The Pacific Coast Feather Company is a vast establishment with several products. Apart from the Pacific Coast pillows discussed above, the company designs and produces several other pillows. They include;

Pacific Coast Goose Down Pillows

These are pillows made with fluffy natural down plumes. They are luxurious pillows covered in 500 thread count pure cotton; the cotton fabric allows for the pillow's durability and exceptional softness.

Pacific Coast Body Pillows

These are among the cuddliest body pillows on the market. Pacific Coast body pillows feature a velvety soft cover, which is ideal for pregnant women and side sleepers.

Pacific Coast Down Pillows

These pillows boast the softest hyperclean down fillings covered in barrier weave fabric that prevent the down and feathers from escaping even during cleaning. In addition, Pacific Coast down pillows come with an allergy-free warranty, assuring protection from dust mites and other allergens for a peaceful night's sleep.

Pacific Coast Hypoallergenic Pillows

As their name suggests, these pillows combine luxury with safety from allergens. The Pacific Coast hypoallergenic pillows allow you to enjoy a peaceful sleep without sneezing, sniffling, or allergy symptoms. The pillows feature a 300 thread count AllerRest fabric that keeps dust mites and other allergens away.

Pacific Coast Hotel Pillows

These are among the most popular products of this company. These pillows are luxurious and used in millions of hotel rooms worldwide because of their size, strength, fluffiness, and premium comfort. However, you can bring hotel-level comfort to your private bedroom with Pacific Coast hotel pillows.

Pacific Coast Double Down Pillows

This is a supportive pillow for side and stomach sleepers. The double-down surround pillow consists of down and feathers for extra support and comfort. It is easy to clean in the washing machine and is made with 100% cotton. More so, the pillow is hypoallergenic, thanks to its protective AlleRest fabric.

Are The Pacific Coast Pillows Worth It?

Pacific Coast pillows are luxury products. Therefore, their features are extra when compared to the standard pillows. It is true to say they are worth it because of their value for money and many benefits. Some of their top benefits are;

  • Hypoallergenic

Allergies can be a nuisance when sleeping because of symptoms like sneezing, sniffling, and breathing difficulties. People often experience nighttime allergies because of the allergens in their beds and surroundings. For instance, dust mites on your pillow can trigger allergic symptoms and hinder your peaceful night's sleep. This is where Pacific Coast pillows come in. The company manufactures its products with a unique fabric that keeps allergens like dust mites away. Therefore, all Pacific Ocean Pillows come with an allergy-free guarantee.

  • Easy to Clean

Pacific Coast Pillows are also worth it because they are easy to clean. The products are machine washable and are also made to be used with dryers. Therefore, you need not worry about leaving them out to dry or following lengthy cleaning instructions. Also, the pillow fillings are perfectly sewn in, so they do not come out when washing. Washing these pillows is a fast and exciting experience.

  • Come With A 5-Year Warranty

Another good thing about Pacific Coast pillows is that they come with a warranty. The company backs its products with a 5-year warranty. That tells you that if anything goes wrong, the company will provide a replacement or repair the pillow. In addition to this, the Pacific Coast Feather Company offers a 30-night comfort guarantee.

  • Come In Many Options

The brand offers several pillow options; these various pillows come in different sizes, materials, and designs. There is something for everyone, regardless of your sleeping position and budget. You will love the value you get.

  • Highly Comfortable

These luxury pillows offer premium comfort and support. You can attribute this benefit to their down and feather fillings. While Pacific Coast Pillows are mainly comfy and advantageous, they also have a few downsides. They include;

  • Pacific Coast pillows are slightly more costly than standard pillows. However, the extra benefits make them worth it.
  • Another downside of down and feather pillows is that they do not have cooling technology. While they are cool, some pillows do not attain 100% coolness.

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Where To Buy Pacific Coast Down Pillows

Pacific Coast down pillows are among the most positively reviewed bedding products. Their manufacturing company also boasts over a century of experience in the market. Therefore, finding these products is quite easy. You can buy them online or offline. For instance, you can purchase Pacific Down Pillows from their official website or on e-commerce platforms like Amazon. However, if you choose the online route, be aware of the risks of counterfeit products and scammers.


Pacific Coast is a leading pillow brand that produces the best hotel pillows in the marketplace. The pillows are also great household items because they help bring hotel-level comfort and luxury into your home. Go ahead and buy Pacific Coast Pillows for your bedroom, enjoy the benefits, and share your experience with us.

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