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The Best Pillows For Between Your Knees When Sleeping

The Best Pillows For Between Your Knees When Sleeping

Like most bedding, pillows keep your bed cozy while guaranteeing a healthy nights sleep. However, some people assume that pillows are only meant for placing under your head or neck. You can now buy special pillows for between knees to benefit your legs and knees when sleeping.

With many incredible pillows for between your knees, the best models are; the Everlasting Comfort knee pillow, Sleep Number knee pillow, ComfiLife Orthopedic knee pillow, Cushion Lab knee pillow, and Waltendo knee pillow. These knee pillows are comfortable, versatile, and supportive.

Side and back sleepers often place pillows between their knees to promote spinal alignment and enjoy a comfortable sleep. This article reviews some of the top pillow models for putting between your knees when sleeping.

white between knees pillowWhat Is The Best Pillow For Between Knees When Sleeping? 5 Top Models

The knee pillow market is quite vast, with many options. You can't go wrong with any of the following top models of pillows for between your knees.

Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow

It is one of the most comfortable pillows for placing between your knees. The pillow prevents your knees from crashing while sleeping on your back or side. Thanks to the dual-curve design, the legs cradle each leg while providing safe separation for comfortable sleeping. This makes the pillow perfect for relieving hip, back, leg, and sciatic nerve pain relief.

The pillow's memory foam filling adjusts to the shape of your lower body for a customized fit. Whether you want pressure relief for your lower body or looking for a pregnancy pillow, Everlasting Comfort knee pillows will not frustrate you. More so, the pillow does not retain heat, thanks to its soft and breathable covers that allow proper air circulation.

Sleep Number Knee Pillow

You can depend on this pillow when sleeping on your side. It offers excellent support and pressure relief. Placing this pillow between your knees creates a comfortable buffer that adds space between your legs, making it easier for your hips and legs to align correctly.

The pillow has a solid memory foam filling that offers incredible support. It also comes with a soft velvet microfiber cover that looks pretty good and is easy to clean. This fantastic pillow is also hypoallergenic, making it the go-to choice if you want something affordable without compromising your health, comfort, and support.

ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow

This 100% memory foam knee pillow fits comfortably between your knees for maximum support. Its premium high-density foam provides durable and long-lasting comfort; it is great for relieving sciatica pain and pressure points around your body. The pillow also comes with a breathable and easy-to-clean cover zippered up for easy removal.

Cushion Lab Knee Pillow

Do you need a pillow with precise contouring to help relieve pain and offer you maximum support? Cushion Lab pillows are the real deal. When it comes to materials, this pillow has a hyper foam memory foam core that resists shape loss and indentation. Its cover consists of rayon and polyester, allowing for a relaxed sleep. There are two available sizes for this pillow; the smaller size for shorter people and the larger one for taller people who need extra leg support.

Waltendo Knee Pillow

The pillow features a wedge contour with adjustable and removable straps. Its ergonomic contoured design helps keep your legs, hips, and spine in correct alignment. That also promotes blood circulation in the hips, legs, and lower back.

Waltendo knee pillows are made with 100% premium memory foam for long-lasting support and perfectly fitting between your knees with assured comfort. The pillow's adjustable hook and loop strap keep it in perfect alignment. The straps also make the pillow's readjusting easy.

Who Needs The Best Pillow For Between Knees When Sleeping? Applications And Benefits

Knee pillows are popular among the side, back, and all-around slippers because of their numerous benefits. Let's look at some of the top benefits of knee pillows for between your knees.

Improves Blood Circulation

A pillow between your knees allows blood to circulate in your legs, hips, and back; this protects you from diseases like varicose veins. If you have an injury on your legs that requires sufficient blood circulation for fast recovery, these pillows come in handy.

Promotes Knees Alignment

Using a knee pillow keeps your knees aligned because you get to separate them. That comes in handy when you sleep on your side. The alignment allows you to prevent injury and relieve pressure when sleeping.

Promotes Spinal Alignment

Knee pillows promote spinal alignment by preventing your knees from knocking together. When your knees move from their usual position, your hips and spine respond by curving in an unoriginal position. A pillow between your knees solves this problem.

Relieves Pain

Using a knee pillow prevents strain on your knees and lower back because they are correctly aligned. You will also not encounter pains and aches stemming from knee-related conditions.

Pressure Point Relief

Knee pillows help reduce the pressure on your knees, especially when sleeping on your side or back. That makes falling asleep much more straightforward, even for people with discomforts on their knees and legs.

How To Use A Pillow For Between Knees When Sleeping: Best Practices

Using a knee pillow when sleeping or relaxing is easy, but doing it the wrong way will make your sleep uncomfortable; the pillow also becomes less beneficial. Below are things to know whenever you use a pillow between your knees when sleeping.

  • Lay on your side and curl up slightly in a fetus position.
  • Place the pillow between your knees.
  • Move it around and ensure it is comfortable and your knees and hips are properly supported.
  • If there is space between your waist and mattress, you will need another small pillow to fill the gap and prevent your spine from bending.

What Makes The Best Pillow For Between Knees?

Even with the top pillow models mentioned earlier, you still need to narrow it down to a few pillows. Below are qualities you should look out for.

  • Always consider your weight when purchasing a knee pillow. Your weight will determine the ideal knee pillow weight you should buy.
  • The thickness of the pillow is also worth looking into. A sufficiently thick pillow will spread your legs just enough but not too wide to feel uncomfortable.
  • Note the shape.  A contoured pillow is always an excellent option for placing between your legs as it allows maximum comfort and support.
  • The pillow's material will determine its comfort, support level, and durability. Memory foam pillows with breathable fabrics are highly recommended.

correct side sleeping with between knees pillowHow Much Space Do You Need For A Pillow Between The Knees?

You need a pillow of around 4by6 inches; this is the standard thickness of a knee pillow. However, this also depends on your weight and body size. Your comfort also matters a lot.

What's The Best Pillow Between Knees For Hip Pain?

The Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow for sleeping is a good choice for people with hip pain. It features an ergonomic design that promotes leg and knee perfect alignment. That helps prevent hip pain.

What Is The Best Size Pillow To Put Between Knees For Back Pain?

The ideal size depends on your height and body size. A 4 to 6 inches pillow between your knees is a good choice for most people.

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Quality pillows for between knees are perfect for a good night's sleep because they promote proper spinal and knee alignment, improve circulation, and help relieve sleep-related pains and aches. Our best pillow models will make owning the right pillow easier. Buy today and enjoy the feeling!

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