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When Do You Need A Pillow With An Arm Hole? [Answered]

When Do You Need A Pillow With An Arm Hole? [Answered]

About 60% of the world's population prefer to sleep on their sides.. And, if you are a side sleeper who has spent endless nights tossing and turning over, then a pillow with an arm hole may be the most helpful relief for you. Pillow with an arm hole is engineered to give comfortable support to the neck and head.

If you are a side sleeper and experiencing soreness or numbness of the arms and neck, then you must invest in a good quality pillow with an arm hole. Made with medium-firm rebound foam, the unique design helps you to slip through your arms to help reduce the discomfort of awkward side-sleeping positions.

Pillows with arm holes have multipurpose use and are great support when you are watching TV, reading, relaxing solo, or cuddling with your partner. Read more to find out why and when you need a pillow with an arm hole.

When Do You Need A Pillow With An Arm Hole?

Side sleeping is known to give relief from chronic back pain, snoring, sleep apnea, help in improving gut health, and many other health benefits. The practice is also recommended in pregnancy. However, since slide sleepers usually tuck their arms under the pillow or rest their head on one of the arms, they may often wake up with numbness of arm or shoulder pain. Awkward positioning of the arm can also cause soreness in the neck. Over time, it can also lead to frozen shoulders.

To prevent this, you should use a pillow with an arm hole. Its unique design provides great relief from soreness of the arms and other linked problems.

What Is A Side Sleeper Pillow With An Arm Hole?

Side sleeper pillows with an arm hole have a unique U-arch shape through which you can slip in your hands. The comfortable and ergonomic design provides a natural sleeping position to support your head and neck while reducing any pressure on your shoulder, arm, wrist, or hand when you are sleeping on one of your sides. You can also turn the pillow upside down to support the back portion while you are sleeping.

You may even use these arm pillows when you are sleeping on your desktop, or probably use them as cuddle pillows.

Which Is The Best Material For A Pillow With An Arm Hole?

Memory foam is the most comfortable and durable pillow material. Choose a medium-firm pillow material for the best relief and support.

What Is A Wedge Pillow With An Arm Hole?

A wedge pillow with an arm hole has an ideal incline to support side sleeping positions. They are either flat-bottom or have a contoured shape. The curved surface of the contoured-shaped pillows is a great benefit for side sleepers as they provide spinal alignment.

The perfect wedge pillow with an arm hole is constructed after several medical trials and it allows you to rest at 45 degrees. It is designed to elevate the head, and sometimes even the torso. The height of the wedge pillow elevates specific body areas to improve circulation, address snoring issues, and relieve pain from the pressure.

When choosing a wedge pillow with an arm hole, do take care about the shape, weight, firmness, size, and incline. A wedge pillow with a high degree of inclination can cause lower back and hip pain in some people.

DIY Pillow Options For Side Sleepers

If you are not willing to invest in branded pillows, here are some DIY options for you.

Wedge Pillow

A temporary solution for a wedge pillow with an arm hole may work for people with mild shoulder or neck issues. For this, set any regular pillow on the head-side of your bed. Next, place another pillow at an inclination of 45 degrees to the first pillow. If you want to make your wedge pillow, watch this video.

Body Pillow For Side Sleepers

When you do not want to invest in readymade pillows with an arm hole, you can DIY a simple body pillow for some relief:

  • Cut a good quality 43" X 26" piece of pillow fabric. Overlap the ends of the fabric and pin the side edges. Leave ½ an inch of seam.
  • Leave a small opening at one end and sew all the remaining sides. You may also add a zipper.
  • Turn the fabric inside out.
  • Use a good quality polyester fabric fill and pack them tightly into the fabric cover.
  • Pin up the open end and sew it manually.

Side Sleeper Pillow With An Arm Hole

It is always recommended to invest in a good quality and medically-approved pillow for a great night's sleep. However, if you are wondering how to make your very own pillow with an arm hole, here is a step-by-step guide for the same.

  • Take two foam blocks – one of 14 X 14 X 5 inches (square-shaped, smaller block) and the other of 22 X 14 X 5 inches (rectangular shaped, bigger block with arm hole). Cut out a semi-circle of diameter 4 inches on one side of the bigger block (leave 1 inch from the edge) where you can slip in one of your arms. The foam should be of medium-firm quality. For accurate results, it is best to get the foam directly cut from the shop and you can assemble them back home.
  • Round the edges of the block with an electric carving knife for a neater look.
  • Place each piece on top of a good-quality fabric and cut around with ½ an inch of seam.
  • Sew the seam and turn the fabric inside out. You can also add a zipper.
  • Finish by covering the fabric over the foam blocks.
  • To use, join the two blocks according to your preferred sleeping position.

The Best Side Sleeper Pillow With An Arm Hole

For long-term durability and better support, invest in good quality and medically approved pillow with an arm hole. It is also important to choose a pillow that is made with breathable materials to avoid overheating while sleeping. The most popular side sleeper pillows with armhole are:

Mars Wellness Arm Cutout Couple Pillow

The pillow is made from high-quality premium rebound memory foam and is designed to relieve pressure from the arm, neck, and shoulders, and also prevent numbness or tingling of the arms. The unique arm tunnel design makes Mars Wellness Arm Cutout Pillow an excellent choice for side sleepers and cuddlers. You can also remove and wash the pillowcase.

HOMCA Memory Foam Pillow With An Arm Hole

The HOMCA Memory Foam Pillow has a two separate unit design, which makes it adjustable and suitable to use for different sleeping positions (great for both right and left handies). Made from premium quality rebound memory foam, the product does not deform even after long and heavy pressure.

LOCYPOP Sleeping Couple Pillow With An Arm Hole

The perfectly arched U-shaped arch of the pillow is a patented design, suitable to support the curvature of the user's neck and waist. LOCYPOP Sleeping Pillow can be used for cuddling up from the front and behind. The pillowcase is detachable and you may also use it on the reverse side.

Several other types of pillows such as winged-shaped pillows or pillows with two-arm tunnels are also available for side sleepers.


Since pillows with an ergonomic design are usually costly, it is recommended that you check for customer reviews or look out for in-home trial options before purchasing. The ergonomics, the incline, and the firmness of the pillow can be a big changer for your orthopedic health. The MedCline Shoulder Relief and Body Pillow is another comfortable option that side sleepers can look out for.