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5 Best Pillows for Sitting up in Bed (Rated + Reviewed)

5 Best Pillows for Sitting up in Bed (Rated + Reviewed)

Working from home easily translates to 'working from bed' for most people. I mean; you can be replying to a work email while catching up on your favorite Netflix show all cozied up. Yet, nothing screams back pain louder than pillows that fail to offer you that flawless sit-up prop.

The best pillows for sitting up in bed are ones that offer you stellar lumbar back support for hours on end. They let you avoid back injuries and bad posture while allowing you to become more productive. From the classic husband pillow which is packed with crumbled memory foam for a snug prop to the wedge pillow which reinforces your back's natural curve, we got your back.

According to Medical News Today, researchers from Scotland and Canada have proven that sitting up straight, in bed included, is bad for you as it stresses your back. Instead, they advise tilting slightly back, at an angle of approximately 135 degrees. Whether you want to read a book, type away, or watch your favorite TV show from bed, we have handpicked these 5 high-rated and reviewed pillows for you to sit in bed guilt-free:

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Milliard Reading Pillow

This wedge-shaped bad boy stands as the aptest classic husband pillow ever designed. With over 12,000 reviews on Amazon, the Milliard reading pillow offers you that duo support at one price. Made using soft, feathery foam, the back-hugging reading pillow offers a wide adult back

A notable feature is the reachable foam filling in a shredded polyurethane memory foam design. It lets you take out some inserts when the pillow is way too firm or hard for your liking. On the other hand, you can add in form inserts when the pillow is too soft. Moreover, the memory foam is lighter, softer, and fluffier, giving you that body-contoured soft support.

The Milliard reading pillow's zippered velour cover presents to you the luxury of cleaning your pillow cover every so often. The outer cover is machine-ready, with its design suitable for ease of cleaning when spillages or staining occur. It has a sturdy carry handle for ease of portability. Still, if you get bored of the initial cover, feel free to change it as you like.

The sizes available are standard at 18 inches and petite at 14 inches and extra large at 24. The pillow comes compressed where one is advised to allow it about 1 day for it to swell to its normal size. Currently, at only $29.99, you get to grab this sensation at a whole 40% off!

Avana King Bed Pillow Set

If you are seeking bossy vibes while sitting in bed, the Avana king bed orthopedic support pillow system should be your go-to.

At only $179.99 on Amazon, this Avana pillow comes as a set of 4, comprising of the following:

  • An arched back wedge pillow
  • A back scoop to offer lumbar support
  • An adjustable headrest
  • An adjustable leg wedge

When used together, the quad offers proper, adjustable cushioning for your whole body, letting you have longer, cozy hours at a task while seated in bed. Bid goodbye to lower back pains, neck troubles, or hip pressure caused by poor posture.

The set contains superior memory foam. The medium density foam core plus an inch of premium 4LB Visco memory foam gives you that euphoric support. Its covers are plush, with an alluring, deluxe finish.

How To Arrange The Avana King Bed Pillow Set For Sitting Up In Bed

First, place the curved back wedge pillow right in position. Next, stack up the back scoop, which is amazing for lumbar support since this is where your back will lean on. Fix the headrest and adjust it to your liking. Finally, place the leg wedge right beneath your knees to get that dreamy support.

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Yogibo Support Pillow

As the name suggests, the Yogibo support pillow is designed to give you support from multiple angles. With over 200 reviews on the website, this 4.9-star rated pillow that goes for $109 has all the great things to write home about. Here are its features;

A Versatile Bean-Bag Shaped Pillow

The Yogibo support pillow offers great back plus arm support for one to sit up in bed. Alternatively, move it and use it backward as a lap desk when need be. The same bag comes in handy when lying on your back to offer head alleviation, a leg raise, or a sideways nap.

Body Conforming

Its body-hugging feature offers you extra comfort, especially since it has fluffy foam stuffing that hugs every crevice.

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Durable and Washable

The Yogibo support pillow is made using quality fabric for longevity and durability purposes. In addition, its outer cover is waterproof, removable, and washable. This offers you the freedom of use since its cover is just one machine wash away.

People with pets do not need to worry about their pets clawing on it as it is paw and claw friendly. Talk of consideration!


With a range of probably every color imaginable, Yogibo support pillow has made it its mission to provide its clients with exactly what they want. Colour options include blue, dark grey, lavender and red.

"We have 3 pieces of Yogibo in our living room and we love them all! The colors are so vibrant and they are very comfortable and their unique shape and feel always gets up a complement on our taste. Looking into getting another piece for our backyard," read a review by Shivani M. on the website.

Linenspa Shredded Foam Pillow

Boasting over 12,000 ratings on Amazon, the Linenspa is inarguably among the best pillows for sitting up in bed. It embodies a cuddly shape, allowing you to sink in with no pressure points.

Its adjustable neck support feature is great for undertaking lengthy tasks from bed. They include reading, typing, watching television, or even gaming.

This pillow comes in a soft and robust velour cover. It is presented in two colors; navy and stone, which marry into any décor space. Also, you get to spot clean the cover when need be.

The Linenspa shredded foam pillow comes in different sizes; the standard size ($39.99) and the extra-large size ($49.99), which is devised for adults for that extra support.

Sleep Number Rest and Read Pillow

With over 500 reviews on the website, the rest and read pillow has become a favorite for many people looking for that robust back support while sitting in bed. At $99.99, it offers the following qualities that make it worth every dime;

  • A two-section dimension to provide different heights of neck support, one's shoulders, and lower back. Its lower section contains a mix of down alternative and memory foam pieces for that robust lower back prop. On the other hand, the top part has polyester fiber, which is softer and bouncier for pertinent leaning.
  • A detachable and machine-washable pillow cover for ease of cleaning.
  • The rest and read pillow is safe for everyone. Its Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex accreditation keeps you plus your whole family safe from risky matters.

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Even though the bed has been criminalized for doing laid-back activities, it remains as one of the areas in the house that oozes comfort and plushness. Picking the right pillow requires you to take note of vital aspects like insert quality, the shape of the pillow, and the cleaning variations of the covers. Eventually, your back posture and stress-free positioning will thank you for your great choices.

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