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The Best Pregnancy Pillows for Stomach Sleepers (REVIEWED)

The Best Pregnancy Pillows for Stomach Sleepers (REVIEWED)

Your body undergoes various changes during pregnancy, most of which include a need for extra support and comfort during sleep. However, it can be hectic to find the best pregnancy pillow if you are a pregnant stomach sleeper.

The best pregnancy pillows for stomach sleepers are contoured to provide maximum support to your belly, hips, and joints. They are also soft, comfortable, breathable, adaptable, and flexible for back support and joint pain.

While pregnancy sleep is a rumor to most pregnant stomach sleepers, there are pregnancy pillows that promote restful sleep. We have reviewed pregnancy pillows, checking their shapes, adaptability, level of firmness, safety, comfort, and support. We recommend the following as the best pregnancy pillows for stomach sleepers;

waiting for baby pillowCozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow

The pregnancy pillow by Cozy Bump is an inflatable pregnancy pillow with a holed center, ideal for stomach sleepers. It has a 3.8-star rating from 1,462 global ratings, with half of them giving it a 5-star. Here is why we recommend this pillow;

Baby Bump Contouring

This pillow is inflatable to provide the right firmness, support, and contouring to your baby bump during sleep. The hole at the center cradles your belly and keeps you safe and comfortable as you sleep on your stomach.

Soft and Comfortable

The pregnancy pillow by Cozy Bump contains one hundred percent cotton fills for a peaceful and comfortable sleep. It offers pressure point relief and can help lower C-Section pain and painful labor.

Back Pain Relief

This pillow is designed to have a declining lower area, hence decompressing the lower back. The spinal alignment also promotes even weight distribution, leading to lower back pain relief.

The pregnancy pillow by Cozy Bump weighs twelve by ten by three inches and costs $89.99. Here is what a verified client said about it;

"As a belly sleeper, this was a game-changer! At 22 weeks pregnant, I was up ten times a night or simply couldn't sleep trying to find a decent position for myself (trying to side-sleep) and my wiggling baby, plus constantly having to pee even while sleeping with a very nice highly-rated adjustable U-shaped body pillow. I also have two pups that liked to take over the fluffy body pillow for themselves. But the past two nights with my Cozy Bump have been no joke, corpse-style nine hours of sleep without even an urge to pee because the baby was so comfortable with the spacious pump hole (no more kicking my bladder," wrote Terence Sanders.

MomCozy 60in Pregnancy Pillow

The MomCozy 60in full body pillow is ideal for nursing, maternity, and pregnancy. It is U-shaped, detachable, and costs $88.99. In addition, it has a 4.2-star rating and 7,250 global ratings on Amazon.

Here is why we recommend it as the best pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers;

Fully Detachable and Adjustable

The MomCozy 60in full body pillow is adjustable to sleep in multiple sleeping positions. You can also detach and use the straps to prop you for support and extra comfort. It is C-shaped to cradle the baby bump when you want to sleep on your stomach during pregnancy.

The pillow has a soft cushioning that accommodates your growing stomach in all trimesters. Also, it comes with zippers that you can use to remove or add fills as required.

Soft, Comfortable, and Easy to Clean

The premium cotton filling used in this pregnancy pillow ensures that it is soft, plush, and comfortable. The pillow cover is also easy to clean, allowing pregnant women to sleep on a clean and fresh surface.

Maximum Support

This pillow contains 7D PP Fiber cotton filling that offers maximum support and comfort to a pregnant sleeper. Also, it has a detachable side that you can use to prop yourself during sleep. You can also use the side as a knee-rest for extra comfort and propping.

The pillow has a cloth band that holds it together to prevent accidental rolling over during sleep. Such keeps a pregnant stomach sleeper secure during sleep.

Ergonomic Bonus Pillow

The MomCozy 60in full body pillow comes with a maternity care pillow set with a tiny 45-degree angle pillow. This addition is ideal for propping your baby bump, improving back support, and leading to pain relief.

Use the post-surgery padding for extra cushioning on your hips or joints.

The MomCozy 60in full body pillow measures sixty inches. Here is what a verified pregnant stomach sleeper had to say about the pillow;

"I used a body pillow during my first pregnancy. I did not sleep well the entire third trimester and felt there was nothing I could do about it. I first bought this pillow for my mom to assist with her recovery from a double mastectomy. She thought it was over the top at first, but after one night's sleep, she was crazy about it. She has recovered from her surgery and still uses the pillow. I am pregnant with my second child and decided to buy the pillow. I am getting so much better sleep than I was with the body pillow. This pillow is a life-saver," wrote an Amazon Customer.

Body Nest Cooling Pregnancy Pillow

The Body Nest cooling pregnancy pillow has a nest-like design crafted by mothers for fellow mothers. It has a 4.5-star rating and 175 ratings on Amazon. Here is why we recommend this pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers;


This pregnancy pillow is U-shaped to provide the right contouring to the baby bump and the pregnant sleeper's spine. It props the pregnant sleeper in position, leading to minimal movements, hence promoting safety. In addition, the contouring provides cushioning that leads to pain relief on your hip, knees, shoulder, or feet.

Ample Support and Adjustability

The pillow is overstuffed yet soft to provide ample support without compromising comfort. In addition, it cradles your belly while giving spinal and general body alignment, leading to healthy and restful sleep.

However, if you find the pillow too firm, it comes with an internal zipper that you can use to remove some of the fills. Fluff the pillow until you achieve your ideal firmness level.


The Body Nest cooling pregnancy pillow has a reversible jersey cover that keeps you warm during winter and cools in summer. It wicks away moisture during summer, with the Minky soft side keeping you warm in winter. The breathable cotton cover is ideal for hot pregnant sleepers and pregnant night sweaters.


The Body Nest cooling pregnancy pillow has secure stitching that keeps your pillow in good shape even beyond your pregnancy term. Such allows you to use it for nursing your baby after birth. You can reuse it or give it to a pregnant woman after use since it remains intact.

pregnacy pillow pinkMachine washable

This pillow is easy to clean since it is machine-washable. Also, since it has robust finishes, it maintains its quality even after several washes.

The Body Nest cooling pregnancy pillow measures 55 by 31 by 8 inches and costs $139.99. Here is what a verified client had to say about it;

"I'm halfway through my second pregnancy, and I'm so uncomfortable with all the ties, mainly in my hips and back. I didn't have this issue with my first pregnancy, so I set out to find something to help. I researched pregnancy pillows for a couple of weeks, and the cheaper options were much hit and miss. Some even had tags warning of having chemicals in them that cause birth defects! This is double the price of most Amazon pregnancy pillows, but the reviews were excellent. I'm so glad I bought it. The relief on my hips and back is amazing. I'm so much more comfortable. I have already recommended it to my pregnant family members," wrote Dascha Jones.

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Even though stomach sleeping is discouraged during pregnancy, some pregnant sleepers may struggle to change their sleeping positions. Instead, the best pregnancy pillows for stomach sleepers cradle the bumps and offer bodily alignment and comfort. Such promotes safety, comfort, and ample support to pregnant stomach sleepers.

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