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Problems With Split King Adjustable Beds [QUICK GUIDE]

Problems With Split King Adjustable Beds [QUICK GUIDE]

Are you a couple with different sleeping patterns? Split king adjustable beds are the go-to option because they allow you to sleep peacefully with your partner without compromising comfort, especially from too much turning and funny sleeping styles. While the beds are incredibly beneficial, there are a few problems with split king adjustable beds you should know.

Your split king adjustable bed may experience issues like mattress sliding, sheets coming off, and loud mechanisms. At times, expect the mattress not to attach to your headboard and a gap in the mattress. These beds also require a significant budget.

You already know that split king adjustable beds are spacious and comfortable. The truth is all these benefits come in handy, but we cannot avoid discussing the problems you'll encounter to help you make a choice. Read on for a deeper look into these problems and their solutions.

teaching about bed6 Problems with Split King Adjustable Beds

Adjustable split king adjustable beds promote personalized comfort by reducing motion transfer. The beds are highly spacious and easy to move. In fact, users reveal that they help with pain relief and minimize extensive snoring. However, they are not 100% perfect; below are the six most common downsides of adjustable split king adjustable beds.

Sliding Mattresses

One of the primary challenges with split king adjustable beds is the moving mattresses. While most manufacturers guarantee that their split king mattresses will not move, that is not always the case. The mattresses will move when you toss and turn in your sleep. Such movements can make you uncomfortable and disrupt your sleep, especially if you have to wake up to adjust them. No couple wants to sleep with a giant gap between them.

The Bed Needs Special Sheets

Do you know that regular mattress sheets are not recommended for split adjustable king beds? The beds require special mattress sheets that will not keep coming off as the mattresses move. Note that these beds have separate mattresses, unlike the regular beds.

You need to purchase unique twin XL fitted sheets for the mattresses. But finding these sheets is not always easy because they are not in most stores, and they come at an added fee compared to regular mattresses. More so, after purchasing the special sheets, you must maintain and store them right.

Loud Mechanisms

Another problem with split king adjustable beds is their loud mechanisms. Most people purchasing these beds for the first time do not realize that this could be a problem. But the truth is mechanisms become noisy over time. The funny mechanism sounds will impact your sleep negatively.

Every time your partner turns or adjusts their side of the bed, the sound will make you uncomfortable to the extent of waking up. If your partner loves to change sleeping positions severally or weighs several pounds that exact lots of pressure on the bed mechanisms, you will not enjoy continuous quality sleep.

Split King Adjustable Beds Are a Little Pricey

If you decide to purchase split adjustable king beds, you should set a higher budget than regular beds. However, the cost depends on the brand, size, and quality of the bed. Most manufacturers attribute the price to the beds' comfort and health benefits. The bed frames are also more costly than regular ones. Don't forget that once you have purchased the bed, you will also need special sheets, which means spending more money.

Frame Complications

You may also have difficulty finding a compatible headboard for your split king adjustable beds. Headboards are an easy and efficient way to customize your bed frame for an attractive look; even the most comfortable beds will benefit from a headboard. However, finding suitable headboards for the split adjustable king beds and fixing them is not easy.


Another potential problem with split king adjustable beds is their availability. Finding the best place to buy quality beds can be a challenge, considering that few stores stock them. But leave alone making a purchase; getting them home requires special attention. Buyers purchasing these beds for the first time and unfamiliar with them might have a hard time.

How to Fix Problems with Split King Adjustable Beds

While the problems explained above can be frustrating and annoying, they should not deter you from getting split king adjustable beds. You only need to find solutions for the issue and keep enjoying the bed. Below is a list of ways to fix problems with split king adjustable beds.

  • Use bungee cords to attach the mattresses and resolve the issue of moving or sliding mattresses. Connecting them can also do the trick.
  • While there is no way to go around the sheet problems, you can resolve the issue of the sheets coming off by choosing sheets that fit firmly and have elastic sides that hold on to the mattress. Learning how to put on the sheets correctly will also resolve the problem.
  • Address the issue of the beds being a bit costly and unavailable by finding a reliable retailer that sells top and reliable beds. Also, be on the lookout for discounts and promotions.
  • Resolve the frame complications by making a custom headboard. A scrap project panel, curtains, and clearance mattress can do this. With a few correct and effective DIY tips, you'll make a customized and inexpensive headboard for your bed.

How to Keep Split King Mattresses Together

The biggest annoyance with split king adjustable beds is that the mattresses keep sliding, leaving a gap in between. The following tips will help you keep your split king mattresses together.

  • Try using bed connecting brackets and bungee cords to keep the mattresses in the same position. This way, they do not slide when you toss and turn in your sleep.
  • You can also tie the mattresses using a ratchet. This technique will allow the mattresses to move individually but stay together.
  • A clearance mattress pad can also help restrict the mattresses in the middle.
  • Place a rug gripper underneath the mattresses to keep them from sliding out of position.

FAQs on Split King Adjustable Beds

You are probably wondering: what is a split king adjustable bed connector? Or can you use gap filler for these beds? And more so, how do you use the gap filler? Let's get into the answers.

Can You Use Split King Gap Filler for Adjustable Beds?

Yes. If your sheet keeps coming off and you have a gap between your mattresses, you can invest in a split king gap filler. Split king gap fillers are T-shaped connectors that fit into the gaps between the mattresses.

How Do You Use a King Bed Gap Filler Adjustable Bed?

Firstly, you must ensure that both sides are at level. Then, join the beds together. Afterward, insert the uncovered foam part of the king bed gap filler into the space between. Ensure that the foam is inserted fully into the gap for the best results. That should do the trick!

adjustable empty bedWhat Is a Split King Adjustable Bed Connector?

This is a bracket used to connect a split king adjustable bed. It is a permanent fix for those struggling with keeping mattresses together.


Split king adjustable beds are a trend in bedroom furniture today. The beds allow loved ones to share space without being a nuisance; you sleep on separate mattresses but on the same bed. While split king adjustable beds have numerous health and comfort benefits, they also have challenges. Learning quick fixes for these problems will allow you to enjoy the benefits that accompany a split king adjustable bed.

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