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Quility Weighted Blanket: Are they Worth It? (FIND OUT HERE)

Quility Weighted Blanket: Are they Worth It? (FIND OUT HERE)

The debate on the worth and benefits of the Quility weighted blanket has been a heated one. So, how exactly does a blanket weighing up to 15 lbs promote relaxation and better sleep? Is that not contradictory?

The Quility weighted blanket is worth the hype. It is made with quality cotton, polyester, and silent and hypoallergenic glass beads. It is durable, versatile, ultra-comfortable, adaptable, and promotes quality sleep.

Quility made the weighted blanket to revolutionize sleep by producing high-quality weighted blankets that solve more than the standard sleep needs. Such added benefits include being ideal for people struggling with insomnia, PTSD, restless leg syndrome, stress, and ADHD.

This article reviews all the features of the Quility weighted blanket, including its materials, performance, prices, and policies. We will also include client reviews and give recommendations and guidelines when shopping for the same.

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Materials And Construction

Part of Quility's mission is producing weighted blankets that meet precise production standards. The Quility weighted blanket has an intelligent seven-layer construction comprising quality cotton, glass beads, and polyester. It has a well-thought-out layering with each material serving a purpose for the compounded use as shown below;

Quality Cotton Fabric On The Outer Shell

Quility weighted blanket uses quality cotton fabric on its outer shell for several reasons. These include being relatively inexpensive, temperature control, and moisture-wicking technology. Quality cotton is also skin-friendly and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for sleepers with sensitive skin.

Glass Beads Core

The Quility weighted blanket contains non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and odorless glass beads on its core for utility and weight addition. These features make the weighted blanket safe for adults and children with skin sensitivity.

Polyester Layer As A Transition

There is a layer of polyester between the soft outer cotton fabric and the glass beads at the core. Its role is to cushion the glass beads to prevent discomfort caused when they rub against one's skin. It ensures that the glass beads do not come close to the skin better than the cotton fabric.

In addition, the transitional polyester layer promotes the durability of the weighted blanket by hindering tears and glass bead leaks.

Extra Layer Of Polyester Padding

Quility was not playing when they said they prioritized the quality and comfort of these weighted blankets. They added an extra polyester padding layer to ensure sleepers do not feel the glass beads. Such promotes the comfort, plush, and overall quality of the weighted blanket.

The construction results in a layer of glass beads sandwiched between three layers on either side. These are extra padding of polyester, a polyester layer, and quality cotton fabric, respectively.

Multi-Loop Cover Binding

The Quility weighted blanket has a multi-loop cover binding with looped corners, which secures it to your duvet cover. In addition, its reinforced sewing technology adds to its durability and value for money.

Sizing, Weight, And Color Options

Color Options

People shopping for weighted blankets often have limited color and sizing options. It is because manufacturers focus on quality and pay little attention to these blankets' outlook and aesthetic nature.

However, Quility weighted blankets are no ordinary ones since they come in a range of six beautiful colors. These are aqua, chevron, gray, ivory, navy blue, and pink, allowing clients weighted blankets that match their tastes and preferences.

Weight and Size

Quility accounts for the general rule of weighted blankets, which is about ten percent of your body weight. According to sleep experts, that is the ideal weight for comfort and usability. Here is a chart showing the recommended Quility weighted blanket weights and sizes for children and adults;

Child Between 40 and 70 pounds 5 lbs. 36 by 48 inches
Child Between 70 and 90 pounds 7 lbs. 41 by 60 inches
Child Between 90 and 120 pounds 10 lbs. 41 by 60 inches
Child Between 110 and 140 pounds 12 lbs. 48 by 72 inches
Adult (twin-size bed) Between 110 and 140 pounds 12 lbs. 48 by 72 inches
Adult (twin-size bed) Between 140 and 180 pounds 15 lbs. 40 by 72 inches
Adult (full-size bed) Between 110 and 140 pounds 12 lbs. 60 by 80 inches
Adult (full-size bed) Between 140 and 190 pounds 15 lbs. 60 by 80 inches
Adult (full-size bed) Between 190 and 240 pounds 20 lbs. 60 by 80 inches
Adult (full-size bed) Between 240 and 290 pounds 25 lbs. 60 by 80 inches
Adult (king and queen-size bed) Between 110 and 140 pounds 15 lbs. 86 by 92 inches
Adult (king and queen-size bed) Between 120 and 190 pounds 20 lbs. 86 by 92 inches
Adult (king and queen-size bed) Between 190 and 240 pounds 25 lbs. 86 by 92 inches
Adult (king and queen-size bed) Between 240 and 280 pounds 30 lbs. 86 by 92 inches


Comparing the prices of Quility weighted blankets to others makes you realize how reasonably priced they are for the quality. Their prices vary depending on the weight and size of each weighted blanket. Bigger and heavier blankets cost more than the smaller ones.

For instance, the twenty-five pounds king-size heavy blanket for adults measuring eighty-six by ninety-two inches costs $110. Yet, the 10 lbs. Quility weighted blanket for children measuring forty-one by sixty inches costs $69.99. These weighted blankets have a high value for money, making them worth the investment.

Delivery And Shipping

Quility values customer satisfaction, which is often linked with how fast the client receives the weighted blanket. With that, they ship the weighted blankets within four to nine days. Still, you could choose faster shipping during checkout and get your weighted blanket within one to two days.

Those purchasing the Quility weighted blankets pre-ordered see the estimated delivery date on the company's product page.

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Warranty And Returns

Quility offers a thirty-day return, replacement, or refund window for clients that could be dissatisfied with the weighted blanket. However, you are only eligible for either of the three if you return the weighted blanket in its initial packaging. Such include any accessories or removable pieces that came in the original package.

Another eligibility requirement is returning the weighted blanket in perfect condition as received. Returning a damaged product could attract a twenty-five percent restock fee. Also, the shipping costs for returns fall on the client and not Quility.

Customer Reviews

Judging from customer reviews on various online platforms, people love the Quility weighted blanket. Maybe this explains why this blanket is often sold out on Amazon. You sleep on it for two seconds, and it is off the shelves as you speculate until the next restock.

For instance, the Quility weighted blanket has a whopping 4.7-star rating from 43,821 global ratings. Eighty percent rated it a solid 5-star. It has a 4.9-star rating on material quality, 4.8-star on durability and softness, and 4.7-star on ease of assembly.

Here is what two clients on Amazon said about the Quility weighted blanket;

"Super-soft blanket, not too heavy, but just enough to make him feel secure. As soon as I put it over him, he smiled and reached for a hug, so I knew it was a keeper," wrote N. Bennett after using it on her two-year-old son.

"A good quality product that has had a positive effect on my ability to relax and calm down due to issues with CPTSD. The first few nights sleeping with it, I woke up feeling a bit too heavily weighted down by the blanket, but I have gotten more used to it now…Highly recommend," wrote Simon.

That said, some clients have complained about it getting too hot. The manufacturer advises checking the age and weight of the sleeper and the bed when picking the blanket.


The Quility weighted blanket is worth every cent. It puts together clients' considerations, including comfort, breathability, durability, weight and sizing options for variety, and ease of return. It is hard to say no to such a product that prioritizes the customer's use and experience.