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Sleeping On Couch – How Bad Is It? [ANSWERED]

Sleeping On Couch – How Bad Is It? [ANSWERED]

Most people will admit to having slept all night on the couch several times despite having a cozy bed. If you are curious enough, you are already wondering why some people would choose a couch over their beds at some point. Sleeping on the couch is a tough mystery to solve, and it's quite addictive, but how good or bad is it?

Couches are mostly positioned in the living room, creating a different atmosphere. The new sleeping environment makes it easier for the mind to relax, allowing you to fall asleep quickly. The challenge is that you might have neck, back, and leg pains.

Couch sleepers have different opinions on whether a couch is a suitable sleeping area. In this article, we will explain the good, the bad, and everything relevant about sleeping on a couch to help you decide whether it's a sleeping area you should continue embracing. Here we go!

couch men tiredIs It Bad To Sleep On The Couch? The Negative Side:

You might prefer to sleep on the couch, but your bed is the ideal place to rest. We understand that it is possible to sleep all night on a couch, but the problem is most couches have a design that favors sitting upright and not sleeping. Here are some side effects you get exposed to when sleeping on the couch.

Neck And Back Pain

The sleeping posture you choose impacts the well-being of your neck and back. Most couches do not have ample space for your body to get into the right sleeping position. It is common to hear people who have slept on the couch complain of issues like pinched nerves or cricks on the neck. You can avoid this by getting neck and spine support, but unfortunately, the couch does not offer this.

Leg Pain

If you are taller than the couch, you will have to bend your legs while getting support from the couch edge. Alternatively, you will have to keep your legs raised. Some people will argue that sleeping with their legs elevated might help with circulation, but the truth is sleeping for a long time with your legs dangling leads to numbness or pain in the lower limbs. If you do this for a long time, you risk your legs to nerve damage and permanent pain.

Not Safe For Infants

Another downside of sleeping on the couch is the danger it poses to kids. Most couches have a bad surface, which might lead to the infant suffocating. If you have an infant, avoid leaving them to sleep on the couch as that might harm their body and risk suffocation to the extent of dying.

Why Do I Like Sleeping On The Couch? The Benefits:

We can all agree that many people like the couch since it is a comfortable space to unwind and relax. Besides, it is free from any stress you might get when sleeping on the bed. Here are some benefits you get when sleeping on the couch.

It Is Easy To Elevate The Head

Since a couch has an armrest, it is easy to sleep with your head elevated. Elevating your head benefits you from numerous health issues such as;

  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
  • Orthostatic Hypotension
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Postnasal Drip

Improves The Sleep Environment

It is also beneficial when the couch is in a room more conducive to sleeping compared to where your bed is located. If the couch room is well lit, naturally aerated, quiet, and comfortable, it will give you a night of restorative sleep.

It Helps Fight Insomnia

Insomnia is a condition that affects many people, and when they get to bed, they struggle to sleep. As a result, such individuals associate the bed with anxiety and stress; each time you get to bed, you are bound to feel stressed. A great alternative for such people is sleeping on the couch.

Eliminate Devices

Are you among those who surround themselves with electric devices like phones, tablets, routers, smartwatches, alarm clocks, and gaming consoles in their bedroom? Though these devices are important, they might have a blinking or blue light, negatively impacting your sleep. At times, these gadgets also make noise when you sleep. If the room that your couch is in has fewer devices, you will have an undisturbed sleep.

How To Sleep On The Couch: Do It Right

If you contemplate sleeping on the couch, learn the best way to do it right. Doing so eliminates the possibility of getting unwanted complications. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to sleep on your favorite couch.

  • Rearrange the cushions: Before you sleep, change your cushion upside down as that will help to give you a form and clean surface to sleep on.
  • Pad the couch: That will help you even out the saggy sections, offering you a soft and safe surface to sleep on.
  • Make the couch: Try to treat your couch as a bed as possible. Cover the lower cushions and padding using sheets.
  • Regulate the temperatures: Remember that temperature will affect the quality of sleep you get. Adjust the temperature levels to reach your desired option.

But here's one more thing: invest in a quality couch that allows you to sleep at some times without exposing your body to health risks. Be cautious of the couch size, design, and materials. Failure to do that will make you complain often.

Can Sleeping On A Couch Cause Back Pain?

Yes, sleeping on the couch can cause back and neck pain. The reason is that couches are not designed for sleeping or relaxing. The sleeping posture you have is a vital predictor of stiffness.

Another reason you might experience issues with the back is sleeping on furniture that is not supportive. Some couches have a poor design, while others are old enough not to offer you the type of support you need.

Most couches are soft, making them cozy. But the soft couches are not great for sleeping since when you lay down on them, they will leave your spine in a C-shape. As a result, you might get excessive pressure on the vertebrae resulting in back pain.

sleeping men couchTips To Note When Sleeping On A Couch

Though sleeping on the couch could cause issues like pain in the back, neck, and legs, there are tips you can use to help reduce these negative effects. With these tips, you will enjoy some benefits of sleeping on the couch.

  1. Treat your couch like a mattress and take a breathable cotton sheet to put on the couch. Ensure that your sleeping area is clean and has clean sheets.
  2. Avoid using decorative pillows to sleep on while you are on the couch. If possible, get a firm pillow with a removable pillowcase to support your neck while you sleep.
  3. Position yourself intentionally when sleeping on the couch. It is vital to be conscious of your sleeping position before surrendering for the night.
  4. Though you might get tempted to watch the television, switching it off is vital. If possible, be free of any screens an hour before you turn yourself into sleep.


Sleeping on the couch is tempting and might seem harmless. But most couches are designed for sitting and do not offer the opportunity you need to sleep in the correct and free position. Some couches can be too soft and others too firm to offer comfortable sleep, straining your back. However, sleeping on a couch once in a while might not harm you as long as you do it the right way.

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