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How Big Is A Texas King Mattress In Size? (FIND OUT HERE)

How Big Is A Texas King Mattress In Size? (FIND OUT HERE)

The Texas King Mattress belongs to the oversize mattress family. Its design provides more room for users since it accommodates co-sleeping families and is uniquely tall.

The size of a Texas King Mattress is eighty inches wide and ninety-eight inches long. It is the narrowest oversized mattress and can only fit up to two co-sleeping children. However, it is fit for very tall sleepers.

Since it is the second largest oversized mattress, the Texas King mattress's name comes from the second largest American state. It is an excellent investment for taller people, 6.5 to 7 inches tall, as it leaves enough room for comfort.

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What Is The Difference Between Texas King, Wyoming King, And Alaskan King Mattresses?

Many often confuse the Texas King, Wyoming King, and Alaskan King mattresses. However, these mattresses differ in dimension and comfort.

Texas King Mattress

While the Texas king mattress is the narrowest oversize mattress, it is the second largest oversize mattress. It is fourteen inches longer than the Wyoming King mattress and a little more expensive.

It is not the best option for co-sleepers as it is narrow and will not offer as much comfort. However, it is an excellent investment for those with narrow bedrooms. It requires at least a 12 feet wide by 14 feet long bedroom to fit in a Texas King bed.

Wyoming King Mattress

The Wyoming King mattress is the smallest oversized mattress at 84 inches wide by 84 inches long. Some companies may refer to this mattress as the Emperor size mattress instead.

You can fit a Wyoming King bed in most rooms, but you would require a 12 by 12-foot room. It serves plus-size couples and co-sleeping families with one or two kids. The Wyoming King mattress costs more than a standard-size mattress but is cheaper than the Texas King mattress.

Alaskan King Mattress

The Alaskan King Mattress is the largest oversize mattress, with a 108 by 108 inches dimension. As a result, it got its name from the largest state in the USA, Alaska. It is 24 inches longer than the California king and 32 inches wider than the king.

While it is the most expensive oversize mattress, it is perfect for large co-sleeping families. It can fit up to three or four adults with ease. However, it demands a lot of space, with the minimum bedroom size being 16 by 16 feet.

What To Consider Before Buying A Texas King Mattress?

It is never an easy task to buy the best mattress for you. It is tough to find the best oversize mattress as these are not as available as other standard sizes. Therefore, keeping the following in mind before buying a Texas King Mattress is critical;

Personal Needs

The Texas King Mattress is fit for taller people but not for more than two co-sleepers. Therefore, before buying one, you want to consider how well it satisfies your needs. If your reason for purchase is co-sleeping, you might want to explore other oversized mattress options.

Size Of Bed Frame

Buying a mattress smaller or larger than your bed frame can be very frustrating. Therefore, before buying your Texas King Mattress, take the exact measurements of your bed to avoid inconveniences.


Staying on budget is vital when purchasing a Texas King Mattress. You want to get a high-quality mattress that will offer comfort at an affordable price. The Texas King Mattresses cost more than standard mattresses, with their price ranging between $2000 to $3500.


Before buying a Texas King Mattress, you want to check its firmness level and how much it supports your weight. The amount of firmness you will require depends on your sleeping position.

Side sleepers often use Texas King Mattresses with soft to medium firmness to ensure spinal alignment. Stomach sleepers choose a firmer mattress to avoid sinking too far while back, and combination sleepers prefer medium firmness.


How well your Texas King Mattress responds to your movement and adjusts to your body is also crucial. It is essential for combination and restless sleepers who shift their sleeping positions at night.

Frequency Of Use

How often you sleep on your Texas King Mattress will affect your choice when buying one. An every-night sleeper will accept a standard mattress for maximum support and pressure relief. On the other hand, a lounge mattress could be a cheaper polyurethane foam similar to a couch.


When buying a Texas King Mattress, you want to ensure that it is a high-quality long-term investment. Most mattresses have about seven to ten years, depending on the materials used.


Companies make Texas King Mattresses in various materials, including latex, memory foam, and innerspring. Whether you are looking for a soft, firm, or cool mattress depends on the materials.

Memory foam Texas King mattresses are cooler and are suitable for hot sleepers. On the other hand, it may trigger allergic reactions in those sensitive to memory foam. Therefore, checking the chemicals that make the mattress protect your health is also essential.

Motion Isolation

Most families purchase the Texas King Mattress for co-sleeping purposes. Therefore, getting a mattress with excellent motion cancellation will ensure sound sleep for co-sleepers. Foam mattresses are perfect for motion isolation, especially if your partner moves a lot in their sleep.

Where To Buy A Texas King Mattress?

While Texas King Mattresses are not as available as other standard mattresses, you can find them online. Multiple companies manufacture the Texas King mattresses, with various material choices for you to choose from.

Where To Get Accessories For My Texas King Mattress?

Getting bed and mattress accessories for oversize beds may seem nearly impossible in the market. However, companies selling Texas King Mattresses and other oversized mattresses often also sell their accessories.

In addition, you can practice custom-ordering to get accessories with exact measurements. Some companies also offer custom-ordering services where you can decide what materials they use in the making. It is, however, more expensive than buying already available products.

What If I Buy A New Texas King Mattress And Do Not Like It?

Before buying from a company, we advise checking whether your Texas King Mattress has a return policy. Most companies offer a trial period and return policies for the first few days. You can return it and ask for a refund if your mattress does not fit your needs.

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When To Replace My Texas King Mattress?

While mattresses do not have an expiry date, there comes a time when it does more harm than good. Signs of wear include lumps, sagging, and coils. Sometimes, you start having trouble getting any sleep and experience pain after waking up.

Once you witness such signs, it may be time for a new Texas King Mattress. A short-term solution would be to purchase a Texas King Mattress Topper to improve comfort. It enhances the feel of your mattress and costs less than buying a new mattress.

What Are The Minimum Bedroom Dimensions Fit For A Texas King Bed?

Before getting a Texas King Bed and mattress, check your room measurements. There should be a 2 feet space between three sides of the bed, excluding the one on the wall. Your bedroom should, therefore, be at least twelve by fourteen feet to allow room for movement and furniture.


Judging from how narrow it is, the Texas King Mattress is ideal for a single tall sleeper or couples. We recommend the Alaskan King or Wyoming King mattresses for more than two co-sleepers as they have more room.